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07/28/11 10:10 - ID#54806

Work Vent

One of my bosses called me today to let me know that i am being transfered to another location. Effective SATURDAY. Less than 48 hours notice. I am super pissed off. I go from a month's worth of night shifts to a place that is having lots of issues. So much for my weekend off.... I WILL be calling the union in the morning!!
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07/25/11 03:23 - ID#54786

Quinoa & Cage

Some food porn in the form of a quinoa salad (in a popcorn bowl!)


Basic Recipe
quinoa (1 1/4 cup dry & double the water)
1/2 an english cucumber, chopped
1/2 pint cherry tomatoes, halved
5 scallions, sliced
1 carrot, grated
3 radishes, chopped finely
feta cheese
2 - 3 tablespoons seasoned (basil & oregano) rice wine vinegar
1 - 2 tablespoons olive oil
salt & pepper to taste

Thank you, Honey Hill Pet Center[link]][/link] for the red bottom temporary solution!

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07/24/11 10:35 - ID#54783

I Chewed My Home!

Here is what the end results of my little rats have done:

Emily close up

Amelia close up

Amelia at her food bowl

Emily being timid in the corner of the cage
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07/24/11 01:14 - ID#54775

New Porch, Please?

(e:Paul)'s post, (e:Paul,54773) reminds me that we really need to find a good, reliable but inexpensive contractor/builder/handyman to completely rebuild our front porch.

Anyone know anyone or want the job?
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07/20/11 08:50 - ID#54745

The Girls!

(e:Tinypliny), i just snapped a couple of quick shots of the girls back in their cage. Wish they were better, but i was in a wee hurry (i have to go to work very soon and i STILL haven't showered!).

This is Emily, in her hammock, stretching after a long tiring day of escaping and hiding

This is Amelia's squinting look -- the one that tells me, "i don't know about you weird giant furless rat things!"

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07/19/11 06:35 - ID#54739

Birds and Rats

This weekend my 'rents came to town for a day.

I think my mom STILL wants to see your place, (e:PMT), 'cause she still hasn't and i drove her by your place when you first moved in.

I digress.

The main reason for the visit was a rare weekend day off for me and to go to the zoo to feed the Lorikeets, something my mother and i adore doing.

This year, with the diminishing flock, they have been less interactive.

But i found out they love the sweat from my brow. Two landed on my head and spent many minutes licking my forehead. Very interesting indeed.


Before going to work on Thursday night, (e:uncutsaniflush) noticed something very surprising. "The Girls" gnawed a hole in their cage bottom.

Here was our quick fix from the outside.


As soon as i could, i went out and got some things to help with the chew issue they have. They are still afraid of us and they still refuse to allow me to pick them up (will i EVER have a pet i can cuddle!??!?!). I got some anti-chew stuff to spray in places they might want to chomp and was planning on ordering a new pan for the cage.

Then, this morning, (e:Uncutsaniflush) found a new hole near the old hole and no girls. Amelia and Emily have escaped.

Here is what the inside of the cage looked like.


We have repaired it and left food and water for them. There have been sightings, but since they do not want me to hold them, i cannot imagine how i would be able to catch them. Rats are quick.
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07/05/11 02:25 - ID#54644

Where To Find....?

While surfing around tonight for some old thing or other i can barely remember, i ended up spending far too much time looking at tattoos of Ganesha.

So beautiful. Inspiring.

Great idea for a tattoo, Ganesha, among the many i have, including orange and blue nautical stars (orange for me, blue for (e:uncutsaniflush); complimentary favorite colours, how can we not be made for each other?).

Like a responsible person, i think long and hard about getting something that permanent put on my body.

But, i really am facing some obstacles right now and i really want to represent something that will help me get past them that has beauty and meaning to me. And not have to wait while i decide of it should be permanent....

So, i thought... HENNA! Anyone know of a good place to get a henna tattoo? The Googlewebs gave me one place, in Grand Island.....
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