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Category: love & relationships

07/29/07 07:12 - 81ºF - ID#40301

Random Realizations

I've been single for a while. It generally does not bother me at all, although there are times that I do wish I was in some kind of relationship. So when my Ex asked me the other day to accompany her to the Galleria while she shopped for a suit for a upcoming interview I was glad to help. Moments, OK 8 hours of shopping was really a wholesome feeling. There is a part of me that wishes that I could be part of a married couple doing such things on a regular basis.

The strangest mental flash occured when we were in some cheesy store on the 2nd level. All of a sudden I just has a vivid flash memory of an Ex (Not the one I was shopping with) of mine from many years ago. It was pretty scary and out of no where. She was most likely the most passionate relationship I've ever had even now and I just saw her mentally in detail. All of this and no clue on what triggered it, except that possibly something happened with her and it was strong enough to radiate out into the collective subconscious. I just don't know, when things like that happen it just makes me thing that they died.

The other day I was reading LJ and saw that a "friend" of mine posted that she had a 1 night stand. Now we sort of have this "understanding" between us but at the same time it did take me a little aback. We're not dating and I do have my current "stalker" but it did sting a tiny bit. It's just so unreasonable to think that everyone that we are with stays celibate but at some level there is I suppose jealousy even though one does not have any stake or claim [or wants] to the individual. Funny how things like that happen and our reactions to it.

To top things off I did get a bit of Karmic role reversal. After the said Galleria Trip I did end up back at the Ex's apartment. I was going to take a nap before I went out. She had her own plans and headed out. Needless to say I fell asleep like a total loser and didn't do anything at all. So much to her surprise when she came back in this morning @ 6am and I was still asleep in her bed. Now she's the one playing out all night and I'm the dork staying in going to bed early on a weekend night. I just though that was a bit funny how that worked out.

Now I'm going to go and play the first Afghan Whigs CD I come across and roll myself up in a ball.... ;-) J/K
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Category: dating

07/18/07 12:37 - 66ºF - ID#40150

this is way too easy...

On a dare of shorts I ended up taking my "Free $40 Personality profile" on last week. It was mostly due to the stories of friends of mine that have taken this profile test and basically were told by the former evangelical Christian dating site
"Sorry, You're Hopeless there's no one on our system for not so many words" Well I took it and at first I had a goose egg 0 matches. Then over the past week I've been flooded with email matches and requests for communication. I guess I am viable for marriage!!!! Whoot Whoot!!!!

On a related note my married friend Bill set me up with a friend of his wife and co-worker. This was after they initially tried to set me up with another co-worker that I met at a party on 4th of July weekend. The first one was the pick of his wife and the later was a pick of Bill. Well in a conversation he basically told me, that he had to think to how you like your women back in the day and L* was a better fit for me. Well we meet for a while tonight and took in the village of Lewiston after Tuesday at the Park let out. We stopped by the Brickyard and hung out there for a bit. Then the long walk to the car with the extended conversation.

It was pretty descent. There is a bit of chemistry and physical attraction there. The caveat is she's in the dying stages of a relationship with a guy that just plays video games all day. I already knew this from my friend, so when she asked this question I already knew what she was getting at. Heck, I don't own a gaming system and now that I own a mac the gaming selection is pretty limited.

But yea it was a good time and a great feeling. I am not sure on where this is going to go given our situations and such but it has potential.

I'm just happy that the universe is blessing me with some abundance these days.
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07/11/07 04:41 - 74ºF - ID#40055

that was weird


It was pretty cool to catch you across the street of the tripped out Post-Vatican II church with a cup of Orange Cat Chai Tea in my hand.

There's nothing like playing a tourist in your own town ;-)
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Category: food & drink

07/07/07 01:06 - 76ºF - ID#39989

old man beer

For a annual party that I have recently been invited to my friend Bill and I always like to show up with "old man beer" and try to screw with the minds of people that are 8 years or so younger than us. It is always fun since all they know about beer is Blue and Canadian and have no memories of anyone in their family drinking Genessee or anything comparable.

So we looked for something other than Pabst Blue Ribbon. We have brought the PBR in past years but that was actually because we actually enjoy drinking it and plus it's damn cheap. There is nothing like having communion with long deceased relateives.

This year we actually had some problems. The only true old man beer that is out of the ordinary was Schmidts that we found in the downtown Niagara Falls tops. In years past they had stocked Piels, Schlitz and Schaffer but this year the only thing they had was Schmidts and Genny.

On the really pulling something off we managed to find a case of Ballentine Ale at Consumers. The "pretzel" beer as some have refered to it. Hunter S. Thompson also had mentioned the beer in many of his books.

So Yea, I do have a soft spot for "old man beer." The one thing that I love over the past 5 years has been the explosion of PBR. My friend Bill and I have this fantasy that dudes our age all over the country manifested the love of the PBR to younger college kids at the time. They took on to it because of it's affordability, and then realized that "It doesn't taste all that bad!"

Now it's the offical beer of art gallery openings, hipsters and snowborders :-)

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Category: casino

07/05/07 05:35 - 76ºF - ID#39929

My independence Day

I am finally done with working for the Senecas. My last day was yesterday. After working there for more than a few years I just had it and was at my wits end with all of the BS and the Soul Sucking environment.

So at the time i basically just gave my 2 weeks and didn't have anything lined up or anything. The following Monday I get a call from Company L asking if I would be interested in interviewing for a position. Now I didn't apply to this place, they just found my resume off of Monster. I interviewed last Friday and was offered a position on Monday.

So basically i QUIT my job on blind faith and had another one before I even finished my notice period. The best part is that it is in one of my concentrations from college, Logistics. So I will actually be using my degree. Although being back in sync with the rest of the world working a 9-5 with weekends off is a nice touch as well. The only thing that could change that is workload/special projects but that OK. As long as my schedule doesn't change due to backstabbing, politics, manipulation, secrecy that I should be alright.

Just telling a few select people this story with their concept of the Western New York job market they almost look at me as if I hit the lotto or something. It is just sad that there are so many people that think that the only place to work around here is the Casino or Geico.

So I'm going to be totally free except Saturday for the next week and a half. I am taking a little bit of a breather between jobs.
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Category: work

07/03/07 11:12 - 71ºF - ID#39905

Buffalo Creek Casino 2

From what I have been hearing at work the place was jammed packed today. The information that I got was they were 4 deep behind every slot machine. So 4 people were waiting for some to eirther go broke or cash out so they could grab their machine.

Those old ladies must have been waitng with binoculars for the place to open today.

Who says that Western New York is broke. In a way they have pulled off a great move. Open the casino to a thunderous stampead and the citizens will DEMAND to keep it open no matter what the courts rule.

(e:joshua) I have been rich people drop in this place in 4 hours what I will probally make in 10 years. You don't have to be poor to be devastated by gambling, just look at Mike Pellegrino. Just because you have a million dollar bankroll does not make you immune to having it all crash down.

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Category: work

07/03/07 03:36 - 79ºF - ID#39895

Buffalo Creek Casino Open!!!!

Damn, That was a bit of a sneak attack.

That is defiantly how they roll where I "work"*. They just do whatever the F they want. Judge, Pending Lawsuits, We just don't care, try to stop us, it's native land.

I liked the part about,

"In a possible sign of things to come, an armored car pulled up in front of the casino, just as a group of older women pulled to the curb and asked if they could start gambling."

No matter what they say about Western New York there still is a bunch of older people sitting on a pile of cash that NEED gambling action. The casino will be a success just because there is still such a demand for it. Now the elderly in the Southtowns and Cheektowaga
have a closer option.

I wonder what Artvoice is going to say now?

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