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09/20/11 10:53 - ID#55175

Answers to Cancer

I thought that this was interesting given the few people that work for Roswell on here.

I'm listening to the replay now on 610 cktb. It's pretty interesting...

Date:     09-19-11
Host:     George Noory
Guests:     Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Reza Kahlili

One of the leading authorities of self-help education for cancer patients and considered by many authorities to be the world's leading expert on cancer, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, discussed the nature of the disease and why he believes chemotherapy, radiation, and mammograms cause cancer. In looking at the primary driver behind the illness, Coldwell contended that 90% of all cancers, as well as other sicknesses, are caused by stress. He pointed to "constant worries, doubts, and fears" as well as lack of self love and hope for the future as key factors in reducing energy levels, weakening the immune system, and leading to diseases like cancer.

He warned that patients who undergo traditional cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, are "as good as dead." As such, Coldwell shared some natural methods for fighting the disease. One tactic, he said, involves ingesting the combination of a spoonful of pharmaceutical baking soda and five spoonfuls of organic maple syrup, heated up to form a solid mass. This concoction, he said, acts as a "Trojan horse," since cancer cells will flock to the syrup's high sugar content and then be killed by the baking soda. Coldwell also advised drinking a gallon of water which contains a teaspoon of sea salt every day and avoiding the use of plastic containers for food and water. "You can always do the medical treatment," he said to those who may be skeptics, asking rhetorically "so why don't you try the natural first?"

Coldwell was highly critical of the mainstream medical industry which, he noted, nets billions of dollars from cancer detection and treatment. He asserted that the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing cancer and ultimately wants to turn it into a "manageable disease like diabetes." He claimed that his work towards eradicating cancer is so dangerous to the pharmaceutical industry that, when his first book was about to be published, he was offered a quarter of a million dollars to suppress it. After rebuffing the offer, Coldwell said, he was shot at two days later and had his car bombed two weeks after that. Citing similar treatment for other alternative treatment advocates, he lamented that "we live with daily death threats."
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09/06/11 09:24 - ID#55108

Social Friends?

I have no clue who this guy was but apparently this is a big deal now that he's dead

I guess it makes you think about the line between a social media "friend" and someone in Real Life...
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08/22/11 06:56 - ID#55000

Typical Corrupt Dirty Buffalo

I'm just spreading the word. This is just the typical way things are run around here, use your muscle and pull to drive away any competition.

Taken from the Facebook Page

Establishments that have complained about a food truck serving somewhere they had been invited to:

Fables Cafe

Waterline Cafe


Establishments that have lobbied the Buffalo Common Council to delay implemenation of food truck regulations:

Jim's Steak Out

Elmwood Taco and Subs

Just Pizza

This may actually be a healthy thing to do anyway. F those arrogant fast food places on Elmwood.
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08/04/11 12:13 - ID#54854

Free Show Crowd

Tuesday = Trash Day in Lewiston NY

'Nuff Said

This is the demographic of Western New York that goes to this things or the part that you just can't shake like a bad smell in old sneakers.

They don't want to remember the band, music or show; This is what it's all about to them!

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08/02/11 04:42 - ID#54846

Social Engineered (sort of)

So I was sitting at the Orange Cat today with my Mom in Lewiston and I overheard a couple of young women say something to the effect of:

Blah Blah Blah, Over there him, Blah Blah Blah It's like a facebook for Buffalo Blah Blah Blah...

Then I realized that I tweeted that I was there at the OC and this profile page is linked to my twitter account. It's funny because when I looked under the Orange Cat in the search box I saw the twitter account for the chick that was sitting in front of me.

I always used to get crazy about my Ex-Girlfriend talking about specific details about my life out in public. I remember down in Florida I was able to locate a ton of info on someone from 4 words from a conversation on a patio restaurant.

To be honest I really don't care too much as I'm trying to maximize my twitter account to get my Klout score up just because I'm bored with being off of work. But it is creepy sometimes when you're out and you swear you recognize someone then realize that you saw a dating profile of them somewhere on OK Cupid or Plentyoffish.

To me this experience was a bit amusing and goes to show how digitized we are as in the amount of info we can pull up on each other in public with just a tiny bit to go on. Yet going over to them and striking up a conversation in person would be ultra creepy. It's just part of the whole text but don't call type of thing that we've moved into these days.

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08/01/11 12:28 - ID#54840


So it is now going to be First Niagara Arena?

How about First Niagara Tower???

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07/27/11 02:01 - ID#54796

Yep this is so me

Now I'm Asexual
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07/14/11 08:21 - ID#54698


Basically I'm writing to say that water street landing at in 115 South Water St Lewiston NY 14092 716.754.9200 in Lewiston NY totally SUCKS.

Basically we were at another Lewiston Establishment, told there was a hour wait. This was 6:20 PM. We tried to figure out what else to do and then called this place. They said that they could serve a party of 4 when we arrived, Great. We came down sat in the pub side, which was half empty. This is now 6:35 as we order a round of drinks. Time flies by it is not 7:15 we have to WAIVE or FLAG Down the bartender/waiter at this point to get another round. The food should be out by now right? NO, 7:35 rolls around, still no food. Keep in a couple who came after us ordered, ate and paid their check and is out the door at this point is on their way to see a concert at Artpark, the same one we are heading to.

At this point we just pull a typical Hell's Kitchen and pay for the drinks and walk out. The ironic part is that they kept on stalling us to give us our bar tab. Talk about adding insult to injury. We after a hour plus of waiting we walked out as we had to catch the concert at Artpark.

If you're thinking about this place make sure you have time to waste looking at the view of the Niagara River float by because that's all this place is good for is the view. The food is over priced and the service is non-existent.

Another thing manager is extremely rude. She made it a point to insult me saying "we're extremely busy on the patio." Well guess what Ma'am I'm from Lewiston, my parents came here now as I won't let them frequent this establishment any longer 2-3 times a month; It wasn't any busier today than it would be on a typical Wednesday. There are concerts at Artpark every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer months; this is clockwork not a surprise. I've been here on Friday for fishfry which in Western New York is a well frequented and busy event, it wasn't even 1/2 as busy as it was Today.

Horrible Staff and Service, if you like being insulted while looking at the river then this is your place. When does the customer deserve blame to wait over a hour for their order to be served without any contact or explanation. A simple apology would have sufficed but the condescending insults were totally uncalled for. People walk out of restaurants for being extremely show all the time, just watch an episode of Hell’s Kitchen. At least Gordon Ramsey takes it out on the staff not the customers. Please keep in mind I an a local non-tourist that lives in the area and whose parents are frequent customers.

Just think if they treat me this way, what do you think they’ll do you to a passing through town tourist?

Visited July 2011

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07/03/11 05:59 - ID#54633

Why Niagara Falls Sucks

I found this gem on Craigslist R&R's

So True on so many levels!

They wonder why so many people leave this place? It's obvious. You can't make a life here. The jobs pay nothing, and every house you go to buy you have to contend with renters who either lie and say they know nothing about a house showing (so you can't get in), disappear when they're supposed to let you in, or they refuse to leave once a deal has been signed. The property management companies own so much property here that it's becoming almost impossible to actually buy anything, and so many owners are renting out because no one is willing to pay top dollar for rundown houses in crappy neighborhoods.

And who's renting these places you ask? Of course, bums, drug addicts, drunks, gang bangers, and single mom whores on Section 8 who refuse to work, sitting on their fat asses yelling at their bad ass kids all day. Listen to an ad I read for a house being sold right now in Niagara Falls:

Owner resides in California and "VERY MOTIVATED!!!" CSS will authorize showings through the tenants daughter, since the tenant has no direct phone. Property SOLD AS IS with no repairs resulting from home inspection. INVESTOR DARLING! LONG TERM TENANT. Home rented for $532 via subsidy with social services.

So the ad clearly establishes that the tenant is a loser who refuses to work, and gets a huge nice FREE house all paid for by the state. I've seen the tenant and she's just another fat piece of despicable white trash. The sad part is that this house is not only nice but in a good neighborhood. What a damn shame.

But if the rent problem isn't enough, you've got these Real Estate companies blocking deals. They'll lie and say they've talked to their client and made the offer, then you see the client on the street and ask them about it and they're like "I never got any offer! WTF is going on?". The companies do that so they can make a fake bidding war to get you to pay more money, and since if you buy a house in Niagara Falls you'd be bidding against a property management company 99% of the time because they're the only ones really buying houses here (so they can rent them out), you're going to lose because they're always going to be willing to top your offer.

I need to get out of this city somehow, but it's tough to figure out where to go and what place has the best to offer. I used to love this place, but now it's pretty much unbearable to live here. How unbearable you ask? Well, if the Devil died, God would force him to spend all eternity in Niagara Falls, NY.

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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06/24/11 04:50 - ID#54564

When Ch 29 was good

Before Fox

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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...