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05/05/11 04:09 - ID#54222

For e:Tinypliny

Who has been asking me to take a picture of all my Converse All-Stars together for almost as long as i have known her.

Well, i just finished putting all my shoes on the newly polyurethaned custom shoe shelves in the wee cubby in the entrance to my almost fully completed walk-in closet.

As you can see, (e:Tinypliny), i still have room for expansion. I only have 56 pairs (less that i thought!). And a couple of pairs of shoes that ARE NOT Converse All-Stars! *gasp!*

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04/28/11 01:18 - ID#54167

Girls and Closet

Amelia and Emily

I've made a wee bit of progress with them... perhaps they will not be afraid of me forever. They both licked some plain yogurt from a spoon i was holding. And they both took a small bit of strawberry i had in my hand.

My Walk-In Closet

I am seeing the beginning of the end with my closet. We need to put up some UV blocking stuffs on the window and i want to get some sort of window treatment. Once that is done, i can hang up my jewelry hanger thingie. We got a new double hamper. And today i polyurethaned the top and two sides of my custom shoe shelves; tomorrow the bottom and the other 2 sides. I want to get some hooks to put up robes and stuff like that.... Then, perhaps a bit of artwork if there is some space left, just to look even prettier.

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04/26/11 12:52 - ID#54154


So we went and got the baby rats that i wanted. Yay!

They are so adorable. And about 6 weeks old.

Honey Hill Pet only had females, so 2 females we got. The one that (e:Uncutsaniflush) thought was very cute was a jumper and almost made it out into the big bad world.

I had one in my hand that was mostly grey but with some white patches and was relatively calm, so she was a keeper, then we found another that was more solid grey who managed to stay still for a while.

Hard to pick them out, it was more a matter of which ones could be caught and held.

So, we brought them home and i set up the big cage for them.

With much thought, we decided on the names Amelia and Emily. Amelia is the first out to explore and Emily is more reserved -- from what we can tell in a day!

I was so excited!!

But they are scared of us. It makes me incredibly sad. Pretty much opposite of why i wanted babies to begin with.

At first i thought it was because everything is so new.

But perhaps i will never have a pet i can pick up and hold and cuddle? *sigh*
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04/21/11 12:41 - ID#54108

Happy Easter Weekend

In honor of this weekend, i present to you, Sketchy Bunnies....

In non-bunny related news, i think i am ready to go get new pet rat(s).

After Linus died, i needed a bit of time, it was so sudden. And, with us going away for a while i didn't want a new rat to be left alone after just getting here. Honey Hill mentioned on their fb page that they have babies. Babies! Squeee!

Every time i have had a pet rat (Zoe, Tofu & Tux, then Linus), they have all been adults. Although i loved Linus and i wouldn't have traded him in for anything, he had some challenges that probably had everything to do with how he was handled before we got him. He eventually trusted us, and we gave him a good life, and i will always adore him.

But now, it is time to have wee ones. And i am so excited!!! I think i want to get 2 females... they are social creatures, and i am not sure how to raise 2 males without any dominance issues....
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04/12/11 12:50 - ID#54035

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaack

The West Side Market in Cleveland, OH rocks.

The Days Inn needs to research the places it wishes to lend it's name to.

It seemed as though every time i took the wheel, i had to deal with cross winds. What's with that?

While looking at the pictures i took while on vacation, it appears as though most of what i did was eat... and i often could not wait until i took a picture to start eating.

I will post some or all soon.

BS at my work continues. My schedule was changed while i was gone and neither of my supervisors decided it would be a good idea to tell me. Thank goodness for one co-worker for letting me know i have to work tomorrow, otherwise i wouldn't have shown up.
  • sigh*

An old friend of mine found me on facebook and i took a look through her pics and saw snaps of her sister (and also an old high school friend) in a wheelchair looking even more ill than she was the last time i saw her. Hurt my heart.
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04/10/11 03:33 - ID#54020


She has free wi-fi!

Greetings from exit 77 on the Indiana Tollway, nearish Notre Dame Uni.

It's 86 degrees here. We did not pack "summer" clothes.

We hope to be in Cleveland OH so i can eat dinner at Qdoba (LOVE their Mexican Gumbo).
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04/07/11 11:25 - ID#53996

I-94, NOT I-90

Good thing (e:uncutsaniflush) is around to make sure i go east across Wisconsin on the correct highway.

We ate dinner at the vegetarian place in Wisconsin Dells, The Cheese Factory, again. Their duxelle was sOOoo good, as was their Hungarian Goolash and (gluten & dairy free!) corn and millet pudding with fried bananas walnuts and cranberries.

It was a bit breezy on the hilly windy bits of I-94 just outside Minnesota.

We went to the American Swedish Institute and saw a beautiful old home with the most amazing ceramic fireplaces (no pics allowed inside!).

We ate at the Purple Sanpiper for breakfast... the chef (owner?) asked me if i came back for more bacon.........
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04/06/11 11:16 - ID#53990


it's a gateway meat. Thanks for the peer pressure chef (owner?) of Purple Sandpiper! P.S. Your cardamom ice cream is the bestest ever
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04/05/11 07:08 - ID#53989

Checking In...

from the starbucks @ the 2 story target at the nicollete mall in downtown minneapolis, mn. weather is a perfect 55, sun with a few clouds and the view of the skyline is pleasant down the mall....
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04/03/11 11:51 - ID#53978

Greetings From The Central Time Zone

Car has additional 800+ miles on the odometer. I drove about 700 of them.

I giggled with glee when i saw the 70mph sign on the Ohio Turnpike.

The Indiana toll system can kiss my fat white ass for making me wait 15 minutes to pay to leave and give me change in Susan B Anthony dollar coins.

Chicago looks like an interesting place to visit but i wouldn't want to drive there.

Accidentally found the most foodie vegetarian restaurant because we got off the highway to get gas (pictures will follow eventually) in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

I like the Wisconsin landscape but it was hillier than i expected on the I-90/I-94 and drivers don't seem to understand the slower drivers should keep right rule.

Love our Park Place Hotel room and it's comfy king sized bed.

It's challenging to buy beer in Minnesota on Sundays.

I suspect i will have sore feet tomorrow......
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