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Category: tattoos

08/25/05 10:51 - ID#25518

Nervous Excitment

Well, today is the big tattoo day for me. I've been talking about doing this for so long now, it seems a slight dream it is happening. It's as though my crazy mind is sayng "what do you mean Diamond is gone and you are getting a tattoo?".. And my body is saying... "am i ready for the pain?" The answer to both is yes. As ready as i will ever be.

I was a good girl no alcohol (not that it's a stretch for me, that last drink i had was the night of (e:ajay)'s farewell!!) and no aspirin within 24 hours of the tattoo... I feel like a giddy school girl. Off to get a tattoo... now that's an image. lol

My mom says she isn't particularly excited since tats aren't her thing... lol. I just cannot imagine my mother with a tattoo.

Thank you, (e:Ladycroft) for the compliment on my earrings. Took me a few years to get that many... and i still haven't gone all the way like i've wanted to. Always wanted to have 6 on one side and 9 on the other. The year i was born... the winter of '69. Instead,i have a wimpy 8 and 6.... you think anyone would believe i was born in '86???
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Category: tattoos

08/23/05 06:14 - ID#25516


Thanks to (e:Jason), (e:Joshua) and (e:alicia) for their input about my tattoo.... i really appreciate it. That said, i spoke with and made an appointment at Strange Brew. This Thursday at noon, i will be getting a tattoo on my upper back near my neck. I was told to bring money for 2 1/2 hours, but it should take about 2 hours. Ah, pain.

I also want to thank (e:ladycroft) for being willing to deliver tomatoes all around Buffalo for us (e:strip)pers. I will definatly be giving you a call!! Tomatoes rock.

(e:Uncutsaniflush) and i were productive today. Got quite a few errands done. Finally got some curtains (thank goodness for blinds, or it would be curtains for us all!!) for the wee window on the kitchen door. The sun drives me nuts when we are eating. Also got a kitchen towel bar (harder to find than you would think, we found ours at Kmart) so we no longer have to keep our tea towels scrunched into the drawer handle. Yay. It's the little things, isn't it folks?
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Category: tattoos

08/23/05 12:14 - ID#25515

Decisions, Decisions

I've made a decision. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain and his travel/food show No Reservations He got a tattoo on last night's show and i guess mine has been in the back of my mind for a while now. I woke up this morning, having made a decision.

This is the design i am going with.


Just a few moments ago, i spoke to an artist i liked before when i was thinking about this. But once again, the decision found me without me over thinking it. Kinda the way Diamond did when she was a kitten... her finding me. Perhaps that is why i am thinking about this tattoo in her honour this way.

The place i am going to is Strage Brew Tattoo (damn, i just asked her what her name is as well and i forgot already, my brain just forgets some things soooo quickly.. i reckon i will find her, there is only her and her apprentice there that tattoo) on Elmwood in Kenmore. I am going to go show her what i want and see if and when she can do it. I would like it to be done on the 25th. This one or the next one, but it has to be on the 25th. The anniversary date of when Diamond died.

If anyone has heard anything good, bad or indifferent about this place, will ya'll let me know? Thanks!

P.S. To "guest" in chat that was looking for "where to find" me... If you want to find my journal entries and i am not in the last 12, go to the box in the upper right hand corner with the last 12 in it and hit show all... i hope i would be in there somewhere. If that is what you meant by it. That's all i can think of. Or, you can email me. Your choice, mr or ms mystery guest person.
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Category: tattoos

07/27/05 02:42 - ID#25500

Tattoo Opinions?

I'm looking for some input, ya', if you have an opinion, please speak up. :)

As some of you may remember, we lost our beloved cat, Diamond, last October [inlink]leetee,15[/inlink]. Since then, i have had the thought of getting another tattoo symbolizing something to do with her.... more specificly, a diamond shape. I thought about just a diamond shape, but that seemed a little bland. Then, someone suggested to me a gemstone shape. But neither seemed quite right to me.

(e:uncutsaniflush) started a google search and found this image


I liked it but it sparked a thought in me. If i have one celtic tattoo (a celtic knot arm band on my upper left arm with a claddagh), why not another? A celtic diamond, what a great idea!

These are the images i found

I like the sharp angles in this one


I like the elongated nature of this one.. and how it seems to have 4 separate sections that connect


I like the slightly irregualr nature of this one


And finally i like the geometric nature of this one (actually, these ones)


I am considering getting this on my upper back, by my neck. I have a thing about balance and i have the arm band on my upper left arm, and i have another tattoo on my right ankle. So, although i like the idea of the tattoo being over my heart somewhere, i don't want it on my chest and on my back on the left side might be too much like i have a celtic section of my body.

Anyone have any opinions on placements or designs? While i am at it, anyone have any recommendations for a tattoo artist. I may have found someone, but i don't know much about her...

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