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Category: potpourri

10/29/06 08:35 - ID#37176

Winter's coming

After "wasting a weekend" I actually feel a bit refreshed. My body thanks me for not abusing it. I did manage to do a couple of things in regards to school. Plus my final project in my MBA class isn't going to be as bad as initially thought. Hopefully I'll polish it off tomorrow.

Although I did enjoy sleeping and doing not much of anything I just feel "that time of year" coming on. It'll be dark before 5 now with being back on standard time. I just can feel the chemicals changing in my brain in about 2 weeks from all of the darkness that we are going to be abundantly surrounded by.

There is an upside. The winter months bring the two great pastimes into play, drinking and sex. Since you have to have someone with you in your bed to keep you warm in the winter.

I came across an album cover from the guy from Deep Purple Ian Gillan. I didn't know he recorded his last release a double album here in Buffalo. It's just after looking at it reminded me of the fun times that can happen in winter and it just came over me. Yea it was the thoughts of sex and drinking but it's that building that is his "Inn" that maybe did it for me and not winter itself.


Nothing like a little "Smoke of the Water"

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Category: potpourri

10/04/06 08:18 - ID#37164

Not Much going on here

It actually is a pretty slow morning here at work. So coming in at 7:30 just seemed like a waste until I witnessed the beautiful sunrise this morning after I was woken up by the thunder and lightning. I snapped a few pics of the "Red Sky in the Morning, it was breathtaking and one of those moments I felt good to be alive. Then on my way from my "secret parking spot" to work about a 2 block walk I pretty much was drenched by the downpour. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

On another note I guess I'm another (e:strip)er with a B-day in October. Although by subconscious plan or circumstance it ends up as a low key event. This year I'm getting a room @ the Best Western and plan on hitting every bar from Prespa to Hardware on Allen. At least that is the game plan so far, I could always get that quick gambling junket to Foxwoods or Vegas that my parents haven't told me about yet.
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Category: potpourri

09/28/06 09:51 - ID#37163

Just Bored

Early A.M. and I just didn't want to get up this morning. Woke up @ 6:30am and given my commute time that made me 15 minutes late. It was just so nice to get that really deep sleep but hey I have to come in and feed peoples poker addiction.

I should have not watched that VH1 Behind the Music episode about Pantera last night. WOW is all I can say. I remember them about 13 years ago now when they opened up for White Zombie @ the CT St. Armory. A part of me sometimes wishes that I could go back to the early 90's and really savor the music live at the time. Actually if I remember correctly White Zombie did outsell them in T-Shirts.

It just reminded me that there really isn't anything all that strikes such a chord with me musically. I would hate to be a kid today given the state of corporate music. If I was young and angstful again what would I listen to? Things are just so micro specialized. Y

If I was a teenager, depressed, full of volitile emotion; What would I listen to? That kid of music @ the time Pantera, Alice in Chains, Helmet and heavy industrial music was the soundtrack to me and my friends walking up and down elmwood drinking out 40oz's underage and other stuff while we were going to those shows.

Would Simple Plan provide the same effect??? I doubt it.

Oh, and I shouldn't have talked with M* so late on the phone as well.

OK, back to work. Nothing like throwing out random thoughts...
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Category: potpourri

07/12/06 12:49 - ID#37131

Stupid things that bring joy

In a bit selfish way I am a bit relieved to see that I am not the only one that is in a "Funk." At least I am not the only one that is going crazy. Now I don't feel so all alone.

Usually when I am in one I stay away from (e:strip) for the fear that my down emotion will be contagious and bring people down. That's why I have another blog in another place.

My Ex always said to me to find joy in really pointless stupid things.

So here is a pic I took last week when I was tearing up Allen and Delaware on Thursday:

Bubbles make me Happy!!!!



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Category: potpourri

06/10/06 01:23 - ID#37120

World Cup, enjoying life or trying to..

What Happened to Poland? I just have this gut feeling that they are going to finish third for some reason. We will see in the next game if that even has a remote possibility of happening.

If they crap out then I guess I will have to pull for my adopted team Ghana. I just love pulling for a young up and coming team in a tough situation or group in this case. Czech Rep, Italy, USA what luck of the draw!! But, they are my one college buddy's native team so I joining him. It's just that they really have all the elements of a team that I would totally pull for, being green underdogs.

So I just can't waste any more time today. I didn't do anything last night but sleep. Not savoring my free time is a bit of a let down, but after 12 hours of sleep I do feel much better physically and mentally. So I guess it beats waking up with a hangover.

Now I have to get my butt down to Allen and Franklin to catch my Cousin's band The Bailey Quarters playing MIA @ 2:45.
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Category: potpourri

06/03/06 11:38 - ID#37113

What is up with kids these days?

Sometime during the uneventful night where i pretty much slept most of the night away, I had some of my stockpile of leftovers for dinner. As I was catching up on old editions of the Buffalo News I came across a police and courts article concerning two women under the age of 21 from my immediate area (Lew-Port). I had noticed that they were listed as Niagara University Students and had been charged with a hit and run, possession of cocaine and crack and Adderall pills, disorderly conduct. From what the article said they were flying down Pine Avenue and ended up hitting a minivan and then all of the other fun and joy came to light.

I remember when in High School I did hang around the "baddest" girl in the school. She did things along those lines and was then expelled and home schooled. Later I did end up dating her and well that is a long story.

Although I may be generalizing but my point is this, it seems that most 19-24 year old that still live down here in Lewiston are just plain freaking nuts. This 19 year old friend of mine at work from Youngstown was the one that BEAT UP her EX-BOYFRIEND for DUMPING HER!!! Obviously he was not interested in reconciliation. She is not an evil person and i know her older sister, but WTF!!!!!

At lest i got about 12+ hours of sleep today.

Now I am ready for at lest a stop by the Hellenic Festival to gorge myself on some Greek Food.
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Category: potpourri

05/13/06 05:53 - ID#37103

glad to be back

Finally joined the 21st century and got high speed Internet. It was a real pain in the ass to get everything installed. The whole process took about an hour and a half. My house is a freaking mess and stuck in the 1970's. So he had to drill a hole from the outside :-/

This is really nothing to compared to the raw emotion I am still reeling from right now. My conscience got the best of me and I had to tell someone something. I'm not too sure if they will ever speak to me again, and I really can't blame them it they never do.

Just what the hell am I doing with my IRL friends lately? I am either breaking it off with them or doing something incredibly stupid to force the issue into default.

Could it be that the universe is telling me to just pick up my roots and get out of town?
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