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Category: music

05/16/06 06:58 - 57ºF - ID#37104

Personally just blah, but Emotionally...

It's just one of those day's where it isn't good or bad but pretty much is...

On a more interesting thread, I AM PUMPED RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!

band's website

Their Myspace

The Twilight Singers new CD "Powder Burns" came out today.
Just called New World Record in Buffalo and saved my copy.
Going to get my copy in 10 minutes.
YES, I am getting excited about a CD coming out.
I feel like I'm 17
That sick MF Greg Dulli takes me to a special place every time I play any of his stuff.

On another note I finally taken the initiative and got a new pair of glasses. It's going to be one of those trendy half frame things in bronze. I just need a change right now in just about everything about me right about now. Not a bad obvious place to start.
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Category: potpourri

05/13/06 05:53 - 64ºF - ID#37103

glad to be back

Finally joined the 21st century and got high speed Internet. It was a real pain in the ass to get everything installed. The whole process took about an hour and a half. My house is a freaking mess and stuck in the 1970's. So he had to drill a hole from the outside :-/

This is really nothing to compared to the raw emotion I am still reeling from right now. My conscience got the best of me and I had to tell someone something. I'm not too sure if they will ever speak to me again, and I really can't blame them it they never do.

Just what the hell am I doing with my IRL friends lately? I am either breaking it off with them or doing something incredibly stupid to force the issue into default.

Could it be that the universe is telling me to just pick up my roots and get out of town?
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Category: hockey playoffs

05/11/06 06:26 - 63ºF - ID#37102

Game 4

Well feeding my Internet withdrawl I stopped by the Adelphia booth on the 100 level and found fellow e peep ((e:mrmike)) working!

Wow pretty cool stuff.

Just had a roast beef fix at the old "poor man's aud club" and now I am just taking in the pregame hype.

This is going to be a crazy night no matter what the outcome!

Go Sabres

I feel ultra cool right about now as I am wearing an old Sabres hat from the early 90's. It's 100% wool and I think I bought it during the 89-90 season and it has been sitting in my closet since they changed over uniforms. Thank God I never threw it out. These hats for $18 + tax are just ok.


Well the game isn't going as planned. I am fearful that wearing my authentic old school gear may have brought the negative ghosts from across the street (the old aud)

It's just that I want to see the Sabres advance when I am there. Too many times when I was a kic I would go to elimination games and Buffalo would be golfing after losing to Boston or Montreal.
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Category: feeding my addiction

05/09/06 01:27 - 72ºF - ID#37101

@ Cafe 59

Got an early out today at work, but I didn't make out so well since I went in at 5am. Feeling a bit groggy, but I'm ok. Again my guilt about being indoors on a day like today but this is only going to be for a short while. All I can say is that this whole experience makes me a bit nervous about how much the net means to me.

So as I am here I am ease dropping on a conversation between someone from Youngstown and her financial adviser. She is marrying the big local bartender j.b. Interesting.

Now back to something kinda important.

Well at least no Internet has given me a reason to catch up on the MTV show 8th and Ocean. Unfortunately I have been feeling much pain in watching "Teddy." It just hits too close to home with T.J. and I could see myself doing what he has done. It doesn't hurt to be from the same neck of the woods and have a couple of the same mannerisms

On another note, Am I am bad person for getting some satisfaction in seeing David Blaine "Fail" last night?
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Category: tech support

05/08/06 04:44 - ID#37100


No home Internet service until Saturday!

I am actually having withdrawal. The only time I came close to this was when I was in Poland and for 2 weeks wasn't connected at all. Finally my cousin found me a Internet lab and I was extremely happy. The only person that could relate to my plight was my cousin in law if there is such a concept, cousin Bogdon that lived in Australia for a number of years and spoke fluent English. All the way in Eastern Europe I found someone that once had a M.U.D addiction as well :-) ah, the global connectivity of it all :-)

Well the day is just too nice to be cooped up in my local library all day.

I rotated my wheels and I am going rollerblading?

If anyone every wants to get together please let me know. Having a pace partner would be so sweet!!!!

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Category: life changing

05/04/06 05:12 - 70ºF - ID#37099

This is semi-degrading

So here I am at my local Library. This is not bad in itself but I am here using the computer. The reason is my Internet access at home is no longer. I had been meaning to get something set up prior to expiration but now I have nothing. I'm like some loser here feeding my net addiction. to be honest I don't think I have been in this building in 10 + yeras. When i was a kid still in school I almost spent all of my free time here. Yea, it was socialization and messing around but still it brings back some memories. The "Red Brick School House."

Now what do I do? DSL is not an option in my hood. I really despise Adelphia, but if I can mange to get a deal I may hop on board. What I am thinking for the moment is get Earthlink and wait another 6 month and hopefully someday Verizon will offer that service in my supposedly affluent subdivision. Yea, get it all the time from my neighbor 0.5 miles away that has DSL.

Not much going on lately. In some ways I am right back in the same place I was last year with the same couple of people. It is surreal how it has come back full circle, but without the guilt or other drama.

Something is going to give regarding all of the aspects of my life. I can feel it and at the moment I don't know how it is going to play out. I am just hoping that a few things I have been laying the groundwork pan out.

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05/02/06 02:03 - 70ºF - ID#37098

Monday Fun

My Monday, drive to Buffalo. Go over the Peace Bridge to Niagara Falls Ont. Drive back to Buffalo, Drive home to Youngstown. Turn around go to work.

Yea, I am going to be really sore today.
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04/29/06 08:37 - 60ºF - ID#37097

Mindless Drunkeness

It was just a strange day. I had my Ex over for dinner early in the evening which was a very spur of the moment event. It all begins when I received a text message from her and then I replied back asking for advice in regards in what to do with an old friend(An Ex wife/friend that I never married!) It was a tough decision to make, but I have to stand my ground. This person is just toxic, and has dragged me down for more than a decade! Allowing myself to get sucked back in her life will result in nothing good.

So I ended up inviting my most recent Ex over for dinner. Yah, good times. I feel a bit inadequate for the fact that we ordered takeout.

This was most likely the fuel for my crazy bender last night at the show. It was a blast seeing everyone out. It was a fun time having my DD ((e:theecarey)) and we had a blast. BTW, what the heck kind of pics were was taken and received on my phone last night? I honestly don't remember at all.

The highlight was seeing everyone out at the infamous Broadway Joe's. The second highlight was seeing that couple bump and grind to radiohead! Good Times!!! That place just has a soul for that kind of college age love. It wasn't as strong as the last time I went ther about 5-6 years ago, but they had a Dead band playing and Mickey Rats was open next door.

It was a great fun night out. Too bad I had way to much. That is why I'm updating so late this evening. Getting a call at 12 this afternoon from you parents in FLA and feeling like death worn over is not a great feeling at all.

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04/28/06 05:59 - 54ºF - ID#37096

My Lame Happy Hour

Missing Image ;(

Well here is a pic of me and where I was for my lame Friday Happy Hour. I just love this place in quaint little Lewiston. It was really good to see a great amount of people out enjoying the sunshine. What really surprise me was the traffic outside of the Day Spa next door. Seeing these underage girls going in and out of this building that houses two businesses one being a more mature boutique and the other a day spa I knew which one they were patronizing. The whole Paris Hilton Phenomenon has finally hit home to me.

Then again I have lived in Lewiston/Porter most of my life this should not be a shock. Just I don't remember the girls in my high school wearing pointy designer shoes and wearing ambercronbiesque type of clothes getting their stuff done as frequently as the girls these days do. Then again now in today's America we are living in even "Fatter" times than even the 1990's. Feeling wealthy in regards to your custom home that you can touch and feel and buy stuff form Home Depot is a bigger boost to your financial ego than a stock portfolio that is extremely volatile of a daily basis.

I know where I am going to be tonight. Broadway Joe's on Main St hopefully around 10PM. The hockey game may complicate things a bit but I am going to the Karma Police Show tonight. If anyone has any idea's about tonight let me know.

This should be a good night :-)

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Category: senseless killing

04/27/06 04:35 - 54ºF - ID#37095

I have become a treehugger

As I was leaving my "job" from the den of debauchery in downtown Niagara Falls I came across this as I was heading home.

Yes, I have lived here most of my life and am totally aware that the city of NF vibrates at a lower frequency than the rest of the universe.

But, this just made me really F*n pissed.

Missing Image ;(

Missing Image ;(

Why have I noticed a senseless war against trees' lately?

In Lewiston last week they just clear cut all of them on the riverbank leaving stumps. Must open up "The View!"

Arg, perfectly healthy trees. No, immediate threat to power lines and for what? Your casino $ hard at work I suppose.

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