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05/31/07 11:43 - 81ºF - ID#39476

Brain Dead

How do people do it? How is it possible to function while sleep deprived?

I feel like my head is going to pop off it's wee little neck. My ass is dragging -- and for those of you that have seen it, that's a considerable heft to drag.

I have things to do. Ok, mostly self imposed things. I really wanted to make my mom some cinnamon pecan ice cream. I really wanted to make her some homemade carmel sauce to use up the remainder of the cream and just 'cause i know she loves it. And pack up some stuff for going away for a week (without (e:Uncutsaniflush), but i am not sure he will be all that interested in watching me prep, paint and caulk my parent's loo). All while doing laundry and doing my usual puttering around the house. I can't remember what i am in the middle of doing. Not wise with a big pot of hot sugar on the stove.

It's not like i only got an hour or two of sleep! I am ashamed to admit how much sleep i got, and be able to complain about lack of sleep.

Is it age? Am i at that age when i need to start having dinner at 4pm so i can get to sleep by 8pm?
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05/28/07 10:07 - 67ºF - ID#39438

Sundays and Mondays Off Work


After some other fun outings, we decided to go to Bird Island to hang out, watch the water and wave to Canada (yeah, i actually do that).

When we arrived, someone in a car next to us asked (e:Uncutsaniflush) if he had a bottle opener. Poor guy got himself some beer, a girl and a decent view and couldn't have a beer 'cause he didn't get twist offs. I knew i had one somewhere. But damn, if the wind didn't get in the way of me rumaging through my purse! The man thanked me for looking and we went to go sit on a bench. Then, it hit me... the glove box!! Where else should one keep a key chain bottle opener?! In case you're driving down the road and have a bottle opening emergency, there it will be!

We walked along the water for a bit, and settled along a wall just North of the bridge. Lots of seagulls there. We wanted to see what they were doing.

Seems they have this conveyor belt thing happening for catching wee fishies. They fly south into the wind, fighting for space, looking for small fish, swoop down, grab one, eat it, land in the water, bob north for a little bit with the current, then up and fly again, looking for more fish. A few doing this might seem mildly amusing, but dozens is quite a sight.


I know mostly everyone thinks they are a pest, but i think they're still beautiful birds...



The crowds at Home Depot were insane. I had to beg people putting stuff in their cars for the shopping carts just to get one. And the staff was overwhelmed. But we got our tomato plants home and into the ground. Remind me to water them, will ya?

Afterwards, we decided on a small adventure. We found this place called Zooz that we had seen signs for along the QEW between here and St Kits. Turns out it's in Fort Erie, Stevensville, to be more precise. Looked like it might be an interesting little privately owned zoo and decided to go.

Nice place. Loved the park like feel, some of it very much like a light nature walk. Liked the fact that the canned information on the trolly ride gave us the names of the animals.

We were impressed. Particularly for a new (opened 2002) private zoo. The animals all look well cared for. Some even have new babies. Mama moose was rather protective of her 3 day old baby.

We were also impressed by the sculpture by Rod Dowling. Very interesting.




And i, of course, found a bird to bond with. Beautiful Miliary Macaw.


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05/26/07 11:10 - 64ºF - ID#39414

Raspeberry Sorbet III

This is one of those recipes i invented, and super easy. But, it took 3 tries to get the right combination of sweet and tart for our tastes.

Raspberry Sorbet III

1 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
1 12oz pacakge of frozen raspberries
3 tablespoons lemon juice

In a medium saucepan, put in sugar and water. On high heat, disolve sugar in water. Let boil for a minute and remove from heat. Add frozen raspberries and lemon juice. Stir. Cool for a few minutes.

Scoop cooled mixture into a blender. Blend until there are no chunks left.

Strain mixture into a bowl and put in refridgerator to cool for about 5 minutes.

Scoop into ice cream maker and follow manufacturer's directions.
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05/18/07 10:47 - 49ºF - ID#39339

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

I think i have posted a journal with this exact name before... but i am way too tired to look that up.

The Good

Someone called me "an incredible woman". Felt good. Thank you, kind sir. You know who you are.

I helped someone find something they were looking for. It was appreciated. I was complimented, but the act of doing it, well, rocked.

I worked an honest day doing something i enjoy.

The Bad

Met a friend's terminally ill mom when we were in Knoxville. Found out she is now in the hospital and they are looking for hospice for her. They hope she lives long enough to make it there. Glad i got to meet her, but my heart aches.

The Ugly

Stealing rosary beads at an esate sale should land you directly in hell.

Throwing a dime at someone because you don't want to pay the 8.75% sales tax on a $1 item does not sound like good kharma to me.
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05/16/07 10:21 - 47ºF - ID#39310


Got home Monday night. The trip to Tennessee was wonderful and fun and exhausting. I was very happy to see two people very much in love and very well matched get married. I was teary when Chris said that (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i are a good example to him. He's a good egg, that Christopher. His bride's pretty groovy too. I just wish they got married somewhere indoors with a/c, or with the option of wearing... oh, i don't know, a bathing suit, perhaps. But i am biased -- i hate the heat. No wonder i live in Buffalo.

Which reminds me. Buffalo so feels like home now. Returning felt like coming home. And that is cool beans.

Worked Tuesday -- from about 11am until 9pm -- then stayed up until 2am unpacking and doing all sorts of around the house things that needed to be done.

Today, i worked from about 11am until about 9pm again. Got home, ate, then... damn period.

The Estate Sale starts on Friday. Tomorrow is do or die. Things must be sorted and priced by then. We got 99% of the back bedroom with the linens and purses done, the middle bedroom with the toys and odds and sods done, and the front bedroom with the x-mas stuff done. The kitchen is getting there, the dinning room is almost ready and the living room... well, it will get done. I think all the bits will be ready in the restaurant and bar... the "amn things" seem so foreign to me...

Anyhoo, for those that want to see me work my butt off... here's the link.
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05/10/07 07:11 - 58ºF - ID#39220

Welcome to Tennessee

(e:Uncutsaniflush) and i arrived here in Knoxville yesterday afternoon. It's so nice to be back here. We haven't done much sightseeing yet -- we will do most of that today.

Right now, i am up early (damnit!) and in the computer room of our friend, Linda's house. She is being kind enough to put us up and feed us for a few days before the wedding preparations begin (we are staying in one of the hotel rooms recended by the bride and groom and less than 5 miles from the wedding site). It was so nice to see her last night... to just hang with her. Wish she would move to Buffalo... i have missed her tons since we moved.

Today, we are going to wait for the a/c repair man for her (poor thing is melting in the heat here -- i didn't find it too bad, and i am usually the first one sweating and complaining!) and then head off to as many of our old stompping grounds as we can manage. The Knoxville Zoo, our old house to gawk, Target to pick up some sunscreen that i forgot to pack, Market Square... Yay!
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05/07/07 09:59 - 54ºF - ID#39190

Good News!

Now that i have completed the promised order of informing -- myself, my husband, my mother, specific friends -- i can let you all know my news.

Every morning as of exactly 3 weeks after i wrote the G.E.D., i have been calling the phone number i was given to see if i had passed, failed... or whatever it was they were going to tell me over the phone. The last time i called, the automated voices (yes, different voices for some reason) said, "The following information pertains to the test you took on" (new voice) "March 21, 2007" (back to first voice) "The documents we have sent you are" (new voice) "a diploma". I was so shocked, i called again with a reference number they gave me. Same disjointed recording.

I immediately called (e:Uncutsaniflush) at work... and, of course, burst into tears. So much of my self worth has been tied up in my lack of education that i just didn't know how to process the information. Part of me still doesn't. I suspect once the actual document arrives, i will feel even more like jumping up and down.

I would like to thank (e:Theecarey) profusely... you gave me that book that really started the ball rolling... and inspired me more than you may ever know.

Thanks, too, (e:Ladycroft) for the information you were kind enough to drop off to me. And, sadly, that debate regarding what should or should not be allowed for students versus employees of an educational facility we got into way back when. I didn't fully comprehend how overly sensitive i have been about my lack of education and i know i over reacted. An apology is in order, too. I am very sorry i over reacted. I honestly meant no insult to you and i am sorry if i did.
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05/06/07 11:09 - 49ºF - ID#39188

New Car!!!!

Talk about being a valued employee!!

Thanks so very much for my wonderful new car, (e:heidismadhouse) and (e:britian) !


Now, as well as shouting it when i see them on the street, every time i look at my desk i can shout it: MINI!!!

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05/05/07 09:48 - 57ºF - ID#39170


John from Salon Now can kiss my ass.

When i called a week or so ago and told him i not only needed a colour, but probably a colour correction , he booked me in at 2.30 today, knowing they close at 4. I didn't think it would be enough time. But, hey, it's been a while since i worked in a salon, so i guess i must be rusty. I doubted my knowledge, and that is a pity.

I arrived on time, even a bit early and waited 40 minutes. Liz was running late. And i could see she was working hard trying not to be late.

When i sat down and told her what i wanted, she had a bit of a meltdown. I told her that i told the person who answered the phone what i wanted and needed and was told there would be enough time. But there wasn't.

And now, i can put the voice to the face and the name to both, thanks to Liz telling me his name. John answered the phone and booked me.

Of course, i left disappointed in what i have. It's OK. Not great, but OK.

Liz did her best and stayed over an hour and half late to finish it. I have no issue with what she did and tried to do for me. She calmed down, calmed me down and got my hair to a point when it looks... well, less fucked up. And not bad, not bad at all. Considering the time contraints and the messed up head of hair she had to work with, she worked her ass off.

But it isn't what i wanted. Not the pretty reds i wanted to be out in the warm Tennessee air with at our friend's wedding.

And i don't want to be upset about it because it is just hair. Hair grows. And now, when it grows, i won't have too much of a regrowth line.

But i am upset about it. I wanted to enjoy the walk from the salon at Allen and Elmwood home here to Bird and Grant. Nice day, pretty red hair... opps... well, it was a nice walk. Shame that every step i took i was less and less happy with my damn hair.
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05/04/07 11:57 - 54ºF - ID#39158

For Our e:Lord and e:Creator

Since you have moved from food to trash, (e:Paul), i thought i would take and post a couple of pictures of the very full dumpster at the estate sale building for you.



As i mentioned, i really really really loved throwing things out the window into that dumpster. Now, it is full. Boo hoo...
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