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Category: radiohead

01/27/08 11:24 - 28ºF - ID#43053

Vanity Fair

It doesn't happen every day that the lead singer of your favorite cover band from your small 'burb town gets interviewed in Vanity Fair

Now I can't wait until the next show @ Goodbar
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Category: money

01/22/08 12:37 - 16ºF - ID#42983

The Panic has begun

What a freaking bloodbath we are going to have in the stock markets today if trading overseas during the Holiday is any indicator. We're screwed.

I think for financial matters I am now the official stand in for (e:vyscious) DOOM DOOM BEAR MARKET!!!!

All I can say is start taking your money out of the bank & stuff it in your mattress.

We are now having the biggest 1 day crash since the 9/11 attack.


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Category: current events

01/09/08 12:59 - 53ºF - ID#42801

Wow is all I can say

Yea, I guess that's what you get when you put your faith in Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference schools like Marist and Quinnipiac for your polling statistics. The only thing I can say is that what happened tonight is the closest you will ever get to knowing what it is like to lose a ton of money betting sports. Unless years later you find out that the Referee was on the take you just it in a comatose state. This is how people are going to feel like when they New England finally loses to some team like the Bills that were 17 point underdogs.

On another note, the beginning of the end is starting to unfold in the markets. The final "halfing" is now under way. I checked the markets on a quick break today and the Dow was up 15 points or so. Then much to my surprise Gold was at an all time high and the market tanked. Is their upcoming bankruptcy the match that sets off the final chain reaction?

I'm tempted to short countrywide CFC before it falls below $5 and is unable to be sold short. S&P Ultrashort ETF sym SDS that makes money as the market goes down is starting to look like a real good long term play.

This is not financial advice, an offer or solicitation. All it is at the moment is what is going through my head.

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Category: politics

01/08/08 12:36 - 62ºF - ID#42784

Originally a comment

Yea, with Hillary I was laughing at local talk radio douchbag Tom Bauerle on the drive in. Basically he was stating that Hillary is going to pull out some kind of evil back handed plan to put a stop to all of this Obama stuff. Because the Clinton's are evil like that and have a track record of doing that kind of stuff. Dude, it's just over for her and there is no way Bill is gong to make her "younger, taller and male." He just should put the Vince Foster stuff in the ancient history storage bin.

To be honest I'm for Edwards. Mainly for the fact that I know that he is his own man and does not owe any "favors" eerrr doners. To be honest I think that most Obama supporters are just in love with the concept of "change" and just buy the self-help Oprah rhetoric. Yea, he sounds cool, but I just doubt he can follow through with the hype.

Basically my point is that you can't change the system when you owe your office to the people that put up the Ca$h for you. How is he going to take the money of HMO's and then turn around after 1/20/09 and tell then to expect much smaller profits for the greater good? Not going to happen. That's why I support Edwards since he's spending his own money and not owing anything to anyone at a cocktail party.

But all I can say with all the Obama hype and Huckabee fanaticism is that your next president has yet to announce his candidacy.
As an independent his him I'm just watching to see how things are gong to shake out. If it stands now, I would almost fly out to Vegas and put a bet on him. With a billion dollars to spend on a campaign he would toast both parties. Plus, he would be a true independent now owing anything to a special interests or PACs.The way it stands now there is a ton of space in the center to get him elected.
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