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11/04/11 12:22 - ID#55440

"You're Moving WHERE?!?"

That's what we heard a lot of 7 years ago....

Today is the anniversary of the day we landed in Buffalo, to make a new home.

11-04-04 it was blowy and snowy and despite both of having grown up in the rust belt, we wondered why we left the warmth of Knoxville, TN for this down on its luck city.

We stayed at the Lennox Hotel for a few weeks... until i needed a permanent address.

Moved into the Mayflower because they were willing to give us a 6 month lease.

The moving company mislead us when we signed with them -- 2 to 4 days to get our stuff was from the date of when they bothered to go get it, not from the date we called to say we want it. My parents lent us folding chairs and we made do with the things we had fit into our car. Wooden crates and blow up mattresses....

We moved here, to the west side at the end of May 2005....

As much as our recent trip to Knoxville tempted us to want to move back there, Buffalo is in our blood now. It's home.
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10/27/11 12:38 - ID#55389


We saw the film Johnny English Reborn the day before yesterday. Since i adore Rowan Atkinson, i loved it (i even saw (e:Uncutsaniflush) laughing!!). Loved the Barclays adverts he used to do, too, which is where the character is from... the bumbling special agent.

Vacation is over and i am back to work at the location i bitch and moan about all the time. Difference is, i am going back with a completely different attitude.

While temporarily transferred to another location, i was given affirmation from co-workers and bosses that i am a good worker and i got along well or very well with everyone, so i am confident now that most of the issues i was having are indeed related to the boss.

Plus, i learned a lot about the job itself.

Going from an institutional setting where bosses take care of all the background stuff to a community inclusion setting where we have more involvement in the day to day running of things has left me confused a great deal of the time. Where i started, to this place in Kenmore where the boss doesn't like to give direction, she just expects us to all know our job and get it done has been a challenge.

At the place i was temp transferred to, they were a transition house when it first opened, so the structure there is somewhere between the institutional and community setting. Ideal for me and with bosses who are accustumed to giving more firm direction, i thrived.

In that, i feel a bit reborn....
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10/19/11 12:09 - ID#55333

It's Over!

Vacation to Knoxville was great.

First night, met up with friends Chris & Kim for dinner in Market Square. I love how some friendships can just pick up where they left off -- trust, love, compatibility all remains. Miss them both dearly.

Stayed with our friend, Linda. She is generous and kind -- real old school southern hospitality. She says we are good houseguests, but i think after a week, she was looking forward to having her house to herself again.

Within the first day, i missed Knoxville enough to want to move back. We even looked at houses. Man, our house would go for $300,000 in the 4th and Gill neighborhood " >(MAP TO: )

We toured all our favorite places to go and to eat... even going to El Charro twice!

On the way home, we stopped in Covington, KY and went to the Newport Aquarium, overnighted in Columbus, OH and went to the zoo.

We also made a side trip in the Cleveland area to Trader Joe's... damn, i wish there were one here. Knoxville is getting one... another reason to want to move back?

My mom came to visit this past weekend. Yes, you can blame her for the lousy weather -- she has the worst luck when she comes here. We went to Graycliff... interesting on a blustery day!!

I go back to work tomorrow. Today, i go to the dentist. It's really over. I have to go back......... Great while it lasted!
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09/30/11 10:13 - ID#55218

Last Day

Today is my last day at my current work location. I was temp transferred there at the beginning of August and i have loved it, despite its horrific reputation. The staff is great and one of the supervisors has been supportive and has validated me beyond anything i ever expected. I almost feel like i am loosing a friend by leaving this welcoming environment.

When i return from my 3 week vacation (yay!! KnoxVegas here we come!), i return to the previous location before i was transferred. I hope the validation helps my confidence and i can go back there with a renewed sense of optimism.
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09/13/11 04:16 - ID#55147

Great Customer Service

Last summer when i went to the Erie County Fair, i picked up what has become one of my favorite t-shirts. It's bright yellow and says My City Smells Like Cheerios with the Born In Buffalo logo on the back.

This year while at the Erie County Fair, i got a black God Save The Queen City and (e:Uncutsaniflush) got a City Of Light in blue.

Sadly, (e:Uncutsaniflush)'s is coming apart at the collar. So i emailed them, asking if they would exchange it. Less than 2 hours later, they said they would send me a new one.

Thanks Born In Buffalo for having amazingly good customer service. Not often i can say that about any company.

So, (e:peeps), go buy a Born In Buffalo shirt. Support this local company.

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09/06/11 02:10 - ID#55106

F@#k You, Kenmore Mercy

Ok, so, about a year ago, my former primary care doc wanted me to see a nutritionist. I didn't think i needed to, but she did.

My insurance would not cover it. However, they would cover 100% of the cost for "Diabetic Education Classes" (FYI, biggest waste of time unless you want to purchase diabetic products).

I chose Kenmore Mercy because they were close and the classes were good for my work schedule.

I went to 3 classes. I think i could have taught 2 of them.

Flash forward 10 months. I get a bill from Kenmore Mercy. They billed the wrong insurance company.

I called them. Did not return my call. After 3 hours today, i finally got a hold of the "outpatient billing" girl, Melissa's supervisor.

"Oh. We will forward to the correct insurance. Sorry."

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08/23/11 03:45 - ID#55006

Where To Eat?

This weekend, some friends are coming upstate from Queens to bring their one and only son to UB for his freshman year. We offered up one of our spare rooms for them and they accepted. They want to take us out to eat as a thank you.

I am looking to (e:peeps) for recommend somewhere. Not exactly sure about their taste and i don't want to go somewhere too expensive. It will be Friday night so i want to be able to make a reservation (they may be used to waiting, but i don't want to have to).

Any suggestions of somewhere that will impress but isn't over the top expensive and offers a variety of foodie options?
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08/22/11 06:08 - ID#54998

RIP Jack Layton


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08/12/11 10:56 - ID#54926

Erie County Fair

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08/09/11 01:02 - ID#54911

Bat In Our Belfry

There's a bat in our house. Poor thing can't seem to find open doors and windows. We keep thinking the lost creature found its way outside, only to discover it flying around again. Freaks me out a bit... and i like bats! Least i thought i did 'til one decided to move in!
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