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09/30/06 10:37 - 49ºF - ID#25673

Morning In Our 'Hood

Yesterday, the sirens didn't even wake me. But my phone ringing downstairs did. I ran to get it. Kirsten, i thought... oh, no, something is wrong with the healing of her wisdom teeth extractions!!

On the way to the phone, i noticed the red flashy lights. Parked half on our lawn and half on Deb & Carl's lawn was a fire department SUV, engine running. Yipes, was my next thought... Deb & Carl decided to divorce in a blaze of glory, as it were.

Didn't get to the phone in time. Was indeed Kirsten.

I went upstairs, woke (e:Uncutsaniflush) and told him there was an emergency vehicle (yeah, those were the words i used at 7am -- emergency vehicle) on our front lawn. Huh, i think, was his response.

We got on clothing more appropriate for being out of doors and went to see what was going on.

What was going on was the house 4 doors down -- there's us, Deb & Carl, then Kirsten, then Kirsten's landlords-- was still smoking. The people on the other side of them called the fire department. Something about showering at 5am and not used to it being smoky, i think...

The house was vacant. Not many of those on our block. This house was in forclosure. The dude that owned it bought it or got it from his grandmother i found out today. When, or just before, it was being forclosed on, he gutted the place. Took everything. Light fixtures, all the kitchen cabnets, bathroom stuff. Weeny.

And now, it burned down. I wonder how that happened.........

This morning, 8am. Banging. Damn. Is someone trying to break into our place. Nope.

They are tearing down the burned out house. Making lots of noise. Boo on them. I wanted to sleep in this morning.
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09/26/06 02:15 - 61ºF - ID#25672

Another Reason husband rocks.




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09/25/06 06:19 - 61ºF - ID#25671


While yesterday's leftover curry cauliflower soup heats up, i have a moment to tell ya'll that it finally happened!

While there purchasing bread to go with previously mentioned soup, we saw him... no more ships passing in the night, wondering if it really was him.

We saw (e:Mrmike) at Weggies!

Your child is adorable, (e:Mrmike) .... and no, i am sure it is not because the youngster takes after mom!
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09/23/06 09:03 - 69ºF - ID#25670


What an interesting week... between my sickies and Kirsten's. Of course, i would take mine over hers anyday!

On Friday, Kirsten had 3 wisdom teeth pulled. *shudder* She is doing well... not too much swelling and hardly any bruising. Needless to say, she is kinda wasted on painkillers, though. I've been nursemaiding her; been going over there every 4 hours or so to make sure she is doing ok, taking her meds, getting her something to eat, and taking care of her pets. Speaking of, i should go over there soon and make sure Maslow gets his insulin. She is forgetting stuff. Narcotics do that to people.

I just finished doing some work at my desk. Nothing too fun, just balancing the cheque book, filing papers.

And, while i was sitting there, i filled out the application to write my GED. My goal is to be ready by the October 28th/November 4th test (it's done in 2 bits, both 6 hours long), but i did list the January 6th and 13th as my second choice for dates. Once i had that over, i have to follow through.. no matter how scary this is. Friends tell me i can do it, but sometimes, those wee voices in my head tell me to give up....
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09/20/06 01:03 - 57ºF - ID#25669

Screeching Hault

I've been busy working on little things here and there lately. Nothing that would take up a lot of time, individually, but together, seem to make me busier than usual.

Activities involving our house, different aspects of our individual creativity, my sluggish brain (thank you again, (e:Theecarey) , for the book; it has proved to be invaluable and an amazingly good resource!), my often sluggish body and my spirit. I've even been working on a lil sumthin', sumthin' for (e:strip) !

All that ended and i am forced to be idle, which is enough to drive me batty.

Sadly, it all started with the denist. On Monday. Just proves how they both evil are.

But i digress...

After thawing from the dentist, i thought i had a bit of a sore throat. My allergies tend to bother me most in the throat first and sometimes i wonder if i am in the early stages of a cold, or if i am having allergy issues. I thought it was allergies. And PMS. Fun stuff, huh?

But yesterday, i thought it was a cold. I was run down, despite me doing a few odd and sods around the house.

Now, i think my allergies are bothering me, that i have a cold, and now, proof it was indeed PMS.

Poor (e:Uncutsaniflush) !

He is now off to pay our cable bill and then go to get me cough candies and tissues. I am all stocked up on femine hygene products, so he won't be saddled with that chore, too.
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09/07/06 11:24 - 66ºF - ID#25668


I am chagrinned that i did not recognize my Nana when we went to Hamilton to visit her in the hospital yesterday. She didn't look that different... more frail, yes, but not different. (E:Uncutsaniflush) recognized her...

She is doing ok. She is no longer hallucinating. No more wirey black or white cats under the bed. No more rain indoors. But she can't walk more than a few steps and never without her walker. She is happy to take a break from her usual routine of tv watching in her room at the old age home. She likes the food at the hospital... makes me wonder how bad it was at the old age home!

Growing older, the body failing here and there, is just a horrible way for the end stages of life to be. Why can't we all grow old with grace and dignity? Leave the planet partying... however we want that party to be. That would be nice.
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09/02/06 10:51 - 59ºF - ID#25667

What a Day!

Yesterday was one of those days for me that could almost be magical. So many little things happened that would make a normally ok kinda day pleasant. But having all those little things happen all on the same day was very cool.

First thing in the morning, completely unshowered and dishevelled, i was more or less offered a job. I had just finished chatting with this person, about the fact that i will probably be writing the GED soon and that i can't lie on a resume and since i don't have a high school diploma, not very many people would hire me. And she told me to consider working "here". After talking about some details, she asked me to bring her a resume on Monday... "nothing fancy, just something i can give to my boss". Cool. A part time job within walking distance of home... let's hope it pans out!

After that, i showered and we went to the zoo. Yesterday was one of the last times we would be able to go into the Lorikeet Landing and feed the birds... at least on a less busy weekday. After this weekend, it will be weekends only and weather permitting only. And the birds were hungry and friendly. They aren't always... sometimes, i guess they are feeling less social. I couldn't keep them off me, with or without food. They were even all over (e:Uncutsaniflush) and he didn't have any food. Seeing the birds always makes my day brighter and yesterday was no different.


Then, we went to lunch and i had the most amazing Thai Yellow Curry with tofu at the Saigon Bangkok (on the Boulevard). Best i have had in this country (coupla places in Toronto have everywhere else beat!) and the lunch special even came with a vegetarian fresh roll. Yuuuummmm...

Then, we decided to go to an estate sale. Same guy was running it that did the one on Lafayette we got our dinning room set from last fall. We go to his sales a lot. We weren't planning on going to this one, since it didn't look like there was anything we might find interesting when (e:Uncutsaniflush) looked at the pictures online. But, since we were driving by, we thought we would stop in. And we left a few hundred dollars poorer. We got the most beautiful bedroom set. It will be delivered today. Looking forward to having a headboard again!! Today, we will have to do some bedroom rearranging to make room for everything.

And, if those things weren't enough, last night while i was out with Kirsten walking with her and her adorable pugs, Ava and Noland on Elmwood, (e:Uncutsaniflush) and i got an email from some dear friends in Tennessee. Yay! A wedding to go to! I am thrilled to bits that our friends Chris and Kim will be getting married. I jumped for joy when i heard!!
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