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05/26/11 11:30 - ID#54351

RIP Mark Haines

RIP :-(

In an age where the News Anchor of the National News has faded away, moments like this make you remember how it used to be when a Walter Cronkite would command the attention of a nation. Mark Haines was that and also the cool professor that you loved in college, the awesome neighbor that you could ask complex questions to that would care about the details of your decision. He helped many "small fish" investors understand the markets and feel as though they had a connection to Wall St. I literally cried when I found out and watched some of these videos. It's amazing that I just wanted to go and hug Erin Burnett, a stranger celebrity cable news anchor that has no idea who I am. Mark treated her like a daughter and you can see that very easily on her last day.

You can almost sense that subconsciously they knew..

It's going to be hard for me to watch CNBC for a very long time. I can't believe I feel so emotionally devastated by the news especially for celebrity people with whom I've never met.
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05/21/11 10:59 - ID#54324

My Youtube Hero Came to Town

Backpackdave#### came to Buffalo NY to the Bob Seger show on April 9th 2011. He is the reason why I started taking concert video to post for my friends. Back a couple of years ago there were a few shows at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre that just took me to another place. Where low and behold there were Youtube videos of the shows and they were Excellent Quality. I thoroughly enjoy his work, especially when it puts up a pregame video when he visits a town.

So enjoy a Sociological showcase of Buffalo before a Big Concert Show:

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05/16/11 10:55 - ID#54300

For Real Stuff that Matters

I went to Pittsburgh this weekend. Then the thought occurred to me, EVERYTHING that the the Buffalo CVB is trying to do by the videos already exists in Pittsburgh. I for once went down there to see Greg Dulli & the Twilight Singers because they he never has played Buffalo for whatever reason.

What got me was the architecture, they have at least 5x the amount of historic structures that Buffalo has and most of them are occupied and in good condition. Also for me as a rail-fan, they never destroyed their train terminal, actually it still is in all of its majestic glory and connected to a bus station. While at the same time they have a real trolly system that goes places, uses an old Pennsylvania Rail Road Bridge and even have some old landmarks for the old trolly system before that was torn up.

To me what Buffalo is almost on the scale of Wheeling West Virginia in terms of old office buildings built around the same period. Heck they even have a nice old theater in town where their Philharmonic plays. I'm just getting tired of the "We Matter" "We're Real" Blah Blah Blah. To me if we don't have the confidence of swagger, no one is going to believe it.

The funny thing I remember about the whole response to the "For Real" video is that it didn't mention anything about sports. Sports and Concerts sell themselves. People come because of the event not because of the town. If they like the town after they get there then they will come back. That's what happened to me & Wheeling. I went there for a casino and went out of my way 2 hours to swing by and say Hello after coming back from Columbus a month back.

It's the same thing with Universities. What got me about Pittsburgh is how impressive the University is and where it is located. I was taken aback by the Cathedral of Learning and the immediate neighborhood as I went there for some 5 guys burgers and fries. Maybe UB is a public institution and that hampers things. If it was on par say with Michigan or even Syracuse would things be better economically? All I can say is that is UB 2020 is cut and slashed this town is doomed.
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05/07/11 02:18 - ID#54235

Free Concerts

Artpark hit it out of the park literally. I know Buffalo Place has their lineup next week but at this point I really don't care what they throw out there for Thursdays. I'm just excited that the company that runs it finally put together a plan that puts it at the pinnacle of the "free" shows in the area. Basically they put together a way to have the people that want to see a show without dealing with drunken idiots a way to enjoy it and at the same time raise revenue to keep it free for the people that just want to enjoy outdoor happy hour. What impresses me is that they were able to get a Livenation Amphitheatre show Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive 35 Tour and put it out there for "free."

Which makes me think; Why doesn't Buffalo Place just close off the Memorial, charge $25 and make that VIP seating with beverage service?
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05/06/11 08:26 - ID#54231

My Response to: "If I could live anywhere else I would choose to live in ...." suggested by e:paul

Southern California

Well at least not in the smog someone a bit out of the smoke if that is possible, but the place is one of the chakra's of the planet (throat) and the place just seems to be another dimension entirely. I love that the "retroness" of the town is the 1950's and not 2 centuries ago. If I could go to the Hollywood Bowl to catch shows once in a while that would be sweet. Also how can you beat the fact that I would be able to go to Santa Monica and Venice Beach on a regular basis?

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