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01/11/16 10:34 - ID#60395

2015 at a glance

wow. been such a long time. hope everyone is doing well.

my 2015 went something like this:

sold most of our household items before selling our house and buying a much smaller one in Kenmore. had a few major construction projects after the purchase, the biggest being a new wider concrete driveway. loved furnishing and decorating the new house and was consumed by that for a while

adopted a couple of cats, because, well, that's what lonely old widows do, right?

my father died 11 September 2015 after a nearly 2 year battle with cancer. it was sad, but also a relief to see his painful suffering end.

after Walt died, I found great support in a couple of friends and lost myself in the comfort of an adopted family for a short time.

reconnected with an old friend that had previously dissolved in a petty argument after realizing how short life really is.

got some new ink.

had to have surgery just before xmas, which meant I had to hang about in pjs for a while, but yeah, got more time off work

got in trouble at work which resulted in 8 weeks administrative leave -- for, oddly enough, refusing to work in a situation I thought was dangerous -- scheduled every other week and I loved it. wish I could afford that schedule all the time

and I learned a lot about myself. what I really value. what I want to hold close and what I am willing to walk away from. that grief is extremely complicated and excruciatingly painful but allows space for immense growth. that I can face my biggest fears. that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible

well, that was a lot more than I was initially intending on writing but there it is. a snap shot of my 2015. see you next year?
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11/09/14 07:12 - ID#59555

Thanks e:Terry

So sorry, been meaning to thank you for calling me back, (e:Terry). Unfortunately, i needed info/help with something to do with our taxes almost right away, so i paid a lawyer instead. Problem was solved. Thanks!
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10/07/14 12:22 - ID#59459

interwebs help please!!

Any geeks out there willing to help a girl with figuring out why her interwebs on the 2 linux boxes aren't working? Please? (E:Paul)??
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10/01/14 09:06 - ID#59435

My Waltie

Thank you everyone for your kind, supportive words. They truly mean so very much to me.

From the Buffalo News Obituary:
TUROWSKI - Walt Suddenly and unexpectedly in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, September 29, 2014 in his 56th year, beloved husband of Lee; dear son-in-law of John and Judy Erridge of Hamilton. Walt was an employee with R.G.I.S. A Memorial Service will be held from the Chapel of Perna, Dengler, Roberts Funeral Home, 1671 Maple Rd., Williamsville, NY, on Saturday at 1 PM. Cremation has taken place.

The Dignity Memorial page:

After the memorial, there will be a reception at the Grapevine (as set up by the funeral home) on Niagara Falls Blvd.

show up to both or just one....
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09/29/14 08:43 - ID#59429

Good-Bye My Heart

dear friends,

i know i haven't published here for a while. and the things i have published last were sad.

before i go any further, i want to fist thank (e:Heidi) and (e:Terry) for even considering (e:Uncutsaniflush) for a position at Allen Street Consulting. it was a source of pride and honour for him.

today, Monday September 29, 2014 my sweet, innocent, socially awkward, analytical, super intelligent husband died.

my heart is completely shattered. i am not sure how to live a life without him.

thank you for sharing your life with me (e:uncutsaniflush). i miss you
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05/07/14 10:46 - ID#58961

Fight the Good Fight

It's been too long since i posted anything. I come by and read regularly, but i don't post much.

Life has been stressful and sad and no one wants to be dragged down....

This winter was long and challenging and it appears as though the spring and summer might be tough too.

My father is very ill. Several times this weekend we thought we might have to have the "should we pull the plug?" conversation. But, he fought through this most recent crisis.

Everyone, no matter how young or old, please write yourself a living will so your loved ones know, without the shadow of a doubt, what you want during the unpredictable events life can throw at you. Please?!?

I am thankful for the flexibility of my job. That my current co-workers are kind and understanding.

I am thankful for how much my father's illness has pulled the family together. People that used to not speak have mended fences with the emotional nature of what's going on and the realization of how fragile life is.

In particular, i think my nephew Luke is a spectacular young man. His spirit never fails to impress and amaze me.

I am thankful for the incredible staff at Hamilton's Juravinski Cancer Center and Hospital. His surgeon, Dr Kelly, has a superb bedside manner. The ICU nurse, Tanya was so upbeat, patient and direct with compassion that i am in awe.

I also feel far more educated about seemingly harmless medical issues now. Did anyone know that strep can cause necrotizing fasciitis? I found out it can. (oh, and it's no fair if you answer, (e:Jenks), we know you're a doctor!!!)

My father's chemo reduced his immune system to the point that strep no one knew he had led to flesh eating disease in his lower colon, rectum and bladder.

The first emergency surgery went as well as it could. We wait for him to be stable before the next one.

Then, figure out what to do about the pesky cancer.

I now have a bag pre-packed for emergency. No more turning the underwear around to wear inside out in the hospital bathroom for me! So ha!
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Category: wedding

07/08/13 10:40 - ID#57886

THE Wedding!

And it was THE wedding to be at! Proud to say i was there when it finally happened. :o)

My phone took a crap, but i do have a couple of snaps i am able share.

Post ceremony smiles

And for (e:Paul), my plate of food.

Many congratulations, (e:Paul) and (e:Terry)!
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03/30/13 11:44 - ID#57441 pmobl

RIP Amelia

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12/09/12 12:35 - ID#56980 pmobl


tattoo artist said i earned my "big girl pants" sitting through last 15 minutes... not that the first 3 hours was easy...

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10/14/12 02:34 - ID#56825 pmobl

RIP Emily


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