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04/19/12 10:50 - ID#56364

Left Hand Only Typing

Today is the second of my two days off this week, but i don't think i did anything yesterday but chase a work issue around all day.

Tuesday, i assisted in helping a staff member with an individual at work who was threatening to assault a couple of peers -- one with a belt and another by pulling a tv on its stand away from the wall and trying to kick it onto someone laying on the sofa watching it.

The individual who was being violent turned on me. Since he had been threatening to stab and kill me for the past few months, it wasn't a surprise when i had to step in to assist the other staff that his wrath was turned towards me.

We eventually managed to subdue him, but i came away from the ordeal bleeding from welts and scratches to my face and chest and a very swollen hand and wrist.

The police were called. He was taken away in handcuffs.

I drove myself to an Immediate Care (the new one on Delaware Ave. -- they were great) to be cleaned up and xrayed. Nothing broken.

Just my spirit.

District Attorney was an asshole, pressing me and making me feel as though i am some sort of monster for wanting to press charges against someone who has a developmental disability, condescending to me about how the judge will just throw it out of court anyway.

My bosses are bitches, blaming me for the whole thing. How about me blaming them for not helping us all do something to prevent this from happening?

In order to get a couple of very basic rx's filled (anti-biotic for welts and scratches, ibuprofen), i had to make no less than 10 phone calls and go to no less than 5 pharmacies, because i "went too soon" and my "ARS number" is not on file yet (uh, hello, how long am i supposed to wait?).

Now i have no idea what to do... i have more phone calls and questions to ask of the administration about what i am supposed to do next.

What i want to do is just crawl under a rock and make it all go away.
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