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01/27/12 12:21 - ID#55989

Converse Nails!

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01/22/12 09:30 - ID#55968

Happy Birtdhay, e:Paul!

Hope today has been wonderful. All the best for a fab year ahead!
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01/18/12 04:18 - ID#55935

Is There a 12 Step for This?

Hi, my name is Lee and i am addicted to Converse All-Stars.

The first time i tired a pair on, it was peer pressure.

I thought my big flat feet wouldn't fit into them, but with a little bit of encouragement, i was convinced the orange would look fabulous!

They fit!

Since then, i can't walk past a store if i know they have them...

I had to have a special shelf built in my home to house them.

Here are my latest pairs:

Black with an Anarchy A and a Peace Sign & Black and Green plaid.

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01/04/12 09:36 - ID#55846


Less than a half hour ago, i left my last shift (11p - 9a) at the hell hole i called my work. No longer will i have to endure the boss calling me stupid to my face and behind my back; laughing at my tears when she was speaking ill of me; or having her go stone quiet from full volume when i enter a room. Some day, not at my hand, but with someone who really won't take it anymore, her game is going to come crashing down. I just hope she doesn't drag down too many others with her.
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