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02/23/12 04:00 - ID#56113

My Own Converse Nail

Since i stumbled upon the video of the Converse Nail (e:LeeTee,55989) i have wanted one of my own.

Well, today, i went to the nail salon (NO WAY i could do it myself!) and had a converse nail done on each hand -- ring finger for both as per the nail tech's whim :o)

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02/15/12 10:19 - ID#56063

What's a Girl to Do?

New Chucks from TJ Maxx.

Very crowded closet shelves with lots of beautiful chucks.

Lonely chucks among the very few Non-Chucks shoes.

Does this mean a reorganization project in the future?!?
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02/13/12 01:44 - ID#56058

What Is it With Buffalonians and Driveways?!?!

uh, yeah, dude, it's our driveway. it's not a parking lot. and i don't care how long you will be there. our driveway equals our property and if you want to be on our property, you need to be invited to do so. next time, i won't be polite. i will just get you towed.
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01/27/12 12:21 - ID#55989

Converse Nails!

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01/22/12 09:30 - ID#55968

Happy Birtdhay, e:Paul!

Hope today has been wonderful. All the best for a fab year ahead!
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01/18/12 04:18 - ID#55935

Is There a 12 Step for This?

Hi, my name is Lee and i am addicted to Converse All-Stars.

The first time i tired a pair on, it was peer pressure.

I thought my big flat feet wouldn't fit into them, but with a little bit of encouragement, i was convinced the orange would look fabulous!

They fit!

Since then, i can't walk past a store if i know they have them...

I had to have a special shelf built in my home to house them.

Here are my latest pairs:

Black with an Anarchy A and a Peace Sign & Black and Green plaid.

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01/04/12 09:36 - ID#55846


Less than a half hour ago, i left my last shift (11p - 9a) at the hell hole i called my work. No longer will i have to endure the boss calling me stupid to my face and behind my back; laughing at my tears when she was speaking ill of me; or having her go stone quiet from full volume when i enter a room. Some day, not at my hand, but with someone who really won't take it anymore, her game is going to come crashing down. I just hope she doesn't drag down too many others with her.
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12/31/11 01:24 - ID#55821

The Last Week!!

What a week!

Nana's funeral was as good as one can be. My brother did not punch my uncle Brad in the face like everyone was expecting/hoping/wondering. He cheated my brother in a business partnership that left my brother and his family with nothing -- lost their house, all the money they had and his business. My dad felt the pressure as the oldest and executor of trying to ensure everything ran smooth, but that was the funeral home's job, not his, i reminded him repeatedly. Grieve. That's your job.

I had an issue with my boss not really beleiving me that she died and i had to bring in a card from the funeral, an obit and a death certificate. Sheesh.

Then, i found out the new guy, a temp. with more seniority than me bumped me out of my shift. I am stuck on night shift. Lovely.

My mom is ill. She has COPD and a really really bad cold/virus according to her doctor. Today, i called to check in on my dad and see if she was doing better and it turns out she has pus/ooze coming out of her eyes. Go to the doctor! Why do people avoid going?

So, we went to Hamilton for the funeral. Took only 2 of the 3 days i could have not wanting for someone at work to be screwed over on the 24th.

Worked on the 24th (3p-11p) and 25th (7a-3p). Then to Hamilton for xmas and boxing day.

The stress got to me and my dad while we were cooking, trying to share a small kitchen space and do what my mom usually does and we have very little experience with.

Had a heart to heart with him that his ego was a bit injured when he didn't know what to do and mine was when he stepped in assuming i didn't know. Dynamics. *sigh*

Otherwise, those 2 days were quiet and peaceful. Played a lot of scrabble. Damn, i love that game... even when i am shit at it and i am in a brain freeze (90% of the time!).

Worked a 12 hour shift, carefully avoiding the boss. Went grocery shopping and got close to $800 of non-perishables to tide everyone over while i am on vacation.

Had issues with the human resources about a 4 hour time off thingie and had to run to the doctor to get another note. Apparently, just having a note saying you have an appontment is not enough. I needed to have one that said i went. *rolls eyes*

Then, the boss' boss' boss came in when i was the most experienced in the house and i got quizzed on procedures and medicaid plans.

When we left my 'rent's house i had a low tire warning sign with Gwen (it's what i named my MINI). We filled it up and it went away. But came back. It went away. It came back. Today, i had a flat. Blam... all the way down to the rim. Oh, and the dealer can squeeze me in in... uh... three weeks or so. WTF? So, i called Russo's Auto (not covered under warranty anyway) and they could take me.. WITHIN AN HOUR! Guess where i went?

After i left Russo's i went to work to fax over the doctor's note and to get my visa receipts signed... i forgot to get the reciepts signed from the other day... and again today. Damn it.

I wanted to check to see if i got any of the bids i put in, too, but the boss was on the phone and the computer. Darn.

Then, at 11pm a co-worker called me. He got his bid to another house (his is in West Seneca) and i got mine too. I got a full time gig with the state!! YAY! Best way to end a pretty shitty week.

2012 WILL be betters! It will. It will!
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12/22/11 10:57 - ID#55786

RIP Nana

When i was at work yesterday, my phone rang and it was my mom & dad's number. Since i am not supposed to have my phone with me, i couldn't answer it so i asked a co-worked if i could step out for a second. The voicemail was a hangup, so i knew something was wrong.

My dad's mum died. At 2am on the 21st. Arrangements are being rushed together because of the holidays. But it was expected. She had slipped into what the nursing home presumed to be a light coma (if there is such a thing, it wasn't a deep coma) a few days earlier. And she had basicly stopped eating for months. Unless it was a can of coke, she wasn't interested.

I was not working at my usual location. I was doing ot at another house and at the day program with 5 individuals. The staff at the program were so nice to me. Ned told me to take as much time as i need to do the job. Greg wore a funny girl's headband making funny faces and trying to make me laugh. Ms K gave me a hug (she is so NOT a toucher!). When i got back to the house, the other staff were also so sweet, finishing my paperwork and letting me go a few minutes early to go get a coffee or something before i had to go to my other ot house.

I got to the second house a bit earlier than i was expected and when i told them all why, they were so sweet, asking me if i wanted to keep busy or sit in the corner of the living room and read a book. I kept busy, and even though it is not my usual house, i was able to find lots of chores to complete.

Then, i called my house to tell them i need to call off for 2 days so i can go to the visitation and funeral. Talk about opposite results. I got a frosty reception at best. The supervisor told me the documents i should bring to get the time off....

My dad seems to be doing ok. Stressing about things that don't matter all that much. Bargain shopping for places to have the reception (funeral home vs the church she went to for over 40 years?) is just something he can worry about instead of his mother dying.

I was close with her when i was a kid. She took me to her church a lot. That church is the reason i became disenchanted with religion. Holy roller baptists who showed little kids films of the people left after the rapture getting their heads cut off by the devil.... By my teen years, my Nana told me the devil will take me because i am unable to bear children....

But as she aged, she mellowed and became nicer.... and told me i was doing "God's work" taking care of developmental disabled people with behavior issues.

Bitter sweet. RIP Nana.

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11/19/11 11:12 - ID#55548

My Baby!

I have a MINI!!



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