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07/30/08 03:22 - 75ºF - ID#45192

Pot Pourri

I am cranky today. I should be happy go lucky, but i am not. I have a headache and i feel sorry for my husband, who got shit on almost the moment he walked in the house. You might be right, (e:Vycious)... what is wrong with women?

I coloured my hair... just the same old boring red/brown. I did inquire about how far i can go with hair colours with work and was told anything is ok so long as the individuals i serve are ok... and one might not be, so out of respect for her, i am not even going to chance it.

I am going out to dinner with an old work mate tonight. I miss her... the only person, other than my best friend, Mark, that gets me when i am being mean and sarcastic and doesn't ask " was that a joke?" She is moving to NYC next week. Finally. Sheeet... been trying to chase her out of Buffalo and SB for the longest damn time.

I wrote my final exam yesterday. Best grade yet, but i still debated (argued?) with my teacher on some questions. If no one teaches me that one of the side effects of antihistamine can be nausea and diarrhea, how am i supposed to know it? I said that the side effects were drowsiness and dry mouth. And i don't care what anyone says, you cannot "pour" meds out of a bliss pack. I maintain that only pills are kept in them. Still i guess i cannot complain too much about a 97%, right?

I got called in to work on Friday, my only other day off this week. Seems i need to be at a meeting in which the information will not be relevant to me in at least a month. On Saturday, i get to train someone else to do the grocery shopping. Would have been nice if someone had trained me... ha ha ha.

I waited on hold for someone to answer a phone today for about 45 minutes, and yesterday for my entire 30 minute lunch hour. Thanks for the recommendation, (e:MrMike), but your doctor is not accepting any new patients. Anyone else have a recommendation? Please? I have started looking through the phone book, 'cause i have no idea what else to do... Any suggestions?
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07/22/08 08:48 - 71ºF - ID#45107


Well, now that we have health insurance, i want to go to a doctor. Still have not seen anyone about that high blood sugar reading i got the other day.

But, i would rather have a doctor, rather than go to an urgent care place again. They were ok, but i found the PA to be a bit condescending... yeah, i do know the difference between a cold and a throat or ear infection, that's why i am here. Duh.

So, in general, i know how to go about getting a primary care physician, but i thought i would ask ya'll if there is anyone who really likes their doc and wants to recommend him/her to me and (e:Uncutsaniflush). We live on the West Side, but i work in West Seneca, and he works, well, anywhere and everywhere in the area, so location isn't that much of an issue.

Anyone love their doc and want to be willing to risk seeing me or (e:uncutsaniflush) (or both of us) in the waiting room?
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07/21/08 06:43 - 75ºF - ID#45092

For e:imk2 AND To Procrasinate

OK, i should be studying. I am rewriting so much.. right now, on the differences and the different kinds of seizures... partial, simple and complex; general, tonic clonic, absence, myoclonic and atonic.... *sigh*

So... i thought i would answer your questions from my last journal, (e:LeeTee,45086), (e:imk2)!

wow, so do they give you a credit card to pay with?

yes, it's a Wegman's card with a pin number. every unit/house/dayhab has one for their location. i have to sign for it and sign the two receipts.

Wegmans must make a mint on us, i saw at least 2 other units shopping today at the same location.

and do they give you a list of what they want?

yeah, it all revolves around the meal planning. since everyone has special dietary needs (some may, for example, be diabetic, or be on meds that require little or no calcium), there has to be a list. the first one i was given was very specific, now, it just says (example name only), "Bob's cereal, 2 boxes". the meals are planned by a dietician, based on nutritional standards and all that stuff.

and why so much groceries? how many people is this for?

the number of residents has varied in the time i have been there for many reasons that i can't get into without concern for the privacy of those we serve, but i can say that i have to purchase food for anywhere between 15 to 20 people, 3 meals a day, plus snacks for all the residents and the staff.

since one of the things we are required to do is model appropriate behaviour and socialization, we must eat meals with the individuals we serve. it would be inappropriate, rude, demeaning and all sorts of other things if we plunked down a plate and stood behind/beside them watching them eat. so, it is considered a good time for teachable moments of appropriate behaviour and socializations. family style meals with everything in bowls that must be passed around, the appropriate amount taken and passed to the next person without fingers in bowls and hands grabbing is a big thing with the ddso.

how do you decide what is the best deal, do you get trained for this?

not really that much training. i was given general guidelines... such as, if they run out of, oh, i don't know, the $3.99 wafer turkey from the deli, i cannot substitute a higher price point, but i can substitute a price point that is the same or lower. budget issues. most often, i am told to get the Wegmans brand of something unless otherwise specified. Like coffee... oh, lordy, do NOT buy anything but Folgers Classic!!!!!!!!!!

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07/21/08 07:44 - 68ºF - ID#45086

Weggies Whore

When i am not in training or studying for an exam or sleeping, lately, i am at Wegmans.

Since i am a "non-participating" staff member (not fully trained to be fully engaged with the individuals we serve), i end up doing some odd jobs.

One of them is grocery shopping. No big deal you say? Might even be interesting you say? Yep... except try, go ahead, just try to purchase about $1000 of groceries all by yourself. I usually need 2, sometimes 3 carts. And the looks a fat chick gets with that many groceries is, well, interesting, let's just say if we do not want to get too negative.

Yesterday, i only got about $600 worth of groceries. Today, i am shopping for the unit next to ours. I wonder if their van has brakes and steering and how much i will spend for them?
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07/18/08 10:30 - 79ºF - ID#45062

I'm Not Scared Of That Little Thing!

Thanks for the encouragement, (e:peeps); the last exam went well. I got 90%, which i am totally not complaining about... but it is the lowest score i have since starting this training.

Next Tuesday is another exam. This one is on the brain, epilepsy, the endocrine system, the urinary system and generals of immunity. Seems a bit more scattered in subject matter, but i think they stuck all the last bits together.

Then, comes a final. Egads!

I should be studying.

Instead, i called the woman in charge of the Health Benefits Office to see if our insurance has kicked in. It has. Yesterday. Wow. For the first time since i moved to the US in 2001, i have health insurance.

Pretty good timing, since i think i need to see a doctor. When learning and practicing doing the basics of taking vital signs, i was a guinea pig for having my blood sugar tested, since i am one of the few that does not mind needles (yeah, people were actually afraid of the little bing of the pokey thing for getting blood sugar tested on a glucometer!). Needless to say, the results were alarming. I have incredibly high blood sugar. And i have to say, it scares the shit out of me. I can only hope i was getting false readings....

But, it does bring me back to the fact that i can no longer use the "i just quit smoking" excuse for my weight gain.

Which brings me back to the fact that i am procrastinating...

Back to the books...
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07/14/08 08:37 - 72ºF - ID#45017

Exam III of IV

This week's exam is tomorrow morning... on The Cardiovascular System, the Respiratory System and Vital Signs. For some reason, i find myself unfocused and unable to absorb all this information. Particularly, as usual, the medications. I seem to be getting vasodilators and antiarrythmics and digitalis preparations all mixed up... can i not just say they are all heart meds and be done with it?!?! No? Ok... back to the books...
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07/04/08 10:35 - 66ºF - ID#44864

That's A Fact, Jack!

i am so over being under the weather

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07/04/08 04:28 - 56ºF - ID#44853

night bitching

i am up at 4am not because i was out having fun, but because i am sick. been sick for a while and i thought, like it has in the past, my body would heal itself. i no longer think this cold is just a sore throat. i think i may have infections, probably both ears and maybe my throat. been about 10 days of pain and now, i think things are getting worse. sucks since my health benefits for work haven't kicked in yet... and, of course, i wait 'til a holiday weekend to want to see a doctor. and, of course, i have no idea where to go... does the US have walk in after hour type clinics or is the only option an emergency room? i reckon (e:uncutsaniflush) will probably... *sigh* i just want to cry.... but... it hurts too much... waahh... what a big baby am i!
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07/02/08 08:37 - 76ºF - ID#44843

Destination Procrastination

I did ok on my first exam, meds I, II and III (but do NOT ask me what the Kefauver-Harris Amendment of 1962 is until the finals, pleeease); got 94%. BUT, we had over a week to study.

Now, i have less than 48 hors to learn all the bits of the Gastrointestinal System as per the instruction and papers i received on Tuesday. The exam is tomorrow morning. So, i am taking a break/procrastinating.

I am not so great with all this medical jargon. And although i know what some of these things actually are, it can be difficult to remember official definitions... like digestion. Go ahead, try (not you, (e:Jenks), you better know!) and do it without using the word "digest".

I've got flatus though... not the actual gas, but the definition. Gas formation in the intestines; expulsion of intestinal gases.
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