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05/11/14 12:40 - ID#58968

I missed it

So Rob Thomas played the Seneca Events center at the casino in Niagara Falls NY. It was sold out way before I ever realized that I wanted to go to it.

The thing is that this song

Ever the Same was always playing in the morning back when 101.1 was the River & played "Adult Alternative" whatever that means. It was a point of my life where I was at a crossroads. I mean I was Ok at my job at the Poker Room, but I knew I wanted more something that allowed me to have time off & a bit more freedom instead of being in that soul sucking place.

I just remember back in the day watching VH1 & listening to the "behind the music" of the 1st matchbox album & the true meaning of 3AM. How he used to drink Manischewitz Wine staying up late worrying about his Mom (Who the song it about not some drunk late night booty call/text hookup.) I also worked with a guy briefly who was in a matchbox twenty cover band, but that was before this solo album come out for him.

Wow so I have a post about a particular memory that a song gave me to a time at place & at the same time made a semi relevant Mother's day post out of it.
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