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Category: music

03/22/06 11:05 - ID#25601

Buzzcock Tease

Yeah, that is so you, (E:Twisted,346)...

Harmony In My Head is a great song. One of the 3 that i like by Diggle. As much as i love the Buzzcocks, i just think Steve Diggle is a weenie. He handed out Steve Diggle promo pictures of himself near the end of the gig at Lee's Palace in Toronto... he was throwing them out into the crowd. I think i threw mine back at him.

I dunno if i have those Pete Shelley signed tickets safe anywhere... i know they can't be in our current safe deposit box. I have moved at least three times since i got them signed. If we see them together some day, i will find a way to meet Pete Shelley... we will hunt him down.

You're welcome for the invite to stay here. We have plenty of room. And i would be pleased as punch to have you. I think i knew you like our house... i think (e:Uncutsaniflush) told me that when we first made an offer, back before i was an (e:Stripper). Should we not connect the back apartment to the rest of the house because you want to move to Buffalo? lol

And thank you so much for your offer to be a tour guide and a hostest with the mostest. Might take you up on that some day.

We sorta almost went to San Fran in February. I like to go away on my birthday, and we considered going farther than Toronto this year. SF came up in the convo. Then, the car needed repairs and that all went out the window. Our wee lil Prius hybrid is a good car, it saves us tons on gas, but when it needs repairs, they ain't cheap.
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Category: music

03/16/06 07:56 - ID#25597

The Buzzcocks

I don't make much of a secret that one of my favie bands is the Buzzcocks. I got the new album... oops... they are cd's nowadays, flat-pack philosophy ... the other day. It's ok.. i think it might be one of the ones that grows on me. But there is no way i wouldn't buy it, even if i knew it sucked. I support my favortie band, even if they are getting old and creaky.

No confirmed word yet if they are playing anything in North America, but CFNY said sometyhing about them playing the warped tour? Interesting...

They are playing shows in the UK right now. Played Sheffield tonight.. i highly doubt my friend, David, will go see them. I think the only thing in common David and i have musicly is Morrissey/The Smiths. But that is a different story... I do know the Buzzcocks are playing in Leeds on the 19th. Oh, how i would love to be there. I have been to that club, too... the Cockpit. Just south of the arcade, on the other side of the tracks. The wrong side, of course.

Hope they play Buffalo... wanna come if they do, (e:Twisted)?
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Category: music

12/21/05 11:45 - ID#25559

Bang A Gong

So, today we got the drum kit all set up. Took a couple of hours, but we got the hang of it ok. Thank goodness (e:Uncutsaniflush) remembered some of the basics that were not in the instructions. I need to fiddle with it to get it just to my specific requirements, whatever they may be. For now, it feels very uncomfortable to be be there with the sticks in my hand. It won't forever though and i will learn. Loudly, but i will. I will get the hang of it all. We even had a guest drummer today for a few minutes, too. (e:Ladycroft) came by for a short visit and had a turn on the throne. I think she did great.

To those of you that asked, yes, my userpic is indeed me. About 20 years ago, but me none the less. At the time, i was going to an "alternative" program at my highschool. Because of my home situation at the time, i was living on my own at a fairly young age and i really wanted to try to stay in school. This program was mainly for adults, but i was accepted into it because i attended the school already and the staff was aware of what was going on for me as far as my living situation. The vice principal of the high school took this picture. I was in his office. I was very tired and in a pissy mood. I think i quit school within a week of that picture being taken. I went to the VP and told him myself. He really tried to help me stay in school, but he just could not afford to pay my rent any more than i could while i was in school.
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Category: music

12/20/05 05:33 - ID#25558

Boom Boom Baby

All my life, i have been a tapper, a thrummer, a fidget monster. When i was a kid, i wasn't allowed to have tic tacs 'cause the sound of me shaking them drove my mom crazy. She was always screaming at me to keep still, to stop tapping, to leave her knitting needles alone. I always thought it was just because i am always uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally and that i need something to do with myself so i don't actually become crazy.

Since before we got married, (e:Uncutsaniflush) has been telling me i would make a good drummer. It used to make me so self-conscious, and i would immediately stop whatever tapping i was doing. Eventually, i was comfortable enough to tap along with a song on the radio when he was near. Now, over 5 years since we met, and 4 since we have been married and spent almost all of our time with each other, he has convinced me that my tapping might lead to something.

Earlier this month, we did some shopping.. browsing and info gathering, really. And it took me a while to decide, but i did. Today, i got my xmas present... to myself and from my wonderfully supportive husand. A brand new drum kit. It scares the fucking shit out of me to begin something like this... i am just a bundle of issues.

But i keep reminding myself that i can do this. That i will do this. That it is supposed to be fun. And i am not too old to learn and do something new. And mostly, that this is supposed to be fun. That i want to do this. That there are times in which the learning process will be frustrating. And that if Meg White can do it, anyone can. Thanks Meg.
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10/27/05 12:48 - ID#25542

I Really Should Be...

... in the basement doing laundry. But i have news. News that means oh so very much to me. Some of you guys might not care, but i have been waiting years and years for this.

Kate Bush is releasing a new album. A double cd. It is due out in the US on the 7th (or the 8th, depending on the source). It's called Aerial. I am so excited i am freaked. She was my first ever crush.... and i just adore her still.

Just yesterday on the car ride home, (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i were talking about the ongoing and constant rumours that Kate Bush is releasing a new album and i am so not holding my breath... that if i beleived all the rumours, i would be at the record store every other week. But now, from a tiny bit in Rollingstone i read last night, i see the news and check out her official site and find that OMG, it is true!!! Yay!!!
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