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08/22/11 06:56 - ID#55000

Typical Corrupt Dirty Buffalo

I'm just spreading the word. This is just the typical way things are run around here, use your muscle and pull to drive away any competition.

Taken from the Facebook Page

Establishments that have complained about a food truck serving somewhere they had been invited to:

Fables Cafe

Waterline Cafe


Establishments that have lobbied the Buffalo Common Council to delay implemenation of food truck regulations:

Jim's Steak Out

Elmwood Taco and Subs

Just Pizza

This may actually be a healthy thing to do anyway. F those arrogant fast food places on Elmwood.
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08/04/11 12:13 - ID#54854

Free Show Crowd

Tuesday = Trash Day in Lewiston NY

'Nuff Said

This is the demographic of Western New York that goes to this things or the part that you just can't shake like a bad smell in old sneakers.

They don't want to remember the band, music or show; This is what it's all about to them!

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Category: stalking

08/02/11 04:42 - ID#54846

Social Engineered (sort of)

So I was sitting at the Orange Cat today with my Mom in Lewiston and I overheard a couple of young women say something to the effect of:

Blah Blah Blah, Over there him, Blah Blah Blah It's like a facebook for Buffalo Blah Blah Blah...

Then I realized that I tweeted that I was there at the OC and this profile page is linked to my twitter account. It's funny because when I looked under the Orange Cat in the search box I saw the twitter account for the chick that was sitting in front of me.

I always used to get crazy about my Ex-Girlfriend talking about specific details about my life out in public. I remember down in Florida I was able to locate a ton of info on someone from 4 words from a conversation on a patio restaurant.

To be honest I really don't care too much as I'm trying to maximize my twitter account to get my Klout score up just because I'm bored with being off of work. But it is creepy sometimes when you're out and you swear you recognize someone then realize that you saw a dating profile of them somewhere on OK Cupid or Plentyoffish.

To me this experience was a bit amusing and goes to show how digitized we are as in the amount of info we can pull up on each other in public with just a tiny bit to go on. Yet going over to them and striking up a conversation in person would be ultra creepy. It's just part of the whole text but don't call type of thing that we've moved into these days.

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08/01/11 12:28 - ID#54840


So it is now going to be First Niagara Arena?

How about First Niagara Tower???

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