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Category: politics

11/02/10 04:21 - ID#53050

How & Why I voted for Governor

I voted for Kristen Davis. I can't get behind Cuomo as I can't with a clear conscience vote for keeping things the way they are currently. The entire upstate area is just a dumping ground for people on Public Assistance for the entire United States of America. The trouble is I can't get behind Crazy Carl even though his message does have valid points. The Greens are a bit too far out there for me and to be honest their points are just a bit to impractical for immediate results.

So i voted for Kristen Davis, Elliot Client #9 Spitzer's Madam. To be it makes perfect sense as someone who always defaults to the "cop out" answer of being a social liberal and fiscal conservative.

I can get behind legalizing Pot and taxing it, in actuality it does LESS damage to society than alcohol.

Legalize Gay Marriage. For me I don't take the whole Love angle, but I just look at it as a contractual partnership. What if two Men or Women that were sexually dysfunctional wanted to get together to show their eternal platonic love even though they were impotent or frigid and pass their assets to the other's family ect like any family member? Let them do it and file Married Filing Joint on their tax returns if it gives them a tax advantage so they can play the system like everyone else.

As for Prostitution I don't see why it isn't legal. Canada now has made it pretty much 100% legal YES, Human Trafficking is a horrible thing and one cannot downplay that fact. But if we made it legal where everyone had to have a SSN Card register and get a business license. If someone wants to sell their services to another person why does it matter that it is sex? A general contractor is selling their back to you when you hire them to build you a house or renovate it. There are guys that can't get laid due to a lack of social skills or a physical disability, they shouldn't be discriminated against at all.

Plus she ran a business which does count for a few things and also worked for a Hedge Fund. So I can get behind someone that was in favor of the Bush Tax Cuts for Capital Gains.

So that's how I voted and the reasoning why I supported her platform.

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Category: politics

11/04/08 11:54 - ID#46537

It's all over

As I kid I watched the Berlin Wall come down and the Eastern European countries shake off the Soviets and become free. There were always shots of crazy crowds in the streets. Yea, Obama winning may not be no par with ending 45 years of communist rule by the shear will of the people, but at least I can get a 1/4 idea of what it would be like to see people go nuts in the streets. I guess it was kind of a "nonviolent revolution" after all.

Some on the right calling the the end of life as they know it. That's a totally self defeating mentality. You can make money in any kind in any kind of economy or situation outside of some kind alternate universe economy as North Korea. Just take for example Warren Buffet buying the Washington Post in the mid 70's knowing that he would get a great ROI with Jimmy Carter expanding government and thus the D.C. economy. Heck him and George Soros one of my heros for being a wicked trader backed Obama. Do you think he wants to donate all of his wealth? These guys know ways to profit from what may be in store as policy changes. The challenge is to try to figure out what they are doing and follow suit.

This may be the turning point for the American worker as they come back from being Squeezed to actually getting some union respesentation once again for better benefits, wages and working conditions. It sure won't happen next year or anytime soon, but the pendulum may start to swing in the opposite direction.

None the less these should be interesting times.
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Category: politics

11/04/08 09:32 - ID#46508

How I voted for Prez

I had to find an alternative, since I think that this 2 party system absolutely sucks. So I voted for Ralph Nader. It took me a minute to find him since he was beyond the bottom of the rows. It's pretty sad when his "Populist" party was below the Socialist Workers Party.

Libertarians from my personal experience are kind of are nuts. We need government for a great number of things. Plus I can't get behind Bob Barr or Wayne "500 * COLLEGE CONFERENCE GAME OF THE YEAR" Allyn Root. Seriously why did he drop the Allyn on the ballot? Did he not think that people would connect that he he the same guy on Saturday morning selling his sports betting picks?

The Green's, well (e:drew) kind of enlightened me on her, Cynthia McKinney at the party on Friday. Thanks Drew.

So Yea, with all the non literal "communist parties" available to cast a ballot from above, out side of the two corporate bought and paid for parties that is who I voted for in the end. Someone who did not support the Wall St Bailout, since Both Obama & McCain voted for it.

Plus New York State is going for Obama anyway, it's a "Winner Take All" System meaning that any ballot cast for a loser is an absolute waste. So why not make a real statement and vote for a third party. That way if they get enough votes, they won't have to push petitions in the future just to get on the ballot.
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Category: politics

05/15/08 08:05 - ID#44354

Things shaping up

Today I cam across a couple of interesting stories regarding where things are likely to head. The first one that grabbed my attention is the story that the Republicans are looking to go back in to the wilderness. and to me it couldn't happen to a better group of people. It sort of sounded like something that I said back a while ago in November

It will just be like shooting fish in a barrel. Deregulation Capitalists will be kept far away from sharp objects and Washington for decades after this mess really gains momentum.

They totally ran the country into the ground. All of their principles that they stood for were just ignored when they became inconvient. In the end the only two things that remained were lowering the tax burden for the higher income brackets & for the most part putting abortion back into the dark ages. Really if you're not sexually repressed looking for suggestive logo's on coffee cups or living in a McMansion in Tom Reynold's district you don't have a reason to support those people any more. The majority of the middle class that was bullshitted into voting for them against their best interest have finally woken up. Sorry, no more student loan aid for your kid, but we can abolish the estate tax so some family can pass 500 Million to the next generation. Thank God it is coming to an end. I actually respected the Country Club Republican Party when they were just the loyal opposition.

Now to make sure whoever comes out of the Democratic juggernaut wins without any doubt, we may have a viable third party Candidate
to split the Republican vote. With him setting up a run he may splinter enough El Rushbo listeners to the point where Hillary may even win hands down even if she Steals the nomination EEERRR, wins the nomination. Just like the way Bill got in with Perot splintering the conservative red state vote.

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Category: politics

04/23/08 01:01 - ID#44110

Obama Penn Speech in Indiana

Yea, I'm watching him right now on TV. He needs to get better security or a TV Producer for the next cable news speech rally.

For some reason the three guys behind him in their Abercrombie & Fitch gear are really rubbing me the wrong way. They just smell of, "Let's go the the Obama Rally so we can look cool & get laid"

OK, I'm projecting.....
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Category: politics

01/08/08 12:36 - ID#42784

Originally a comment

Yea, with Hillary I was laughing at local talk radio douchbag Tom Bauerle on the drive in. Basically he was stating that Hillary is going to pull out some kind of evil back handed plan to put a stop to all of this Obama stuff. Because the Clinton's are evil like that and have a track record of doing that kind of stuff. Dude, it's just over for her and there is no way Bill is gong to make her "younger, taller and male." He just should put the Vince Foster stuff in the ancient history storage bin.

To be honest I'm for Edwards. Mainly for the fact that I know that he is his own man and does not owe any "favors" eerrr doners. To be honest I think that most Obama supporters are just in love with the concept of "change" and just buy the self-help Oprah rhetoric. Yea, he sounds cool, but I just doubt he can follow through with the hype.

Basically my point is that you can't change the system when you owe your office to the people that put up the Ca$h for you. How is he going to take the money of HMO's and then turn around after 1/20/09 and tell then to expect much smaller profits for the greater good? Not going to happen. That's why I support Edwards since he's spending his own money and not owing anything to anyone at a cocktail party.

But all I can say with all the Obama hype and Huckabee fanaticism is that your next president has yet to announce his candidacy.
As an independent his him I'm just watching to see how things are gong to shake out. If it stands now, I would almost fly out to Vegas and put a bet on him. With a billion dollars to spend on a campaign he would toast both parties. Plus, he would be a true independent now owing anything to a special interests or PACs.The way it stands now there is a ton of space in the center to get him elected.
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