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09/25/14 04:37 - ID#59411

Slowly moving back to normal

I finally went out in Buffalo for the first time in a while. I was hanging around Canalside enjoying the ever finite nice days & then got the idea to stop by Resurgence Brewery on Niagara Street to meet up with a couple of older mostly dormant posters from this site. I saw her post on facebook & I suppose other sites like instagram & tumblr but I only saw the one from the former.

I've just realized that I am kind of drifting back to a funk like I was in back in February but in all honesty I wasn't focused on just being the solo person that I've become for the most part this year. I just have a fear of the city unfortunately. It's not what you think of being a victim of something (although I do have a personality security issue of being physical safe ie people bumping into me, getting knocked around by flying objects.) It's mostly boils down to my car. I just don't trust people in the city to parallel park & drive. I have a nice new German automobile & from past experience I just have to go on what I've experienced & seen. So unless I can play the odds & park far away from everyone in a lot relatively safely from the masses, I just didn't feel confident in going out.

Does this make me sound like a materialistic prick? Probably I would say so. At the same time I have a reason to put Things>People They let me down everytime & also I don't have much currency with them honestly as I'm not really that attractive anymore (What I had is rapidly depreciating.) Although at the same time it is nice in not being invisible to people as they stare me down while turning their heads on the road. That phenomena is close to giving me something to smile about although at the same time it does have it's draw backs.

But anyway baby steps. I doubt I'm going to get a girlfriend that lives in the city to give me a home base of operations but I do plan on getting out to shows or whatever more often. It's time to get back into the swing of things & slowly move back into taking risks once again.
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