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07/23/05 11:40 - 75ºF - ID#25497

I Laughed I Cried

Today, (e:uncutsaniflush) and i went to see the film March of the Penguins and we both enjoyed it. I highly recommend it. I'm such a big kid, and i ended up practiclly bouncing around in my seat when good things happened to these wonderful creqatures. I happen to be a sucker for anything having to do with animals, and i found myself crying a few times in the theatre... those penguins have a rough go of things.

But thinking of these poor penguins souls not being able to eat and having to huddle in a group to keep from freezing to death makes me not want to complain about things in my life that get me down. Talk about perspective...

I have a great life. I have a beautiful, wonderful, loving, supportive husband who is my best friend, therapist and lover. I couldn't ask for a better spouse. I live in a beautiful house with him, but i would live anywhere with hiim. I owhn beautiful things my husband encourages me to buy, sometimes even buys for me... How could i go wrong with a husband that wants me to go shopping?
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07/20/05 01:01 - 80ºF - ID#25496

Good Luck PMT!

I would like to wish (e:Paul), (e:Matthew) and (e:Terry) much luck in obtaining financing to purchasing the mini mansion!! [inlink]matthew,594[/inlink] [inlink]paul,3550[/inlink]

This mini mansion (e:uncusaniflush) and i own is my first time being a homeowner (i know it's supposed to count that i married him when he owned a house and because we married in Tennessee, i was automaticly 1/2 owner of the house we lived in, but it's not the same as picking one out with him!), and i can say that it feels really great to not have to pay rent!!!

And if you guys get the house we can all say that we used to live on Linwood and moved to the West Side... :O)

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07/22/05 11:34 - 77ºF - ID#25495

My Desk Is Here!!

Yay! It arrived. Finally. And it is beautiful. Everything i dreamed of. As (e:uncutsaniflush) mentioned a while ago [inlink]uncutsaniflush,66[/inlink] i have always wanted to have my very own rolltop desk. And not just any old rolltop desk, but a writing desk. And not in the typical honey/golden oak colours... I guess you could say i like things that are traditional, but with a twist?

I got a call last week saying that my desk was in and when did i want it? Well, how about in 5 minutes? No? OK, when can someone bring it? Next Tuesay? OK. I was told someone would call me on Monday to arrange a more specific time. I didn't get the call and i must say, i was a bit skeptical. But i was patient. I called and they apologized, not knowing why someone didn't call me. I was told someone would be here to bring my desk between 10.30 and 11.30 am.

This morning, (e:uncutsaniflush) and i made bets on when it would arrive. I said 12.30 and he said 11.45. Would you believe they were here by 10.45! Within the time they said? Wow, eh?

So, i am happy to have my desk. The desk i always wanted. We bought it for me sight unseen, from a page in a catalog and an online picture, and it is just as i hoped it would be. Even better. I'm looking forward to filling it with papers and files and stationery. Who wants to be the first to get a snail mail letter from me written on my new desk?

Here it is. :O)


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07/19/05 09:23 - 77ºF - ID#25494

Dreaded Dentist Recommendation?

I've yet to meet anyone that likes the dentist. I know someone who became a hygenist that loves the feeling after her teeth are cleaned and doesn't mind having other work done, but even she admits she doesn't like the dentist. Then again, she has near perfect teeth...

I, on the other hand, do not have anywhere near perfect teeth. When i was a child, dental reports of me having less than 10 cavities was a happy day, and i learned to hate dentistry.

Firstly, i don't take locals very well... not on any part of my body, including my mouth. When i used to tell my dentist it hurt when i was a kid, he told me it was all in my head. So, i would squirm a lot. He and the hygenist came up with some clever ideas to keep me still. Most frighteningly i realize now, was rope. I used to get tied to the dental chair. I thought it was normal. When i was a teenager and finally decided to go back to see a dentist after a long time away from them, i held my hands out to be tied and i got the most horrific look from the people there.

During January 2004, i chipped an old filling and decided it was once again time to go back to a dentist after another long absence. I went to my husband's dentist, who had just newly taken over the practice from the dentist my husband actually liked, but since he only had his teeth cleaned and was lucky enough to have not had to have much else done, he couldn't tell me much about this dentist except that he seemed to do a good job. Cool. Perhaps a dentist i could like? I went in and told them that i am one of those 'fraidy cat people and the dentist recommended i take a pill to help me relax. He gave me a perscription for 2, since i felt obligated to tell him that i am a recovering addict. So far, so good. He seemed like a decent guy.

Sadly, my chipped tooth needed a crown (no shock there, i think i have more metal in my teeth than tooth). Being my first crown, i was a tad more nervous and afterwards when it still hurt like crazy, i thought perhaps i was overreacting. But the pain continued. Eventually, i was sent to another dentist and the theory was confirmed, i needed a root canal. Great. Another dental first. Thank goodness it was only the temporary crown that was on. But still, this guy couldn't get the other guys crown off, so he drilled through it. And this guy was REALLY good about how nervous i was. Even gave me a wee stuffed penguin to squeeze when i got scared.

Sadly, he found another problem. He has these super sensitive high tech xray thingies... showed me more than i wanted to see on a computer screen. But, what he saw scared me even more. He saw a shadow under one of my wisdom teeth. Yep, one that was still under the gum. I was refered to an oral surgeon.

Sadly, this guy comfirmed it. I had some sort of cyst that was between my very back tooth's root and an impacted wisdom tooth that was growing sideways. He didn't recommend removing any of my other impacted wisdom teeth because of the way they were growing. Too close to a major nerve that could cause me to loose function of the muscles of my face. But they needed to get at and remove one wisdom tooth to get at the cyst and remove it. Not something i would recommend someone do for fun. Oral surgery SUCKS. Luckily, the lab results from the biopsy of the cyst came back with good results... whew.

A couple of months after that, i was finally able to get that permanent crown put on. It still bothers me. The original dentist turned out to be not so great, but not that bad either. Been to worse, been to better.

The surgery site bothers me a bit sometimes, too. Then again, i was told that back tooth's root got a bit of a scraping to get rid of all the cyst, so i should be careful in that area of my mouth for about a year or so.... might even loose the tooth. Still can't eat back on that side of my mouth.

It's been 16 months since all this happened, and i think i need to bite the bullet and go to a dentist again. I want to take care of things before they become huge problems... least, that is what i intend to do. My intentions don't always mean jack, as the saying goes... but that, my friends, is a different story.

So, for anyone who has managed to read through that whole horrific story, i have a question...

Know of a good dentist?
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07/14/05 10:34 - 79ºF - ID#25493


My Mom would NOT take no for an answer. She was going to buy us chairs for the porch for a housewarming gift if it killed me to find ones i liked.

(e:uncutsaniflush) said he wasn't picky and if it were up to him, we would have white plastic ones. The plastic ones hurt my ass, and i thought my parents were looking to spend more than $4.99 each, so i found them. At Target. Couldn't get them home on our wee little Toyota Prius, so we ordered them online. Talk about sticker shock at delivery prices... wow..

They came via UPS yesterday while we were hanging our brand new mailbox


and while we were waiting for the computer desk


to arrive (tell me folks, is 2.30pm "morning" to you?).

Here are the chairs. Woo hoo. Only took a couple of hours to put them all together. After i screwed up on the front bit 3 times, that is... sheesh, i CAN read directions, i think.


Also found out today that my dream desk is due to be delivered next Tuesday... yay! A cherry roll top desk!!!!

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07/12/05 11:12 - 87ºF - ID#25492


As (e:Paul) has posted about,[inlink]paul,3490[/inlink] Guercio's is a wonderful Italian grocery on Grant. (e:uncutsanilfush) and i get all our produce there. Thier prices are fantastic and the quality is top notch.

This is what we got yesterday for $10.47. Yummmmmm...


On a sad note, when we were there, we saw a sign that said they will be closed today due to a death in the family. I am happy that they think there are things more important than business.


Right now, we are waiting for our computer desk to arrive. Found a nice used one last week and they said they were going to deliver it this morning. Not much morning left...
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07/11/05 06:32 - 88ºF - ID#25491

PMS Pessimism

Sorry guys, i know this is a subject a lot of you cringe at.. but most of us women deal with it once a month.

Every month, i try not to let it affect me, but every month is different.. One month i can't get enough chocoloate (ok, maybe every day i can't get enough chocolate?), the next month, i could eat my weight in potoato chips and the following month, i barely notice it. Sometimes, i want to throw away being a vegetarian because i would love to chomp into tastes of my childhood like greasy fried pork chops with a big plate of mashed potatoes and thick gravy. Alternatively gross and appealing to me at the moment...

This month, however, and at this very moment, i am fighting pessimism and cynicism. I know it's happening sometimes and i know that makes it easier (ya can't deal with what you don't know), but i still don't like that it happens at all. I would love to will it away. Most times i can work through it but today, i just feel like complaining and crying...

I am so fortunate that (e:uncutsaniflush) is so very understanding, loving and patient. He also knows when to leave me be... he's pretty damn smart if ya ask me.

Today, i am being supremely lazy, something i very rarely do. Laying on a sofa, watching movies on tv and now, listening to other people's problems as solved by Dr Phil.

OK, self pitying session over... the guys can come back now...
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07/11/05 12:10 - 77ºF - ID#25490

We Too

As they would say in the south, we gone done done it. We went to a Taste of Buffalo, too. I want to thank all the (e:peeps) that journaled about it, since we weren't sure if we wanted to go or not.

I'm not that big a fan of crushing crowds (of humans that is), and not a fan of heat, so we decided to go first thing this morning. I've been to a great deal of street festivals in my time (felt like Hamilton had a lot of them when i lived there, and i know the 'hoods of Toronto must have one every weekend somewhere in the summer), but never one entirely dedicated to food.

My overall impression was that there were 2 kinds of booths at the Taste of Buffalo. People trying to raise some extra money, and some honestly trying to generate some extra business for their restaurants with tastes of their menu, since prices were incosistent (and i could see some were raised with masking tape, new pieces of paper with staples and even dct tape!)... i paid the same for a portabella musroom with feta, artichoke hearts and a light marinade as i did fopr a deep fried twinkie -- 7 tickets @ 50 cents a pop is $3.50. Maybe it's just me, but i think the mushroom was a way better deal.... and far better.

I don't know what the appeal of a deep fried twinkie is, but i was curious and i forked over the tickets...

Food wise, my only other negative experince was Louie's sweet potato fries. What the freakin' hell kinda shit do they dump on top of those things? Aren't they good enough without that sweet greasy goo on top? I like sweet potato fries and i like their veggie burgers, so i thought i would give the fries a try. Never ever again. Wouldn't eat them if someone paid me to... (ok, i reckon that depends on HOW much someone is willing to pay me.. for a million bucks, i would eat the same amount as i chucked into the dust bin this afternoon).

Overall, i enjoyed myself. My mom and (e:uncutsaniflush) both seemed to as well. Well, they both had some alcohol...

We had a nice weekend, too. (e:uncutsaniflush) posted a very sweet post about our zoo birdie aventures It was so nice to see my mom that happy. Perhaps it is of her own design, but her life isn't what she would have imagined it to be and i really want her to experience joy.

I wish the same for my father, but i must admit, i am slightly offended for his lame ass reason for not coming to visit me and Walt here. Sure makes me feel a hell of a lot less important than his comfy chair and his big screen tv. *sigh*

My mom also went to some book stores to pick up some bargains. Like me, she can bury herself in a book...

She made it home safe and sound.. tomorrow morning at 4.30am her alarm will go off and she will get up and start another day of her insane work schedule. Anyone who said that being your own boss is a dream come true was neither a hairdresser or a printer...

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07/09/05 10:20 - 74ºF - ID#25489

I Know What You Mean, Ladycroft

I just read your post, (e:Ladycroft) and i can so relate. I, too, have an unusual name, and i remember waiting to hear my name when the magic mirror of Romper Room was held up. When i got older, i just figured their researchers were slackers and didn't want to look into unusual names like ours.

My nickname here is a mispronunciation of my full first name. I prefer to be called Lee, but my given name is Leette (said like Juliette, Lee then ette) and most people see it and think it is said LeeTee. Now that my last name starts with a T, it's become a nickname that people (including my own Mom!!) have adopted.

I was named Leette on a last minute whim. My mom wanted to call me Gwen.. not Gweneth, just Gwen (her name is Judy, not Judith, JUDY!!). But her mom, my late Grandmother had a different idea. You see, in the small Northern Ontario French speaking town she grew up in, Gwen was the town whore some ways back. It became slang for slut, whore, you name it. My Gran would NOT have me be named such a name... threatened to disown my mom or never allow her to visit Chelmsford ever again. All 15 of my Gran's brother's and sisters and their kids and everyone got involved in this... it was the anti-Gwen campain.

So, they didn't think of a name for me until after i was born. Leette. My dad thought he was inventing the name. Turns out, much to his dismay, that it is the mispelling of a French Canadian name, Leite (said the same way as mine). My dad should have called the french branch of our family before doing that, but he was... uhm... hell, i don't know... stoned at the time?

I've met one other person with my name in my lifetime. She spelled it the right way. And like me, everyone called her Lee. At the time, she was in her 50's or 60's, so who knows if she is still alive almost 20 years later. She was the sister of the owner of the hairdressing school i went to, Lorenzo's School of Hairdesign, in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.

Congrats on finding a connection to your name, (e:Ladycroft)!
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07/07/05 11:51 - 72ºF - ID#25488

Busy Busy Busy

This morning, i got working on cleaning house fairly early. I'm not much of a morning person, but as i age, i find myself less able to stay up late and no longer able to sleep 'til 3 in the afternoon like i used to.

By 10.30 this morning, with le Tour de France in the background, (e:uncutsaniflush) and i had already moved the grandfather clock from our living room to our sitting room... ok, so the 2 rooms are beside each other, but it still takes effort to move a grandfather clock anywhere. I must admit, (e:uncutsaniflush) did most of the grunt work, but i was his faithful assistant.

We proceeded to remove a couple of solid wood doors that separated a hallway at the back of our house so that the in-law apartment had its own enterance. Since we plan on re-connecting the apartment to the rest of the house, we figured we didn't need them. Hauling them up to the attic was a chore, but we managed.

We managed to get a lot done today... lots of cleaning, organizing and it took a while just to get our garbage ready for collection tommorrow. We bought a lot of things for the house this week, so we had a vast amount of cardbord to bundle up.

For lunch, we had take away from Taste Good (so far, my absolute favorite dish is the vegetarian curry "chicken"), and we began listening to the nooner on 102.1, the edge (i have been listening to this radio station since i was in high school... i remember it when it was an independant station)...

That's when we heard about the terroism bombings in London. And we turned on CNN. Still brings tears to my eyes. So does any war coverage. ANyone bleeding and in pain makews me cry. Then again, i have been told that i cry too easily. I lived in London for a short period of time about 15 years ago. MJy cousin, Gene used to tell me to not take the tube, due to IRA bombings... used to scare the shit out of me just going down into those deep tunnels. I can't even imagine the pure and total fright those people endured. I hope no one ever in any place on the planet, no matter what they have ever done has to endure that kind of horror ever again.
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