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08/24/09 12:37 - 66ºF - ID#49620

Hair, Damnit

Why can i not find a good hairdresser in Buffalo? I have had more bad hair days here than anywhere else. I thought i found a new one that i liked...

I went to him last week. Picked out the colour i wanted and he pretty much ignored my warnings that the brown back there was not my natural and would not lift the same as the rest of it... Guess what he did, (e:lilho)? He pretty much did my hair like a virgin application... yeah, like my hair hasn't been virgin since i was in grade school!

Cut, well, i do like the cut, but he actually didn't ask me what i wanted. I just told him i need to be able to put it up for work.

Now, after having it done, then going back to have it redone, i need to go a third time. I have bright pink/red roots, brownish red on the ends and some sort of red/orange in the middle of each strand of hair.

And, he either is not open today or does not want to deal with me and my hair anymore.

Perhaps if i don't hear from him and/or get something decent, i will be publishing the dude's name....

Rant over.
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