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04/09/14 08:51 - ID#58883

facebook fatigue

So after many years of constantly posting I finally deactivated my account. When I started having dreams of "People you may know" friend suggestion I knew it was time to take a break. In some ways I think that I just posted way too much there & my "friends" would never post anything good content wise for me to view.

As a forever alone guy who should have left this area for DMV (DC/Maryland/VIrginia Metro Area) to find a descent professional woman to marry, I'm just sick of the happy couples & baby pics. I get more joy reading about the adventures of the folks on here, the delicious food porn.

But lately my life consists of getting up, going to my cool local coffee shop, work, coming home listening to alternative talk radio, maybe listening to some EBM, emo, goth, industrial, Whatever channel on Pandora & going to bed to do it all over again. I used to just check facebook once every hour or so but honestly I am maybe being paranoid but I am sick of giving more than I get out of it. Deep down maybe my happily married friends are laughing at the weirdo that is me in the coffee shop. But hey I have a bit of money more than most people riddled in debt & drive a nice German car. So I'm eccentric???

Other than that I am fearful of what is going to happen this month on a planetary macro level economically & all over. I used to post hints from the sources that I have vetted over many years of listening to the guests from Coast to Coast back in the day when Art Bell was in he heyday. Now the former guests have their own internet radio shows & are on every week or more than a couple of days a week. In a sense I've taken to keep mum until the S hits the fan & then post while everyone is going nuts? At least that's my plan & it's been easier than I thought it would be at this point, just 10 more days to go.

So yeah other than the above I am digging the Whisper app to vent weird thoughts I have. Heck I've even found some people to chat with & almost get places [You know me I have no luck with women] but hey it has been working better than traditional dating sites!

So yea it's good to be back even though I haven't been in the cool part of the city since a former epeep came back for a visit when she was still with child. But that's what kind of is the sad part of getting off facebook as her friend who I hit if off with on a friendly level was an awesome facebook friend. I just am stuck with high school drama there with very little content from quality people.

But by the end of the month we will cross some place emotionally where whining about the little things in life will be breaking the cardinal rule of etiquette.
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