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05/31/06 04:59 - 87ºF - ID#25638

I Need A Title To Publish

(e:Uncutsaniflush) and i went for a walk last night to cool down. I'm so with other (e:peeps) who've posted kvetching about the heat. I have never been a fan of hot weather. Anything over 75F, and i'm melting...

We had a nice walk... the breeze was so nice. Saw all sorts of animal life out there. Humans parking... lots of those. Who knew Bird Island near a waste water treatment plant could be romantic? We also saw what we thought was a beaver. Can't imagine what else it could have been. Too big for a rat (i hope!!!) and had too short a nose for that. Lots of seagulls, of course. And this guy. We think he's a black-crowned night-heron...


Along with the breeze and the wildlife, we got to partake in some very nice views...


The fog rolling in made everything look mysterious...


I can only imagine what (e:Matthew) could have done with his eye, his camera and those views!

Today, we went to the Indian Diner on Sheridan for lunch. Not bad. They had an Egg Curry that was really good... worked way better than i thought it would. The pomadoms were spicy and good. And i would have taken pics, but the camera was at home, charging.

Also found some of my favorite tea at Lattina's, called Luzianne.. least my favorite kind for making ice tea. Good southern ice tea. Yum.

We also went and got some tomato plants. Poor (e:Uncutsaniflush) is out there digging right now. He found out that along with many others, there were paving stones underneath the grass where we wanted to have the veggie garden. Someone who used to live here loved those damn stones!

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05/27/06 10:33 - 59ºF - ID#25637

Week Of Anniversaries

First, there was the anniversary of my cat, Diamond's birthday (e:Leetee,15) . She would have been 20 years old on the 21st (for some reason, in my previous jounal entry, i said it was the 23rd.. i dunno why... i reckon i could change it) of May. She was a fairly healthy kitty up 'til the beginning of the end, and whenever i would tell people how old she was, even when she was, i dunno, say 16, they would say she looked like a kitten. Every woman's dream, huh, girls?

Then, there's the anniversary of (e:Uncutsaniflush) 's Gran. Memorial day weekend, 2001. Sadly, she wasn't healthy until the beginning of the end. She was in skilled care. I remember meeting her and wishing i knew how to speak Polish... and that my presence wasn't confusing to her. When (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i were getting together, our choice for me to move to Knoxville rather than him to move to Hamilton had a lot to do with her health. Moving her across town would have been horrible, let alone half way across the country. A little over a month after i moved to Knoxville, she passed away.

On a more possitive note, it is also the anniversary of (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i moving into this house. We can't remember the exact date of the move for some reason (i guess i could look through our papers for the bill from the moving company... knowing me, it is filed away somewhere), but we both remember very distinctly that the closing was on the 23rd of May.
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05/25/06 04:38 - 70ºF - ID#25636

The Shaggs Rock

From (e:LeeTee,182) , (e:mrdt) wrote:

This comment has no relevance to your post but rather your user sound. I know you think U2 sucks for whatever reason but I have to say that I think a three year old could create a better avant gard musical composition.

Sorry Lee, I've wanted to get the off my chest for a while.

Are you actually asking why i think U2 suck, or is that just a dis on my taste? If you want to know why i think they suck, i am very willing to tell you. But if it's a dis, then i guess all i have to say about that is those that live in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. From what you have directly told me about your own taste, you "like everything". I, unfortunately, can't say the same thing... since we have already noted i don't like U2.

As for my user sound -- they, The Shaggs, are not, never have been or will ever be an avant-garde musical group. Check out my journal, (e:LeeTee,159) and to find out about outsider music or the same journal and to find out about The Shaggs.

In case you aren't in the mood to, or are so inclinded to be able to click a link, this is part of my journal, (e:LeeTee,159) :

And now, as i type this, i am listening to Philosophy of the World by the Shaggs (thanks to (e:Uncutsaniflush) for downloading it!) and i am loving it so much. How could i not love the atonal enthusiasm!?! How could i not love a song called "My Pal Foot Foot"? I can't! Since the song was inspired by a pet cat, if i ever again have a pet cat, i now want to name him or her Foot Foot.

I would love to hear the 3 year old that you think could create a better avant-garde musical composition. That would so rock!

Hmm... should i have some Wesley Willis as my next user sound?

Oh, and for the record, folks, i still can't hear usersounds (ok, i could if (e:Uncutsaniflush) did his geek thing on this 'puter too), and i thank each and every one of you for mentioning what and who your usersound is when you change it, or just 'cause you want to! :O)
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05/25/06 10:22 - 66ºF - ID#25635

Clear up Those Cluttered Patios

Now, smokers no longer have to go outside for a quick drag. Forget about freezing your arse off when you are drinking and need to leave and go out on the patio for a smoke!

A Frosty Brew to Help Smokers Quit?
July 13, 2005

STUTTGART, GERMANY -- How about the taste of combining beer with nicotine?
A new beer has been launched by German company Nautilus that claims to help smokers kick the habit by infusing nicotine into the brew.

Here's the whole story...
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05/23/06 10:08 - 48ºF - ID#25634

Bank Recomendations?

We hate out bank. I would like to say that the time some dude on the phone called me a fucking bitch was the last staw, but no, it was just the beginning. There was also the monthly call for about 6 months that i had to make because they took out 14 bucks too much for service charges. The manager also had the balls to ask my husband why he called when they didn't follow up on a timely issue. So, no more M&T Bank on Elmwood for us...

Anyone have an horror stories for a bank or branch we should stay away from? Or somewhere they are decent?
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05/19/06 07:17 - 54ºF - ID#25633

I'm A Food Geek

Last time we were in Toronto, i picked up a brochure for the Toronto Vegetarian Assoctiation. Thought it would come in handy next time we are in the city and looking for new or different places to eat. It had a section saying their website had a fast food report. It was interesting to see how veggie friendly some of the fast food places are... or aren't. I saw the section on Subway and thought i would email Subway and ask about the ingredients in the veggie patties they sell here and in some regions. They don't carry them in Canada at all, as far as i can tell. I ended up emailing the Toronto Vegetarian Association and they changed the report slight to read

Updated May 2006. Leette emailed us to say: "Here in the US, in some random locations ... there are veggie patties."
I called their toll line, (800) 888-4848, and was told that they are testing these new products in rotating locations. Some Toronto locations are carrying them. The two new additions are the Gardenburger that contains cheese and egg white and the VegiMax that contains egg white. Subway emailed us the ingredients. There is no mention yet of the new veggie products on their website.
They have a vegan Veggie Delite described as: "a crunchy combination of garden fresh lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, olives and pickles and your choice of condiments served on freshly baked bread. It's like a salad sandwich." All of Subway's breads are egg and diary-free except three cheese breads that contain rennet of unknown origin. Their special sauces all contain egg yolk and/or milk ingredients except for the fat-free Sweet Onion Sauce. Their cookies all contain egg and milk products but are otherwise vegetarian.
See the AllergenChart.pdf (Canadian version at AllergenChartCAN.pdf) and ingredient list (Canada | US) for more information. See their website for more regions. You can call them at (800) 888-4848 to request more veggie options in your home town.

I also have another phood photo essay for ya'll. Yesterday, i tackled another one of my food fears. I have always wanted to try to make homemade lasagna. I know, some of you might think it's not that challenging to make. Well, for some reason, i was scared of trying and we always ate frozen ones. Not anymore. I must say, i am rather proud of the fact that, wihtout a recipe and just some basic ieads, i made a very yummy vegetarian 3 cheese lasagna.

And emptay pan, some dry noodles and a jar of sauce (well, you didn't think i was going to do the whole thing from scratch, did ya?)

The vegetables...

And the chopping begins...

Boiling noodles... i thought about a no boil recipe, but i just wasn't brave enough my first go round.

Oh, how clever; i just thawed the frozen spinach using a measuring cup and some of the boiling water from the pasta...

Noodles done.

Let the sauteing begin...

The 3 cheeses -- Low Moisture Mozzarella, Aged Provalone and Pecorino Ramano from Guercio's.

Ready to assemble. Cooled noodles, cooling veggies, cheeses and tomato sauce.

Assembled lasagna and messy kitchen (thank you again, (e:Uncutsaniflush) for being my chief bottle washer!)

Gotta let it rest for at least 5 minutes, more like 10 before cutting into it...

Finally. After about 3 hours, we can eat my creation.

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05/18/06 06:19 - 53ºF - ID#25632

Rocking Chair, e:Matthew?

Are you still looking for a rocking chair, (e:Matthew) ? (E:Uncutsaniflush) and i saw this one today and i didn't know if you would be interested or not. It's an unusual chair, and of course my photo hardly does it justice. Anyway, we saw it at a place called Niagara Frontiers (is that what it was called, Dear, you know how i am with names!) at the Summit Mall, if you're intereted, (e:Matthew) .


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05/16/06 07:59 - 57ºF - ID#25631

The Cabbage Roll Caper

Today at lunch, i mentioned to (e:Uncutsaniflush) that i would be ok with making something for dinner that requires use of the oven. Since we don't have a/c, i tend to make dishes that don't heat up the entire kitchen (and the house) come warmer weather days. I thought about making my vegetarian shepherd's pie.

Then, he came up with a brilliant idea. Cabbage rolls! I have never made them, so this would be a team effort. I needed (e:Uncutsaniflush) 's memory of helping his mom.... since we decided to go with her stovetop method, and not the method my grandma used (which she got from my grandpa's Ukrainian side of the family, most specificly, my great Auntie Mary). I called my mom with a few questions about how grandma did some things (she promised to send me a recipe, and i will try her way some time in the future) and (e:Uncutsaniflush) did some online research...

Off we went to Guerico's to get cabbage... and a few other things we needed or wanted that had little to do with tonight's dinner.

A side note on Guercio's. They had fiddleheads! I wish i took a picture, but i didn't.. no one there, but the guy behind the counter and me and (e:Uncutsaniflush) even knew what they were. Oh, how i heard way too much about fiddlehead hunting when i was in Halifax!

OK, so, here goes... a photo essay of our Cabbage Roll caper....

Behold, the humble raw cabbage head.

And the rice cooker beginning it's cooking.

Chopping onion for the filling.

Boiling the cored cabbage in salted sugared water.

Partially cooked rice.

Pot lined with celery ribs.. and Boca, the "meat" part of the filling.

Assembled filling of "meat", rice, sauted onions and seasonings.

Boiled, deviened cabbage leaves ready to be rolled.

Action shot!

All ready in the pot.

After about an hour on the stove.

My plate of food.

(E:Uncutsaniflush) 's plate of food.

Half eaten pot of cabbage rolls.

Yuuummmmmm......... all done.

All things said, i think we did damn good. They were yummy and the cabbage was nice and tender. Next time, more salt...

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05/15/06 08:38 - 56ºF - ID#25630

Gather Here

Everyone is doing it, so why not me? I wanted this song as a user sound, but my ripped mp3 was too big *pout* so i thought i would put it in gather, for those who are interested. One of my favies. (just so ya'll know, the song starts kinda soft like, but it will get loud and obnoxious if you give it a second). Good ole 1990's punk

Gather: 0966795001147739604

Can I Run?

Are these sensible shoes on my feet
I wear my shades so our eyes don`t meet
I`m scared every fuckin` day
I wear my headphones so i can`t hear what you say

Can i run

Switch to paranoid from having fun
Will he use his hands, knife, or a gun
Knuckles are white, wrapped around my mace
Comes from living in a terrorist state

Can i run

When he`s following me
He`s not my brother, he`s my enemy
Is he behind the door or in back of the tree
Is he under the bed, is he in the back street

Can i run

So, instead of L7, (e:Uncutsaniflush) helped me with another song... My Pal Foot Foot by the Shaggs. :O)
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05/15/06 12:36 - 55ºF - ID#25629

what i know

isn't really a whole lot.

i have been told my whole life that i am too sensitive. recently, i was told that i am too sensitive for my own good. even more sensitive than the person telling me this, much to her amazement. being sensitive has lead me down unusual paths. i don't fit into the norm.

i know i overreact when i am hurt. i don't know how to act like all the people that have this all figured out. very rarely have i turned to someone and told them they hurt me. it's not that i don't think my feelings are valid or worthy. i just don't know how to do it. i don't want my reaction to be out of proportion. nor do i want to shut down.

the positive side to this is that i am also quick to be happy, to laugh, to jump for joy, to applaud and to just say 'yay'. i love being happy for other people just as much as i love being happy for myself. not always the norm, either. i can be the first to make a move to be silly in a room full of somber faces. i make an ass of myself in this regard. regularly.

lately, i have been wondering how much of who i am has affected my friendships. i don't have many. the few i have, i have had for a long time. i don't make friends easily. i am awkward. too guarded or too exposed. too wary. too talkative. or too silent. and, of course, too easily hurt. without the ability to handle the hurt well. i can also come across as too enthusiastic. too passionate about things others may see as mundane. my priorities might seem disproportionate. i don't know how to reach out in a way that makes sense to every one else.

i love the friends i have with every fiber of my being. their joy is mine. their sadness i share. my bestest friend in the whole wide world is also my biggest fan. i am fortunate that he is also my husband.

that's what i know right now. who knows what i might know in the future.
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