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03/31/06 07:36 - 52ºF - ID#25606


Today, while we were eating dinner, (e:Uncutsaniflush) exclaimed, "Look!! A rainbow!" Out our back door we went. I did my best to snap a couple of pictures; it's nowhere near (e:Matthew) status and it's not as visible as i would want. But hey, it's there...

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03/28/06 07:57 - 49ºF - ID#25605

Yo Twisted!

This started off as a comment to your journal, (e:Twisted,354). Then i got to rambling and made it into a post...

Thanks so much for the good luck with the job, (e:Twisted). Means a lot to me. It's been a while since i wanted to work somewhere. Always had to get a job because i needed a job.

Like you, i have always been evasive and presented in a possitive or neutral way with certain issues on resumes or job applications. Since i didn't graduate from high school, on a resume, i would list the dates i went to the high school, and have them assume that because i was there for 4 years, i completed grades 9 through 12 (in Canada, there used to be a grade 13, which was a separate diploma, intended merely for the purposes of university prep). But, i was in high school part time, trying to work 2 part time jobs so i could pay for silly things like food, rent.. oh, and drugs. So, i attended for 4 years, but gave up after completing grade 10, in the middle of grade 11, unable to handle all of that and even more dramatic issues of life at that time. So, i presented the truth, and let them assume the rest.

In this case, however, i didn't and don't have a resume (but i should.. i thought i had one, but it got lost in the shuffle of papers with the INS, i think, since i thought it was with them), so i filled out theirr application, which directly asked "Did you graduate?" within each of the education level segments. I felt i had to put in something, rather than have it filled out, with only one part missing.

OK, that was way more of a ramble than i intended...

I have been tossing around the idea of getting a GED for a while. I just have so little confidence in what i have between my ears that i fear anything nearish to failure will scare me away. I have looked into it. I have a booklet from some adult education school on my desk right now. The information is vague. They want people to pay for classes. But, i think the GED is free and the test is held once a month around here. All i need to do to write it is i.d. saying i am over 17... and if i don't tell them i am Canadian, all the better, since that complicates it all.

Your idea for me to write it and see what i need to study is a brilliant one. And i thank you profusely. Something i never would have thought of; using my failure to find out where i need to study. Brilliant! Thank you!!
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03/27/06 07:25 - 42ºF - ID#25604

The Truth Hurts

(e:LeeTee,151) I lied. I did it. Bugs me. But i want this job. I will admit to lying if they ask me directly. Dropped off the application today. Hope to hear soon. Will keep you updated... if anyone cares to know.


(e:Imk2,54) i can't comment to your journal, so i will do it here.

I know exactly what you mean about sharing a moment. Maybe he will drop his young bimbo when he realizes you aren't taken! I would have assumed a hot chick like you was taken... maybe he did too?

I had a moment with Lux Interior. Who's that ya'll ask? Well, the one and only singer of The Cramps. (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i went to see them at Blue Cats in Knoxville. A small enough venue to get right up close. And i did. Lux was sweating on me... and performing some of his trademark moves looking right at me. Now who would not be impressed by a 50 something year old junkie able to deep throat a mic?


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03/26/06 03:15 - 42ºF - ID#25603

Decisions, Decisions

Right now, i am filling out a job application. In the past, i have always been totally, 100% honest. When i have mentioned it to others, they have told me to lie. I don't know if i want to. Do i say yes or no to the graduated high school question? The truth is no. But will that mean i can't ever get a part time job in the US? *sigh*
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03/24/06 07:09 - 36ºF - ID#25602

An Eeyore Kinda Day

I switched my userpic to Eeyore today... feels like that kinda day. For me, at least.

I try to remain possitive.

Couldn't sleep well last night. I couldn't get a thought out of my head. Something i really shouldn't even dwell on right now. Something that i feel like i can't handle. (E:Uncutsaniflush), the sweetie that he is, keeps telling me i can handle it. That i have faced worse and that i have done well to face fears in the past. He's right... in my head, i know this. Now, if my heart could follow that, all will turn out great.

I picked up a job application today. Somewhere i think i would like to work. The Co-Op didn't want me, maybe this place will. The application asks if the applicant is a US citizen. Never been asked that before. Then again, this is only the second job application i have filled out in the US...

Funny how something so big can be so invisible..
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03/22/06 11:05 - 29ºF - ID#25601

Buzzcock Tease

Yeah, that is so you, (E:Twisted,346)...

Harmony In My Head is a great song. One of the 3 that i like by Diggle. As much as i love the Buzzcocks, i just think Steve Diggle is a weenie. He handed out Steve Diggle promo pictures of himself near the end of the gig at Lee's Palace in Toronto... he was throwing them out into the crowd. I think i threw mine back at him.

I dunno if i have those Pete Shelley signed tickets safe anywhere... i know they can't be in our current safe deposit box. I have moved at least three times since i got them signed. If we see them together some day, i will find a way to meet Pete Shelley... we will hunt him down.

You're welcome for the invite to stay here. We have plenty of room. And i would be pleased as punch to have you. I think i knew you like our house... i think (e:Uncutsaniflush) told me that when we first made an offer, back before i was an (e:Stripper). Should we not connect the back apartment to the rest of the house because you want to move to Buffalo? lol

And thank you so much for your offer to be a tour guide and a hostest with the mostest. Might take you up on that some day.

We sorta almost went to San Fran in February. I like to go away on my birthday, and we considered going farther than Toronto this year. SF came up in the convo. Then, the car needed repairs and that all went out the window. Our wee lil Prius hybrid is a good car, it saves us tons on gas, but when it needs repairs, they ain't cheap.
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03/21/06 05:32 - 31ºF - ID#25600

There's A First For Everything

Today, when i emerged, (e:Uncutsaniflush) said i was smiling! Smiling?!?! After being in a chair at a dental office? The hygenist is really nice... she was quick and gentle. She even told me a few jokes and i left with a smile. To top it all off, i don't need a crown in a tooth i thought i may have, i only have 2 (or did the doc say 3?) cavities. Two?? Or even three!?! That is the lowest ever. Talk about firsts!!

The Weekend

We spent Sunday night/Monday morning at my parents place unexpectedly. We went to visit my mom and take her out to dinner. We thought about surprising her today, on her actual birthday, but she had to have oral surgery yesterday (surgical root canal sounds like the worst birthday pressie ever to me, how about ya'll??), so we didn't think she would be up for too much other than pudding... The place she decided she wanted to go for dinner was an interesting choice.... a good place to eat, but the service is rather slow. Not because it is high end, or because the staff isn't very good. But because it's homey and everything is done from scratch. So, my mom called and made a reservation, sometime between 6 and 6.30pm. I think we left at about 9pm... (E:Uncutsaniflush) didn't feel like driving home, so we crashed at there. Without any of the creature comforts i am used to... like clean underwear and deoderant. Ah, well, there is a first for everything.

Something that wasn't a first this weekend was the good time i had at an (e:Strip) party. Thanks for the invite. I am happy to hear you had a good time, (e:Matthew), since it was your birthday! I took some pics... but it seems as though i only thought to take the camera out of my pocket when there was drama. Got lots of you having your pants torn off, (e:Mike)! Sorry we didn't say bye to... well, anyone. We called a cab and they said it would take 20 minutes. Thought that would be enough time to make the rounds to say bye, but the cab was early. They called my cell and told me the cab was there, just as (e:Hodown) was coming back in to tell me the same thing!

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03/18/06 04:38 - 31ºF - ID#25599

Why Can't I Hear it?

Oh, wait, i know why. Flash doesn't like us wild and wiley Linux users. They are skipping a... uhm... whatchamacallit... version, ya, i think that's the lingo knowlegeable computer people would use.

So, (e:Twisted,340), i cannot hear the oh so lovely sounds stylings of the oh so lovely Buzzcocks that you have as your usersound. How punk is that? So, i have no idea which song of theirs is your favorite. I have always been partial to Get On Our Own, but i like it when Pete Shelley's voice cracks. Love the orignal of Boredom with Howard Devoto on vocals... hell, any version of that song. Listened to a live cassette (yeah, that is how old it is... from a cassette box set, believe it or not) yesterday that had a great live version of Time's Up. I used to have a live Why Can't I Touch It? with Pete Shelley's voice breaking at least 3 times on the whyyyyyyyyyy.....

The first time i saw them was in 1991. I don't think that club is around any more. Great club. Just the right size. Not too big, not too small. Here's a pic of the ticket...


Funny how i have 2 from other shows that were signed by Pete Shelley and i can't find either of those...

Mike Joyce was the drummer at that show. There were just as many Smiths fans in attendance, i think. It was a big deal, that show. The comeback of the Buzzcocks. I had several brushes with local celebs at that show.

But oddly enough, it wasn't one of the ones i met Pete Shelley. In Asheville, NC, i left the Orange Peel to chase him down Biltmore, and around to Hillard Ave where the tour bus was parked. He was looking for a light for his fag. I gave him one.

At Lee's Palace, i ran into high school friends milling about in a group and it turned out they were all talking to Pete Shelley. I did too. That's when i found out he used to live in Toronto. During his "Homosapiens" days.

I saw him outside the CFNY studios with Steve Diggle once. They were there for an interview before a show at the Phoenix, but the doors were locked while the dj was talking, so they couldn't get in. I gave them both a cigarette. See? There are benefits to smoking! But i digress.

I swear, i am not a stalker.

But i will travel to see them, for sure.. to SanFran, of course, (e:Twisted)! And we have plenty of room here if you want to travel to see them around here. If (e:Paul) will let you stay anywhere else but his place, of course.. Will keep my eyes peeled for new old pics of the boys. Thanks for the heads up.
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03/18/06 11:25 - 26ºF - ID#25598

Happy, Happy!

Happy Birthday, (e:Matthew)!!

Happy Belated St. Paddy's Day!

Today, i did my usual. I went to the store and got a newspaper (part of me is very much looking forward to the day in which the Buffalo News is a morning paper.. even though another part of me will miss the morning walk). I also went to get bread at Luigis. They were really busy. I asked the woman behind the counter if this was a traditional way to recover from St Patrick's Day, or was there a holiday i missed? She laughed and said St. Joe's. I shrugged and said i am not catholic... that i have irish tattoos, that i am part Ukranian and i have a Polish last name. She said i should be catholic then. And she had me there. But i am not. And i have no idea what St. Joe's is. I was born in St. Joe's hospital in downtown Hamilton Ontario, but i don't think that is what she meant. Is it the Italian St. Paddy's? We had some yummy cannoli for breakfast because of it! Ah, the breakfast of champions. Well, even though i am not sure what i am wish, exactly, let's all have a...

Happy St. Joe's!
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03/16/06 07:56 - 32ºF - ID#25597

The Buzzcocks

I don't make much of a secret that one of my favie bands is the Buzzcocks. I got the new album... oops... they are cd's nowadays, flat-pack philosophy ... the other day. It's ok.. i think it might be one of the ones that grows on me. But there is no way i wouldn't buy it, even if i knew it sucked. I support my favortie band, even if they are getting old and creaky.

No confirmed word yet if they are playing anything in North America, but CFNY said sometyhing about them playing the warped tour? Interesting...

They are playing shows in the UK right now. Played Sheffield tonight.. i highly doubt my friend, David, will go see them. I think the only thing in common David and i have musicly is Morrissey/The Smiths. But that is a different story... I do know the Buzzcocks are playing in Leeds on the 19th. Oh, how i would love to be there. I have been to that club, too... the Cockpit. Just south of the arcade, on the other side of the tracks. The wrong side, of course.

Hope they play Buffalo... wanna come if they do, (e:Twisted)?
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