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01/15/11 10:40 - 25.ºF - ID#53438

New Year Plus 2 Weeks

It's been just over two weeks since that stupid car accident. It definatly put a wee dark cloud over the new year for me.

I am pissed that i was doing nothing wrong, just stopped at a red light and i am the one that has to deal with all the petty shit, errands, paperwork and car repair shops involved in "making it right" for me, despite my innocence.

Yeah, i know that is just the way it is and sometimes life is not fair and thank goodness you weren't hurt. Do these comments help validate my feelings? Do the condemn them? Are they an attempt to reassure? Ultimately, because of the horrible place i was in, they just made me feel worse.

This is the second time in my very short driving life, that i have been rear ended while i was at a complete stop -- on 9-11-09 and 12-31-10, interestingly enough. What happens next time? Is my luck running out? Next time will it be one of those fucking Hummer things and a drunk teenage girl who will cripple me?

I wallowed.

I cried.

I've had nightmares.

I have vented, thank you.

Time to put it all behind me.
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01/07/11 01:45 - 25.ºF - ID#53405

This Oo-La-La Rocks

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01/01/11 11:41 - 51.ºF - ID#53371

Happy 2011

Thanks, yet again, (e:PMT) for hosting New Year's Eve. Always a pleasure.

Looking forward to the pics, (e:Metalpeter)!
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