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05/11/11 12:41 - ID#54258


I must have done something awful in a past life or lives....

I cannot think of a day in recent history that i have come home from work and not burst into tears.

The job itself is stressful enough just dealing with the people we care for.

To top it off my bosses jerk me around by doing simple things like not approving and sending in my paperwork so i can get paid in time or waiting for me to request days off to go to the fucking dentist then making sure i work those days without "disapproving" my official requests that were in weeks ahead of time.

Being part time, i have a constant revolving door of a schedule. A schedule that (according to union rules on schedule notification) is always always always late.

So, i make appointments based on previous days off i have had, fill out the correct paperwork to ask for the days off 3 and 4 weeks ahead of time and magically, at the last second, i find out i am indeed working exactly when i asked for time off.

Scheduling is exactly why i left my last placement.

So many people tell me i am grateful to have a job.

Will i be grateful for the stress related heart attacks too?
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05/05/11 04:09 - ID#54222

For e:Tinypliny

Who has been asking me to take a picture of all my Converse All-Stars together for almost as long as i have known her.

Well, i just finished putting all my shoes on the newly polyurethaned custom shoe shelves in the wee cubby in the entrance to my almost fully completed walk-in closet.

As you can see, (e:Tinypliny), i still have room for expansion. I only have 56 pairs (less that i thought!). And a couple of pairs of shoes that ARE NOT Converse All-Stars! *gasp!*

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