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09/18/15 05:23 - ID#60226 pmobl

Wedding @ Hotel Lafayette

It's ironic that my old friend from college who is from New York City is getting married at a place that could stand in for Brooklyn.



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09/13/15 06:22 - 54.ºF - ID#60225

Something September Thing

So with this Something September thing that is going around with some people, I've decided to pull back in my own way. It concerns my overuse of Facebook. I think last week when I had the thought that that app/community/site had consumed my subconscious mind is when I decided to pull back. I just had to ask the question am I doing things for me or the likes that they generate?

Now we're all different & being a guy like myself I got no where near the love on my own compared to when I had tagged my "concert girlfriend" in the posts. But still I had to ask "Who & What am I doing these things for & Why am I Oversharing?"

So I just decided to like & comment as I've realized that most of the time on my phone is on there. One modification I've purposely done is to use the Paper app. This is due to the fact that I get most of my fluff news from there & it works better than the newsfeed. Plus it also cuts down on the pics of people's first day of school pics & other nonsense.
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