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12/20/08 12:08 - 14ºF - ID#47118

2008 In Review, Early

This time of year makes me emotional....

And it took me round to thinking about 2008 and what a ride it has been.

Last year at this time, i worked a crappy retail job. I took the bus to work every day. I continued the 7+ years of not having health insurance.

Now (thanks to the influence of a neighbor and some hard work finally getting a GED in 2007), i have a moderately stressful part time job and get anywhere from 5 to 15 calls for "extra" time a week. It could be full time hours. If i were not sick, i could have worked today 3pm - 11pm, tonight 11pm - 7am, tomorrow 7am - 3pm... but i am saving what little strength i have for the 3pm - 11pm i am already scheduled for. Last pay week, i worked about 37 hours, having turned down every overnight shift offered to me. The job itself requires me to be mentally alert and ready for any kind of emergency situation. I avoided being bitten twice last week. My boss's boss yelled at me for not knowing something that a co-worked was in the middle of telling me about and her boss came to where i was at to apologize to me on her behalf. Nice to feel appreciated now and then. I work with some amazingly wonderful people that are not even aware of how highly i regard them. And some completely lazy asshats who mightbe very aware. It's a good job.

Got a driver's licence. Got my frist car. Got my second car. Both used (my dream car, the mini cooper, will have to wait for now... *sigh*). First one written off after being rearended on 9/11 by some old dude who should not be on the road anymore and if i had my way, he would not be. Loved my first car. Appreciate my second. It has brand new snow tires and some cinder blocks in the trunk for extrta weight since i work in West Seneca and HATE driving in the snow. Being a new driver and this being my frist winter driving, i reckon i miss taking the bus sometimes.

I have health insurance for the first time since i moved to the US. It costs me almost $200 every pay for (e:uncutsaniflush) and myself... and i still take home enough bucks to pay for car insurance, gas, a few cups of chai and a lunch here and there, so i suppose that makes me ahead of the game.

Having health insurance means going to the doctor. Meant finding out i have some health issues. Some i should have known about, just looking in the mirror and down at the scale, but it's interesting how we can fool ourselves sometimes.

I met some incredible people when i was doing my training for work. Some i miss like crazy. Wished they lived closer so i could see them more... but if driving to West Seneca and its snow scares me, imagine driving to Fredonia and Dunkirk and Cassadaga and Gowanda?!?!

Socially, i have been a bit of a recluse in 2008. The changes have brought about more of an introspection, more thought, more growth and less of an ability to engage in what others might be doing or thinking. I hope 2009 will be different in that way. I would like to make new connections and reconnections to some interesting people that have been on the outskirts of my life.

I may even make a short appearance at the (e:strip) party on New Years Eve... on my way home from work... if the love of my life has no other ideas for the 5 or so minutes we might see each other before 2008 turns to 2009.

Which brings me to him. And how he and i are both misfits, often unable to connect with others, or understand the socail norm. But somehow, i get him, understand how he feels and know, no matter what anyone else may think they see, he is the most kindhearted man that i have ever been lucky enough to know... and i hope he gets me sometimes. I love him more now than i did when i met him 8 years, 2 months and 14 days ago.

Here's to 2009....!!!
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12/10/08 09:29 - 30ºF - ID#47014

Gotta Have Your Greens

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12/03/08 10:21 - 34ºF - ID#46934

Happy Five Oh!

You know who you are. Hope your day was the bestest it could be.
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