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08/10/10 05:32 - 82.ºF - ID#52409


not the first pickins from the organic (e:Uncutsaniflush) & (e:LeeTee) back garden, but thus far, the most prolific.

i love tomatoes.

growing up, i ate them on toast (rye, caraway rye the most coveted) with a sprinkle of salt, or much to my gran's dismay, right from the vine with a salt shaker hidden in my pocket.

winter tomatoes were hard and less flavourful in those days. they were from some far off land of unknown origin. now, we have hothouse tomatoes and the government insists on knowing where they are grown. a pale comparison, but for those of us with a tomato obsession, it's all we can do...

but i have to say, the biggest most evil of blasphemy are those people that put fresh tomatoes in the refrigerator. why, i beseech you, why!!???! ruins the texture and dulls the flavour.

that is, of course, is mere the humble opinion of a former foodie...
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08/10/10 12:46 - 80.ºF - ID#52405

Bitch & Moan

Don't continue reading this unless you're in the mood for yet another one of my bitching & moaning sessions. Hopefully, it will be short...

My doctor wants me to see a nutritionist and a opthamologist.

So, i call my insurance company for "in network" providers. Up until today, i have had amazingly helpful people at my insurance company.

Or, so i thought.

I found out today that i must be stupid, because today's conflicting information "is exactly" what i was told last time. I am NOT covered. Even though i understood that i was. I understood that my diagnosis opened a few doors to see specialists i was not covered for before it. Such is not the case. Diagnosis is not relevant.

Ophthalmology -- I am covered for an office visit... but... ready for this... not the exam. WTF? So, if i want to go and talk to a receptionist at a doctor's office, i can, but i can't have the doctor examine me?

Nutritionist -- there isn't one in the Buffalo area that is in network unless i go to a Diabetic Education Class at a Catholic Health hospital. Four 3 hour classes, most of which interfere with my work schedule, of course. To top it off, i do not have the correct referral and need to get back on the phone to be on hold and explain to someone else what i need and wait to find out how i cannot get it.

Pessimistic? Who me? Nah.....
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