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Category: party

09/11/05 12:50 - 69ºF - ID#25523

Waiting and Wanting for Pics

I had a great time last night. I am very much looking forward to seeing all the pics you smart (e:peeps) with cameras took. HINT HINT. Silly me, i didn't bring our camera.

Thank you, (e:Ladycroft). I hope it was a wonderful birthday bash for you... despite standing on a street corner for so long. Thank you to you too, (e:Theecarey), for helping in the prep and planning. Was great meeting you. And a very big thank you to (e:PMT) for hosting the party. The tour was done with flare, and was appreciated. Since you missed out on ours that one time, you are welcome to come get a tour of our home anytime, (e:Matthew). Lastly, a big thank you to (e:Mike), (e:lilho) and (e:Jill) for the giant baby pic in the "nice room". I will have nightmares for weeks!

Was great to meet all of the new (e:Peeps) i had not yet met in person and to hang again with those i had met before...
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Category: potpourri

09/07/05 08:46 - 76ºF - ID#25522


Gay Marriage

Thank you, (e:Uncutsaniflush) for you post about gay marriage in California [inlink]uncutsaniflush,110[/inlink] As ya'll may have noticed, i am not very political, but i do have a few issues i stand firmly behind. Gay marriage is one of them. I think every adult should be able to choose who they marry. I understand why it has become a political issue in theory, but i just don't understand why it has to be. I think i tend to be naive about it, however. I assume that everyone thinks in the same open minded way i can...

Taste Good?

A week or so ago, we decided we were going to get take out from Taste Good. [inlink]leetee,10[/inlink] After much confusion due to language barriers, i thought i understood that they no longer had any of the mock chicken and mock beef vegetarian stuff i loved so much. *pout* So, today, when we decided to get more take out, i ordered some tofu. While picking it up Walt asked about it, and it turns out i missunderstood "we no carry" somehow. Go me. I ended up having a pretty crappy tofu dish (imagine hot and sour soup, without the sour, with soft tofu and frozen peas and carrots floating in it... and it wasn't even a soup i ordered!!) wishing i had some of the curry mock chicken. Walt, the sweetie that he is, offered to go back and get some for me, but we decided to strain out some tofu and stir fry it for me.

What's The Green Thing, Paul?

I think my eyes are going... What is the green thing beside a post when it is a mobile post, (e:Paul)? I think it looks like a fish; (e:Uncutsaniflush) thinks it might be a turlte. We both thought it might be a green cell phone. Inquiring minds want to know!


I just saw the weirdest faucet.... called the "dante", it seems as though some people do not know how to turn the darned thing on!

Well, time for me to go attack the ice cream we bought earlier!

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Category: birthdays

09/06/05 10:16 - 72ºF - ID#25521

Happy Birthday, Ladycroft

Welcome to your 30's!! Hope you have a very happy birthday without one single problem from a student or a parent today, just as an added bonus!
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Category: thank you

09/02/05 04:33 - 76ºF - ID#25520

Lil Ms Homemaker

Today, i reckon i woke up feeling sorta like a domestic godess? I haven't done the house cleaning i intended on doing (big house, big dust), but i did 4 loads of laundry (just finished!).

And dinner is simmering on the stove, thanks to (e:Ladycroft). I love using roma tomatoes for sauces, and right now, what i hope to be a killer one will be eaten in a few hours. I added a couple cloves of garlic, an onion, a green pepper, a few stalks of celery and a couple of Boca italian sausages. I like cooking. Particularly since (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i have a deal; if i cook, he cleans. Kinda explains his dish pan hands, eh?


Thanks again (e:Ladycroft)!!

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09/01/05 07:34 - 74ºF - ID#25519

Birthdays, Friends, Floods and Tattoos


First of all, i would like to wish (e:Terry) a very happy belated birthday. I hope it was all you wanted it to be and you got all the goodies and treats you wanted to get.

Next, i would like to wish (e:Mike) a very happy belated birthday. Hope it was a blast! Ah, to be young again... meeting at 11pm? My goodness, how am i, old fart that i am, supposed to go to a get together that STARTS at about the time i am going to bed?? Next year, should i show up in my jammies??

And (e:Ladycroft), i (and (e:Uncutsaniflush), too. i prefer not to speak for him, but i asked him about it earlier today) would love to partake in your party bus birthday party! We'll kick in 10 bucks a piece. Looking forward to it.


On a more serious note, i recently did something that hurt a friend of mine. She told me she was hurt and i apologized as best i could but i haven't heard from her, and i am beginning to feel as though i squelched in it and she doesn't want to contact me. Maybe it is just me being overly worried, but i feel sad to think i have lost the friendship. I hope not. I want to email her again, but i don't want to be a pest. I've nothing new to add to my already said "I'm sorrys".

On a possitive note, we heard from a friend in Knoxville yesterday. Someone who is always pressed for time. Great to hear from him and wish he had time to come up here to visit.... and yeah, if he is reading this, it is indeed a hint, Chris!


Words cannot express my saddness at the pictures i am seeing of the aftermath of Katrina. I sat in front of the tv and cried more times than i care to admit yesterday. I regret not having seen New Orleans before. Because, like a lot of places, there will be stories in times to come that start out, "Before Katrina..."

We had a little bit of water back up into our basement the night before last and yesterday. Not much at all, and i felt guilt for being even annoyed by it. I have so much to be grateful for.


It's healing and itchy. Looking forward to wearing clothes that i don't have to worry about getting A&D ointment all over. I wore a tank top today and got some comments on it. I will say that there are not very many questions i think are dumb, but "did that hurt?" in reference to a tattoo isn't what i would call the smartest.
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Category: tattoos

08/25/05 10:51 - 67ºF - ID#25518

Nervous Excitment

Well, today is the big tattoo day for me. I've been talking about doing this for so long now, it seems a slight dream it is happening. It's as though my crazy mind is sayng "what do you mean Diamond is gone and you are getting a tattoo?".. And my body is saying... "am i ready for the pain?" The answer to both is yes. As ready as i will ever be.

I was a good girl no alcohol (not that it's a stretch for me, that last drink i had was the night of (e:ajay)'s farewell!!) and no aspirin within 24 hours of the tattoo... I feel like a giddy school girl. Off to get a tattoo... now that's an image. lol

My mom says she isn't particularly excited since tats aren't her thing... lol. I just cannot imagine my mother with a tattoo.

Thank you, (e:Ladycroft) for the compliment on my earrings. Took me a few years to get that many... and i still haven't gone all the way like i've wanted to. Always wanted to have 6 on one side and 9 on the other. The year i was born... the winter of '69. Instead,i have a wimpy 8 and 6.... you think anyone would believe i was born in '86???
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Category: epeeps

08/24/05 08:25 - 70ºF - ID#25517

Thank You Ladycroft!

(e:Ladycrfoft) left our humble abode not too long ago and she brought over the most yummy looking veggies... ok, so there was an eggplant, which i have never been a fan of, but i am sure i can watch an eposide of Good Eats to see what Alton Brown does with them. (e:uncutsaniflush) likes them, and maybe, i just need to try some garden fresh eggplant to appreciate them. If smell is any indication of how yummy these veggies are going to be, then i will be in heaven. Thanks again, (e:Ladycroft). It was great to meet you... and give you the FULL tour that no other (e:Peep) has had!

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Category: tattoos

08/23/05 06:14 - 71ºF - ID#25516


Thanks to (e:Jason), (e:Joshua) and (e:alicia) for their input about my tattoo.... i really appreciate it. That said, i spoke with and made an appointment at Strange Brew. This Thursday at noon, i will be getting a tattoo on my upper back near my neck. I was told to bring money for 2 1/2 hours, but it should take about 2 hours. Ah, pain.

I also want to thank (e:ladycroft) for being willing to deliver tomatoes all around Buffalo for us (e:strip)pers. I will definatly be giving you a call!! Tomatoes rock.

(e:Uncutsaniflush) and i were productive today. Got quite a few errands done. Finally got some curtains (thank goodness for blinds, or it would be curtains for us all!!) for the wee window on the kitchen door. The sun drives me nuts when we are eating. Also got a kitchen towel bar (harder to find than you would think, we found ours at Kmart) so we no longer have to keep our tea towels scrunched into the drawer handle. Yay. It's the little things, isn't it folks?
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Category: tattoos

08/23/05 12:14 - 65ºF - ID#25515

Decisions, Decisions

I've made a decision. Thanks to Anthony Bourdain and his travel/food show No Reservations He got a tattoo on last night's show and i guess mine has been in the back of my mind for a while now. I woke up this morning, having made a decision.

This is the design i am going with.


Just a few moments ago, i spoke to an artist i liked before when i was thinking about this. But once again, the decision found me without me over thinking it. Kinda the way Diamond did when she was a kitten... her finding me. Perhaps that is why i am thinking about this tattoo in her honour this way.

The place i am going to is Strage Brew Tattoo (damn, i just asked her what her name is as well and i forgot already, my brain just forgets some things soooo quickly.. i reckon i will find her, there is only her and her apprentice there that tattoo) on Elmwood in Kenmore. I am going to go show her what i want and see if and when she can do it. I would like it to be done on the 25th. This one or the next one, but it has to be on the 25th. The anniversary date of when Diamond died.

If anyone has heard anything good, bad or indifferent about this place, will ya'll let me know? Thanks!

P.S. To "guest" in chat that was looking for "where to find" me... If you want to find my journal entries and i am not in the last 12, go to the box in the upper right hand corner with the last 12 in it and hit show all... i hope i would be in there somewhere. If that is what you meant by it. That's all i can think of. Or, you can email me. Your choice, mr or ms mystery guest person.
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Category: friends

08/21/05 12:05 - 73ºF - ID#25514

What Happened?

(e:Alison) mentioned (e:Matthew) in her post today, which made me think that i wanted to take yet another look at (e:Matthew)'s beautiful photos and all that was there was a default face and a no posts. Your favie 5, categories and links are still there, (e:Matthew), and the only way to get to one of your journal entries is to click on a category and select a journal entry. Going back 10 doesn't work. I hope the construction (e:Paul) is doing with Linux isn't making your entries invisible!!

I would also like to thank (e:Ladycroft) for her generous offer of tomatoes! Sweet of you to offer them to us all!

My friend Mark has been in town for the weekend (both he and Walt are sleeping now, or else, no offense, i wouldn't be typing here). Sure is nice to see him... i miss him like crazy sometimes. Know him for longer than any other person that is not family. Over 20 years... close to 25. Hell, i reckon by now, he is family. Wish i could see him more. He's the person who made me be the person i am today. His love and support and friendship through thick and thin... don't know what i would have done without it. He is the one person that taught me that silly is good. Me being silly is better. Me and him being silly is fun. Love the guy. Wish he were my blood family (and that's NOT because his 'rents are rich! lol).
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