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02/27/11 10:10 - ID#53742

Perfect Shoe Shelves

We are in the middle of turning the small back bedroom into a large walk in closet. In the entrance of the room, there is a small cubbie type area.... a wee alcove, if you will. Well, myself and my brilliant husband decided it would make a good place for my shoes. After much sourcing, we found some nice white pine (correct me if i am wrong, Dear) on clearance at Home Depot. They were cut while i was at work yesterday..... and i love them! They are perfect and custom and they might just fit all my shoes if i squeeze them in a bit. Pics will follow (i just HAVE to for (e:Tinypliny)!) in the near future....
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02/25/11 11:58 - ID#53723

Vacation Day

Due to my boss being a procrastinator and doing a rush job on a schedule that was over a week late (union rules, schedule must be out 10 days before it starts), i have an additional day off this week.

We had one too many people on duty and no event planned, so someone (read, the person who notices first) was able to take a day off. That someone is me.

I am using vacation time, since i have so much of it that i have yet to have even touched (i have used my personal leave time for previous vacations since personal leave time expires).

So, i had my pass days, Tuesday and Wednesday from last week's schedule, and our weeks start on Thursday, for which i have Thursday off... then i took today as a vacation day. Four days off in a row... that is like a mini-vacation.

And i have accomplished almost nothing.... yay me!
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02/04/11 11:12 - ID#53544


i do not have to work for the next 8 days in a row!

to celebrate, here are the go-go's

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02/01/11 11:26 - ID#53529

RIP Linus

He did not make it through the night. He probably died within a few minutes of me typing my last post.

I don't know why he is gone, but i am grateful he did not linger or seemed to suffer very little.

We got him from the SPCA a few summers ago because of his Linux based name. He was terrirorially agressive and bit me the first time i cleaned his cage. With time and patience, he mellowed and i was able to pet him. He had a better life with us than he would have at the SPCA.
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02/01/11 02:54 - ID#53528

Rat Watch

Our poor lil rat, Linus is not doing well right now. It seems so sudden and i am not sure he will make it through the night. I just told him that we love him and if he need to let go and die, he should because we do not want to see him suffer.
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