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01/07/11 01:45 - 25.ºF - ID#53405

This Oo-La-La Rocks

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01/01/11 11:41 - 51.ºF - ID#53371

Happy 2011

Thanks, yet again, (e:PMT) for hosting New Year's Eve. Always a pleasure.

Looking forward to the pics, (e:Metalpeter)!
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12/22/10 12:10 - 23.ºF - ID#53319

New Age Kharma

So, yesterday, i went to get my hair colored. I went to New Age Salon . They book appointments online, which i love.

The girl that i had gone to a coupla times just doesn't work when i have time. Kristen only works Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- basicly, when i am working too.

So, i tried someone else. Julie. I like her a lot. Love my haircut, she can use a razor very well, a skill that even seasoned hairdressers don't always have.

My color is good. Well applied. Even. Red. But is there a red bright enough for me out there?

The salon is moving and the owner, Amanda, seems a bit stressed. Completely understandable. Just bought a new building, trying to get all the reno done, deal with holiday stress and still run the current business and do all her clients.

While i was there, she walked to the new place, a few blocks away then came back just before a client of hers came. While mixing her color for her client, she began to look around, distressed, with her hand at her throat. I asked Julie if she was ok, since the blowdryer was buzzing in my ear. Julie told me, "she lost her necklace.". Turns out she had the chain but lost her St Christopher pendant.

She said that she would never find it because she had just walked in the snow and would never find it.

I decided to try. I asked her what her exact route was and she was able to tell me when she crossed the street and on what side she walked.

So, i paid and left to look. Told them i was walking that way anyway and would look at the ground while i did.

And yes, there it was, middle of the sidewalk, by the entrance of the parking lot for the M&T Bank at Hertel and Parkside, looking up at me saying "come pray with us".

I brought it back and she tearfully thanked me.

Damn, that felt so good.
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12/03/10 01:04 - 27.ºF - ID#53198

I'll Get Round To It...

The most intelligent and insightful person in my life has given me an opinion of what he sees going on. Yet, until i see it myself, i don't want to believe it.

I think it is because, despite what it may seem, i have faith in people until they show me otherwise. Usually, once i see that i cannot and should not have that faith, i am crushed. I don't want to believe that people can be "that" way and i don't always deal with it well.

I work with someone who suspects the worst at all turns. There must be something "shady" going on; there must be a negative ulterior motive. I find myself in the sadly pathetic position of feeling judged negatively for a result that is less that stellar when intentions were merely earnest or out of pure concern.

Luckily, said person does not feel that way about the individuals we serve. In fact, just the opposite. So much so, what could be valuable data and ultimately, any assistance we may be able to offer, is lost because it is frowned upon to report the actual truth if it is negative.

Thank you, my intelligent, insightful and wise husband. You have been patient and understanding. You are sweeter than you allow most people to see and i am ever grateful that i am one of the few that gets to.

Thank you, too, for allowing me to hi-jack this post so i could bitch about a bitch before wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

Happy Birthday, (e:Uncutsaniflush).
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11/26/10 02:25 - 33.ºF - ID#53168

Will Always Be

Now that i work in Kenmore, i have tried to make sure i don't speed and i have slowly gotten to know what side streets between Military, Elmwood, Delaware and Delaware have lights so i don't wait forever to make a left hand turn.

I have a landmark on Elmwood that will forever be the street in which the "Mike Visco Rite Aid" is on.. because it has a light.

Hope the new job is going well, (e:Mike)!
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11/24/10 12:25 - 38.ºF - ID#53158

Forward Thinker

Since my usual work week begins on Thursday (3pm - 11pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday; 7am - 11pm Sunday, pass days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), i will be unable to attend any American Thanksgiving dinners.

I missed Canadian Thanksgiving, too, because no one at work would trade shifts with me so i could go to Canada.

But, i eat poultry now.

So, we decided to make a turkey today. A day early. My first time. But, i do have basic kitchen/cookery knowledge so i won't be serving (e:Uncutsaniflush) (who says, "it's going to be wonderfuls") and i a rare bird or anything equally beginner moronic.

Photos may follow.
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11/18/10 11:22 - 44.ºF - ID#53120

Life and Other Things

I haven't posted a journal in a little while. I wish i could say it's because my life is busy and exciting. Alas, it is not.

I have been on a small journey of self discovery. Finding out what is more important to me and how everything fits into place. Balance is difficult, but with more practice, i might just get there.

Getting used to wearing glasses again. The first pair i had to take back. Too heavy and the little nose thingies gave me sinus headaches. Got a slightly less fashionable pair, but i love geek chic, and they are much better. I have had a few wobbly moments going down stairs and such, but i got used to the bifocal bits quickly.

Going to a diabetic education class was mostly a good thing. Knowledge is power. Was very much looking forward to the meal planning aspects of it, but i think the dietitan was having a 1950's moment, despite the fact that she only knows about that decade from the sitcoms. Meat and two veg anyone?

Despite that, i have crossed over to the dark side. I eat chicken and turkey now. And i am getting all kinds of reactions...

Since my last class, i have been feeling under the weather. Then, i got sick and worked my crazy compressed schedule and on my 3 days off lost my voice.

I go back to work today, needing to have a talk with my boss. Hope she understands croaking....
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10/19/10 04:55 - 56.ºF - ID#52980

Change My Userpics?!?!

To reflect my old age. Confirmed by an optometrist today. Bifocals. Damn.
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10/13/10 04:58 - 58.ºF - ID#52943

Bird Brain

We have a bird feeder and get quite a variety of birds.

We hung the feeder right in front of a window in the kitchen so when we are sitting at that table, we can see them eating.

We have a big (ugly) evergreen in the yard not too far from where the feeder is and often, whether it is full, but particularly when it is empty, the branches of that tree are alive with birds.

We love the whole thing and my mother is always in awe of just how much activity we get at our bird feeder.

Since the weekend, we have been getting one not so bright, but brilliantly coloured, male cardinal. I wish he was eating from the feeder and he might be. However, he is also attacking one of the windows around the side of the house.

I can see him now because the room the computer is in juts out a wee bit into a bay shape and i can see the small trees and bushes he lands on before flying at the window. I assume he is attacking the other male cardinal he sees?

I just chased him away by drumming on the window with my fingernails. But he will be back. We tried closing the curtain, but we have a nice plant on the floor right in front of that window and don't want it to die either. He doesn't seem to like a particular part of the day.

Poor pretty bird, bless his heart.........
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10/04/10 07:39 - 47.ºF - ID#52898

It's The Pits

(e:uncutsaniflush) and i are in Pittsburhg for a few days. Just part of our ongoing rustbelt vacations tour. Oh, and its our 9th wedding anniversary on Wednesday....
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