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06/21/08 08:37 - 74ºF - ID#44744


For over 20 years, i have had 14 silver sleeper style hoops in my ears -- 6 on one side and 8 on the other. The idea was to eventually get 6 on one side and 9 on the other since i was born in '69, but for some reason, that 9th one just never happened.

Whenever i have seen a cute lil charm, i have purchased it and attached it to a random hoop. A few years ago, i got myself an evil eye from a place called Courage My Love in Kensington Market in Toronto (on my birthday, 3 years ago i think). That evil eye clinks, jingles and makes a general light metallic sound as the blue eye inside its sliver casing moves around... and as it hits other earrings. The hoops made a slight noise too, but probably one only i could here. Others could hear my evil eye. And, i kinda got used to those sounds.

But, with this new grown up job i have now, i needed to remove the hoops. Actually, it is more because they are a safety hazard to myself and the developmentally disabled individuals i will be working with and for.

Took me about half an hour, but i took them all out and replaced them with a fine gage (maybe i will increase that in time, but the hoops were a fairly fine gage) bone style nose bars.

So weird. So quiet.
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06/18/08 08:34 - 58ºF - ID#44708

Time and Tacos

I should be studying. I should be studying. But, i thought i would take this time, while i hear the laundry bouncing around in the dryer downstairs, while papers are scattered all over my desk to... well... procrastinate.

It hurt my heart to not be able to see you at the dinner you planned, (e:Ladycroft). I wish i could have been there... and you're leaving soon... i may not have time to see you at all. *sob* When are you leaving? Would a quick coffee/confab/visit work before you leave? I get off work in West Seneca at 4.30pm (if i don't have to have a meeting with my supervisor) tomorrow. Do you still have the same phone number? I do!

I have been getting up at 5.30am since... uhm... 5 June. Orientation at the DDSO has been intense. CPR, First Aide, SKIP-R. I am bruised and battered... and thankful for some cool weather. SKIP-R testing was done on Friday, WITHOUT a/c. I swear it was about 110 in that room... while we listened to the maintenance guy bang on the a/c unit outside the window. Made it so much more difficult to do... uhmm... say... a 2 person supine restraint when the individual being restrained was slippery with sweat.

Now, we move on to training. I think i need a full day's explanation on how to fill out forms for my time sheets. But, i digress, that was covered during orientation.

Today, we had the first of 3 days of meds classes. (e:Mike), will you help me study for the exam next week?!? The information is all memorization and rather dry... no offense to those into pharmacology. :O)...

The lecture on childhood development and how the maturation rate is compared to those with Developmental Disabilities was interesting... to me at least. Shame it was the shortest part of the day.

Yesterday (wow... was that only yesterday?), we had a lecture on Swallowing Difficulties and although interesting, it was a bit long and long winded. I do think, however, that the Occupational Therapist enjoys her work and is very good at it. Yay. She did a demo on swallowing with us that was informative. For it, we had some water and some... well,what i would call corn chips or tortilla chips. She, on the other hand, called them tacos. Not taco chips, even. Just tacos. And, it is not the first time i have heard this term here. Is this just the WNY slang? If so... weird slang. What do you do when you want to order an actual taco?
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06/09/08 09:08 - 79ºF - ID#44598

Pushin' Papers

Protocol. Procedure. Policy. New York State has it all.

After a long day 8 hour day of sitting, pushing papers around and taking notes, i came home to another coupla hours of preparing things... Preparing papers to deliver to different departments so they know i want what they have to give me. Like money. Benefits. An inter-office email address and user i.d.

And a mind full of new exciting information and options.
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06/05/08 10:49 - 74ºF - ID#44558

It's Official...

.. i am a bureaucrat, a member of a union, a government employee.

First day of 9 days of orientation was today. What i found the most interesting is that today was all about what i get, not what i will do. I filled out forms for unions, and benefits and perks and i got my negative tb test. I found out all about how to accrue sick leave, paid, unpaid and half pay; how to accrue vacation time. And when it all expires.

I heard all about the organization's history, good, bad and ugly. It was the most interesting part of the day. That, and finding out that i will be on a tough team... one with residents with possible behaviour and legal issues. Scary. Challenging.

It was a long day, sitting on my butt. How to office workers do it for 8 hours?
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06/01/08 02:20 - 57ºF - ID#44509

The New Blue

All cars look the same to me... and this one is lacking a rectangular orange thing on the back... but here she is, my new car.



Times, they are a changin'...

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