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11/30/07 12:28 - 27ºF - ID#42337

Been Waiting At The Bus Stop All Day

It's funny what people will do in cars when they don't think people can see them. Standing at the corner of Elmwood and Delavan waiting for the bus to work today around 1.30pm, it was interesting to see the variety of things people were doing in their vehicles while waiting for the light to change.

A lot of men were picking their noses. Not a sly little "i need to get rid of this booger" pick, but full blown arm all the way up there. Some are even on their phones at the same time. I wonder if the person on the other end knew they were...

Quite a few women were grooming themselves. A lot of hair fixing, mostly, but the occasional makeup. Most surprising was the woman brushing her teeth while on the phone.

There were few readers. A lot of radio/music changers. Some even doing the now old school cds... maybe some ipods, too, but i couldn't tell them from radios if they were docked.

I was disappointed to see as many SUV drivers on phones... not that i am all high and mighty, but it sure does fit the stereotype, doesn't it? I supressed my urge to scream "HANG UP AND DRIVE ASSHAT!" by a thread. Who has PMS? Not me!

I saw a lot of inconsideration, too. People trying to make it through the light and ended up on a red in the middle of the intersection so the vehicles on Delavan trying to cross Elmwood had to wait for the next light.

I wonder what my next bus wait will produce....
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11/24/07 10:03 - 27ºF - ID#42268

Thanksgiving Pugs

'Cause that's what is most important to give thanks for, right?

I have seen Kirsten in so long now that she's moved down to Little Summer. I miss having her and the pugs and her kitties a couple of doors down and being able to see them at any time.

We went out for lunch then over to her place to hang with the animals. Of course, i took a camera full of pictures. Of course i am going to share some.

The always adorable Ava


Nolan can be so hard to get a good picture of, his fur is so black and shiny


I think having kids has done to Ava what i have heard it can do to humans... pack on a few extra pounds... She used to be so svelte.


Kirsten kept one of the 7 babies Ava (and Nolan) had. She named him Taj. I can see the personalities and physical characteristics of both Ava and Nolan in him.




Then, later in the day, i made us a tofurkey... with all the typical turkey fixins -- 'taters and carrots and cranberries.

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11/14/07 09:44 - 55ºF - ID#42112

Red Hot -- Updated

I woke up this morning with the thought that my hair is not red enough. So, as i write this, my hair is processing a colour called Red Hot... In about 40 minutes, i will know if it is red enough.

I have to say, i would very willingly recommend the stylist that cut my hair last week, (e:LeeTee,42043). His name is Michael and he works at Kharma on Elmwood and Breckinridge. Nice guy... heh... boy, really if i compare our ages, but that is so not relevant. Did what i wanted, listened to me. And, really seemed to know what he was doing. Fun, too, which is always a bonus. Some might think his rates are a bit high, but i don't... must be something about charging $65 for a cut in the 90's that doesn't make the $45 i paid seem so bad.

I have two whole days off work. My phone is on one bar battery wise... i assume i will not be able to answer it later as i let it run out....

Yesterday, i ran errands and worked around the house. Went to the bank, the drug store, Guercio's on foot all while the first load of laundry was washing, which happened to all happen before 11am. Then, i cleaned the house, did more laundry, made a yummie potato leek soup....

Today, well, it will be my day. To do what i want. Like the good ole days of not working. For starters, i am colouring my hair. Red Hot. Watch this space for info on how red and how hot it turns out.

I just had to add some Superdrag to this... back just before they broke up...

Since (e:Paul) mentioned wanting to see it, i thought i would share. As anyone who colours their hair red can attest to, they fade super quick, so i thought today would be the reddest my Red Hot would be, so today would be the day to take a few pics.

Granted, they are not on the same self portrait level that (e:Ladycroft) and (e:Theecarey) can get.. i just can't seem to manage the camera at arm's length method. So, i made a blurry one my new userpic...

And i am posting the ones i took of my reflection in the bathroom mirror...



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11/08/07 10:21 - 36ºF - ID#42043

Work, Cable and Hair

Well, i got a reprimand at work. I told the manager that although i meant no harm, i understand how my actions could be interpreted as such. I also told her that i understood how much work this incident caused for her and for that, i was sorry.

The other employee got written up as well. She and i talked. I told her i never meant any harm and was indeed sorry that i had inflicted any. That no matter what the result, me getting fired, or written up, i was sorry that my actions caused harm. She apologized for overreacting and creating the scene to begin with.

This morning, i spoke to Time Warner Cable yet again. The call i was told i would get Monday or Tuesday of course did not happen. I think Stephanie might regret giving me her extension number. I was told that there are several clients with the exact same issue and "we are trying to resolve it through trail and error". I was told to call her if i do not get NEXT month's bill because this months was already generated. *sigh* If i were not so paranoid about a minor blip on my spotless credit record, i would tell them i will only pay a bill if i get it. And i will not pay late fees.

On the up side, i managed to fiddle about with a sewing machine (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i picked up at an estate sale (e:britian) and (e:Heidismadhouse) had a long while ago. I figured out how to wind a bobbin, got it wound, and repair 3 pairs of pants. Yay! Black pants i can wear to work!

Before work, i would love love love to get a haircut. I am still hunting for the stylist of my dreams. A place without snobs who give me a "you do NOT belong here, fatty" look. A place with good hair colours. Somewhere i can walk to get to. A stylist that can use a razor well, but can do what i want with shears if need be. I want it all. I was given a recomendation for the same guy by 3 separate customers at Sally. I hope he turns out to be "the" one at "the" place!! I will call them shortly. :)
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11/06/07 03:32 - 34ºF - ID#42008

Found On Cute Overload :)

The video is kinda cute... but the song... oh, my gut hurts from laughing!

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11/06/07 11:04 - 38ºF - ID#42003

NOT For e:MrMike!!

I made my monthly call to Time Warner Cable today. It brings such a light to my life to listen to bad Musak (is there such a thing as 'good' Musak) and explain the same issue over and over again...

We have been having a huge problem with our bill since... oh... May. (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i looked at their website back in May and decided to use their Pay Express feature. It was not supposed to register us for online billing, that would be something we would have to actively do. Since it worked in May, we got our paper bill in June via snail mail, we did the exact same thing in June. Then..... hey... it's late August, we just got a notice to pay our bill or it would be cut off. That infamous day of mine in which i flattened a tire and skinned my knee then hobbled a mile home (e:LeeTee,40779) ? Hey, we never got a bill. We haven't since.

Seems they have a computer glitch. That if a customer uses the one time only pay express, perhaps more than once, but no one is forthcoming with that specific information, they get kicked into online only billing, no more paper bill. BUT, we haven't been getting online notification either. So, i would say that is quite the glitch.

They tell me, every month, that they will correct it. Also, at the beginning of every conversation, argue with me that we did sign up for online billing, the computer says so. Then, they tell me to go unregister (uhn, how can i unregister for something i never registered for??). And i ask to speak to a supervisor.... and they say the supervisor is busy and they indeed will pass on the message.

This time, i REFUSED to talk to Dawn the customer service rep., i insisted on speaking to a supervisor. I told her to not be offended, but every other customer service rep has been unable to resolve this issue, so i would like to speak to a supervisor. She said she needed to know what the issue was first, so i suggested she look at the notes on her computer screen while i am on hold to speak to her supervisor, since i have been through this a dozen times with customer service and now need to speak to someone with a little bit more authority. She said "yes ma'am" and transfered me.

Stephanie, the supervisor on duty, began to tell me the same thing everyone else did. Then, i told her that back on the 11th of September, Alison told me about the computer glitch. She asked for the name again (i think that is something no one is supposed to tell customers) and told me that the computer says i am register online but she sees no online bills come to me... and that no paper ones do either... hmm... that is strange. She said she will look into it and call me back today, before 3.30pm or tomorrow. She gave me her extension. I will call it Thursday when i don't hear from her today or tomorrow....
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11/03/07 09:01 - 48ºF - ID#41966

Opps. I Think I Did It Again

No, sorry, (e:Mike), this isn't about Britney or any celebrity gossip. This one is about me....

Ever have one of those days that turns into something you never thought it would? How something meant as silly turns out to be a big deal? No? I do.

Looks as though i might be job hunting again....
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