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05/20/09 09:45 - 67ºF - ID#48701

Back From Motor City

We got back late last night. Had a lovely time in Detroit. Yes, i said lovely. Hard to believe one could have a lovely time there, huh?

I will probably post a few pictures once i get all the upacking and laundry done, squeezed in before i go back to work... But, in the meantime, a few observations.

Detroit, bad reputation that it has, is surpisingly free of litter. Driving around, good neighborhoods and bad, there was hardly a scrap of litter.

Detroiters take pedestrians having the right of way seriously. Cars always stopped, no matter the neighborhood.

Detroit's child population has the same good manners their parents have. Please, excuse me and thank you were used.

Lots of streets that a driver is unable to make a left turn onto. Instead, there were these weird turnaround u-turn thingies. One would, for example, be driving down 9 mile and want to make a left onto Woodward. Instead, one would have to make a right, quickly zip over to the 3 lanes to the left one and wait inbetween the medians at a uturn thingie... that had a light. Very odd.
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05/11/09 04:29 - 58ºF - ID#48648

A Call To e:Matthew

.. and all other (e:peeps) who like to take some pretty snaps now and then. And yeah, that totally includes you, (e:Libertad)!

Botanical Gardens has a photo contest. You both should enter some pics...!!
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05/11/09 12:20 - 43ºF - ID#48644

Work, Holiday and Mice

I smell a rat

When i left work on Saturday evening at 11pm, it was with the realization that i would not have to step foot into that unit for 10 whole days. Felt so liberating!

I think, however, i am going to call my union and my e.a.p. A co-worker was verbally abusive and nearly physically abusive to me in front of the individuals we serve. I feel slightly guilty because i may have been a bitch to him. My immediate supervisor and the on duty nurse both say i did nothing wrong, except not walk away from the situation sooner, since i was trying to reason with the guy.

Its difficult to rat someone out, though. Even if it is the right thing to do. And i hate to have to do it... but what if it goes further next time and he does hurt someone physically? How guilty would i feel then?

  • sigh*


(e:Uncutsaniflush) and i are going to go away for a few days. He has some time off too. Been too long since we have been anywhere. Waaaaaaaaaayyy too long. I miss travelling....

My first thought was to fly to San Francisco, since i have always wanted to go, but we want something low key and perhaps driveable. Then, we thought of going to my old stomping grounds, Halifax, Nova Scotia, but the ferry from Portland Maine to Yarmouth, NS doesn't start up until the end of May and without it, it's too long a drive for a 6 day holiday. Instead, we are going to head out to his old stomping grounds, Detroit. Probably drive thought Canada on the way there 'cause the long weekend (Victoria Day aka May Two-Four Weekend) won't have kicked in yet... then stay in the USA for the journey back 'cause it has.

Get Out of My House!

Every year, mice invade our house for the winter. I have been very nice, insisting we don't kill them, merely chase them away or trap them and let them go. But, we have a couple of sneaky bastards that do not realize it is spring and they need to vacate NOW. I am getting to the point when i am ok killing them!!! GO AWAY MICE!!
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05/06/09 10:19 - 59ºF - ID#48600

RIP Tofu

She started off with the name "uh-oh" (e:LeeTee,43805)

Then, we named her and her "sister" Tux and Tofu (e:LeeTee,43858)

Tux, sadly, did not live very long with us (e:LeeTee,44386)

Then, yesterday, we made the decision that Tofu had experienced enough discomfort and perhaps pain.

She had developed a rather large growth, most likely a breast tumour and it was steadily growing larger.

At first, she found alternative ways to make it around her cage just fine. The growth was under her right armpit, so she she couldn't just walk from place to place. She had to jump, then arch her back, then, she had to scale the walls up, then scoot across, then scoot back down.

Then, we had to get rid of some of the higher platforms, because she was stumbling. A couple of nasty falls were enough.

Just the other day, we moved her water right beside her cubyhole house and dump some food right at the door, too. She couldn't getup the wee ramp to get to her food and water.

Yesterday morning, she didn't want any leftover cold pasta. Gasp! She LOVED pasta. And lettuce. She did not want either. It was time.

RIP old girl. Our tenacious T.

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05/01/09 10:40 - 53ºF - ID#48553

More of the Same...

Lately, all i do is write about work.

So here is a brief break...

Still have train or carousel ride tickets for the Buffalo Zoo if anyone wants some. I sent half of them to (e:Lauren)....

Now, back to our regularly schedule kvetch.

We have another new resident. Another person with 1:1 supervsion -- 5 of the 7 we have.

Staff meeting said that one of them is leaving soon, to go back to People, Inc., who came in for 1:1 training. Thank goodness, the paperwork on that resident was enormous!

The newest 1:1 is wearing a cast. Suffice it to say, casts hurt when someone swings a bit ole roundhouse punch at the side of your face.

Tonight, the outing is the Bisons Game. I told the Recreation Liason on our unit that i would like to go if i don't have to drive and park that giant state van in busy downtown traffic. Since she likes to drive, she said she would do it, so i volunteered. I reckon i should bring a sweater and an umbrella, eh?

Last night, one of our staff members was acting very odd. I recognized her behaviour from my own as a teenager. She said she was just tired and was having a bad allergy attack. I didn't know the oh so classic nod had anything to do with lack of sleep or generic claritin....

I go on vacation soon, thank goodness. Being second fron the bottom in senority, i had my choice of the week beginning May 14th or the week beginning May 21st.

"What?", you say, "those are not the beginnings of weeks!" Ah, but they are in state worker lingo. Our weeks begin on Thursdays and end on Wednesdays.

Speaking of Wednesdays... tell me if this ain't my job trying to screw me out of a few bucks.

I am a part time employee hired to work 20 hours a week. Any work i do between 20 and 40 hours i get paid my regular hourly rate. However, if i work anything over that, i get paid at an overtime rate. Make sense so far, right?

Well, our moronic computerized system for keeping track of our schedule and hours does not mesh well at all with our shifts. First shift is 11pm to 7am; second shift is 7am to 3pm; third shift is 3pm to 11pm. I work third shift. However, the times system will not allow me to record any extra or overtime not already on my default schedule after the "10pm day divide" and must be recorded on the next days hours. I work a lot of extra time, and a decent amount of overtime.

BUT. Because Wednesday is the last day of our week, if i work any OVERTIME that day, that single hour goes on to Thursday's hours. But, Thursday is a new week, so do not get overtime pay, i will get extra time pay. I only get screwed for a few bucks, but they should be my bucks. Perhaps i will call my union....

Kvetching over. Have a nice day.
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