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01/11/16 10:34 - ID#60395

2015 at a glance

wow. been such a long time. hope everyone is doing well.

my 2015 went something like this:

sold most of our household items before selling our house and buying a much smaller one in Kenmore. had a few major construction projects after the purchase, the biggest being a new wider concrete driveway. loved furnishing and decorating the new house and was consumed by that for a while

adopted a couple of cats, because, well, that's what lonely old widows do, right?

my father died 11 September 2015 after a nearly 2 year battle with cancer. it was sad, but also a relief to see his painful suffering end.

after Walt died, I found great support in a couple of friends and lost myself in the comfort of an adopted family for a short time.

reconnected with an old friend that had previously dissolved in a petty argument after realizing how short life really is.

got some new ink.

had to have surgery just before xmas, which meant I had to hang about in pjs for a while, but yeah, got more time off work

got in trouble at work which resulted in 8 weeks administrative leave -- for, oddly enough, refusing to work in a situation I thought was dangerous -- scheduled every other week and I loved it. wish I could afford that schedule all the time

and I learned a lot about myself. what I really value. what I want to hold close and what I am willing to walk away from. that grief is extremely complicated and excruciatingly painful but allows space for immense growth. that I can face my biggest fears. that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible

well, that was a lot more than I was initially intending on writing but there it is. a snap shot of my 2015. see you next year?
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