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01/18/09 06:09 - 23ºF - ID#47440

Carlos' Cantina & Bird Kingdom

(e:Uncutsaniflush) and i had a rare day off together. We decided to go do something fun and touristy and, as we call them, one of our mini-adventures.

First stop, lunch at our favorite Mexican place in this area (kinda tied for a place down in Knoxville we love, but that would have been more of an adventure than we had time for). Carlos's Cantina is a place we frequent regularly (e:leetee,44483) and i am thinking i need to send in a very positive review of this amazing little place to the Bill Rapaport restaurant guide.

Very yummie jalapeno corn chowder we both had to have.


(e:Uncutsaniflush)'s chicken mole enchiladas.


My delcious vegetarian buritto (inside is the best veggie chili EVER!)


Like every time we are there, we wish it were a tiny bit closer... and not across the ditch. Carlos is an amazing chef and the atmosphere is as friendly as he is. Ya'll just HAVE to go.

After all the cold weather and the wonderful food to warm us up, we thought we would continue the trend of subtropical and head to Niagara Falls to the Bird Kingdom. Temps inside were very nice.... and the birds were damn cute. The Lorikeets there were very aggressive, nothing like the tame laid back ones at the Buffalo Zoo. And no pics inside that part, because they take pics and try to sell them to you.

Ah, but i took some of my own... lots, actually.









The waterfall in the main aviary was very nice... there's something mildly amusing to me taking pictures of this waterfall knowing how close to Niagara Falls i was.


Keeping warm on the inside of the waterfall.


There was also a house inside the main aviary that had the most amazing carved wall.



The drive home reminded us of why we needed the subtropical min-adventure in the first place.

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01/16/09 12:26 - 6ºF - ID#47422

Venting About Doctors

Or in this case, a condesending bitchy nurse practitioner. Heaven forbid i see an actual doctor.

Yeah, ok, so, i got the labs done in September. Got a call that freaked me out. Shit, least they could do is soften things a bit. Or wait, be accurate. Don't tell me disorder X is "under control" if i am not even aware i have said condition! ANd, i never did find out all the numbers and what, exactly, they mean. I went on my 'script based on faith and them saying some results were 'high'. I was asked to come back in 3 months to have the labs redone, check on things, renew the Rx, IF NEEDED. My assumption, fool that i am, was that the highness noted would be lowered with said medication.

Fast forward to now. Yep, been taking the meds. But, i reckoned it was about time to call, ask for my offical numbers and make that 3 month (ok, it's been longer, but, well, life has been busy) revisit.

This all makes sense, right? I mean, go in, get labs done, get a perscription for an issue, come back when the health care professional requsts?

Nope. Wrong. Apparently, i wasn't supposed to come back, want to know what my results were last time, do as requested and return.

Well, at least not until i lost some weight. Because, until i do, there is just no point. Uhm, excuse me, bitch, but was i not just following your orders? And, would you mind telling me what the results of my blood labs were? I got the fuzzy photocopy. I guess my job is to figure out what it all means from google searches, 'cause i'm too fat/stupid/unimportant for her to bother with?

Bitch. And she wondered why my normally low blood pressure was high? Uhm, maybe 'cause i got this lecture last time? Can you spare me the Weight Watchers advert and get to why i came?
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01/12/09 12:42 - 24ºF - ID#47378

Facinating Cycle

I find it interesting in a mildly frustrating way how a person can easily get tangled in red tape.

Now that i work for the state of New York, i am in a union. That union gives me and my spouse dental coverage. Back in September, my spouse needed some dental work. The dental office filled out the paperwork and sent it in. Then, i got a notice from my union explaining to me the amount of money i would get back. Cool.

Fast foward to now. I have yet to see said money. I call my union. They say that they cannot tell me anything about the claim because i was not the patient. They also tell me that they will not be able to tell the patient anything because that person is not a member of the union. *sigh*

Uhm, hello? How do i find out the information then? Talk about a vicious circle...

Eventually, she got around to telling me i needed to fill out a HIPAA form if i wanted to know what happened to my 30 bucks. She told me where to find the form to download it.

Yay. Progress.

Then, based on some information my husband gleaned from the form from my union, perhaps the union paid the dentist?

Worth a try. I called the dentist. Yep, they have had the money since late September. OMG. Why did you not send it to us or tell us? Hell if i know.

Can anyone recommend a dentist?
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01/08/09 10:53 - 25ºF - ID#47332


I am totally bummed that my coat got torn by my neighbour's fence. They put up a gate a few years back and twisted some metal wire to keep one side attatched. Those 3 metal twisted bits stick out on our side of the fence about an inch or more. Today, while shovelling, i squeezed between my car and that fence and tore my long black down coat. It's not ruined, but now i have a big gapping hole on the left side by my hip... and it looks awful and i haven't had the coat for that long. *pout*
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01/04/09 11:13 - 24ºF - ID#47274


It started out innocently enough. It was the "hey these are a cute colour (uhm, orange, does anyone even NOT think they would be orange?!) i wonder if they will fit my fat flat feet any better now that Nike owns them" kinda situation. And behold *insert heavenly music here* they FIT. And so, began, the obsession.

Here are the 2 pair my parents were responsible for this holiday season. The elusive purple... and a random pair (look! there is a tiny bit of orange in there!) found at the Converse Outlet store.



On a completely different note.

It was nice to see and meet some of ya'll this NYE. I am glad i made it to the party, even if i was a bit tired from having just gotten off work.

Some (wish i could fit them all in, but i am old and i apologize to those i may have forgotten -- i haven't) of my highlights would be....

Was very nice to SCIP-R you, (e:Terry); i sure hope none of the individuals i work with pick up your methodology, however.

Very happy to chat with you, (e:Matthew), as always. You're so right, we need to do it more often.

(e:Paul), it was totally a good time, totally, it was. Like totally.

Glad you were all happy about the coasters, (e:PMT). Very cool that they match the kitchen. :O) Thank you, once again, for hosting.

Thanks for all the pictures, (e:Metalpeter)... i'm glad you took them.

Thrilled to bits to meet you, (e:Tinypliny). You are charming and sweet... and i would love to cook with you some day...!!

Always a pleasure to chat with you, (e:Vincent). Someday, we need to talk about something other than what a hole Hamilton is.

(e:imk2), do you remember that i was there? I was the car blocking yours when you needed to leave for.... well.....

Nice to breeze by you on my way in and your way out, (e:Mrmike). Are you SURE you are away from your desk when i call?

I would love that recipe for bean dip you made, (e:Libertad)... it was devine. As are you... i think you light up a room just by being in it.

(e:Joshua), it was nice to say hi and the party... and sit and chat at Spot.

(e:Ladycroft) and (e:Rory) (ok, dude, you need to get an (e:name) so i can come back and change this when you do). Thank you. For making the trip. I am over the moon thrilled to see you looking as happy and content, (e:Ladycroft). Thanks for lunch. And next time, i promise not to only talk about English things, (e:Rory). Kinda hard for an anglophile not to do...

Happy 2009, (e:peeps).
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