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03/27/09 11:55 - 49ºF - ID#48219

Boring Work Stuff

I thought i worked a lot before... but now that vacation season has started, i think i could work 60 hours a week. I may be a bit off my nut, but i am not that far off....

Nice to get the overtime pay, though. And if i can hack it until the end of my traineeship, i will move up a tier, so that pay will be even better.

We have a new resident. To our unit and to the state system. I do not want to break any HIPPA rules and regs, but i have to say that i find it incredibly sad that People Inc could not keep this person from harming themselves. I was tested today, seeing as i was this person's 1:1 staff for the first time this morning. This requires me to be within 6 feet or less and have this person's hands in view, so as to remove them when any attempt to touch a previously created wound. Ok, i've said enough. Suffice it to say, i feel tested and wrung out.

Fellow co-workers don't seem to help much, either. They drain me just as much if not more. Leaving me stranded alone with a 1:1 for 3 hours, when a max of 1 hour is allowed. Telling the person i am responsible for they can do something that i already said they cannot do and refused to sign in and take responsibility themselves. And it turns out that i was right, this individual did fall down and of course, i had to stay late to fill in the paperwork because of a mildly skinned slightly red knee. But, i am the new girl. I have to take it on the chin from "senior staff".

Least i didn't get yelled at for being late and delaying everyone's arrival at work, school and program because once i got to work 30 minutes late, i had to run to the loo to barf. Least i didn't get blown in by a resident for using my cell phone while signed into a 1:1 and get suspended without pay. Least i didn't call to say i was running late and have the supervisor be the one to answer the phone. So, i know other co-workers had a tough day today, too....

I won't even mention the fact that i am 2nd from the bottom in seniority and by the time i get to chose my summer vacation, the only spots will have soared by. Or that i have PMS?
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03/18/09 12:28 - 52ºF - ID#48096

A Different Kind of St Patty's Green

In an odd twist of fate, (e:Uncutsaniflush) has been working a lot of afternoons and i have a few days in a row off.

We did, however, get some time together today to do something fun and get away from the usual stresses.

We finally decided to become members of the Botanical Gardens...












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03/08/09 01:43 - 36ºF - ID#47981

Spring Forward!

Don't forget that daylight savings starts tonight, (e:peeps)! For a lot of you, it may not matter until Monday, but for those of us not fortunate enough to have a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 gig, it matters Sunday morning when the alarm goes off.
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