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Category: casino

10/07/10 12:02 - ID#52910

Shut 'Em Down!

So the casinos in Western New York days may be numbered:

To be honest it couldn't happen to a better group of people. They ran the place like Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, Waste Management ect.

What kind of controls did they have in place to prevent being defrauded in the Golf Course Deal?

They have liens filed as they stiffed contractors and I have first hand knowledge of them treating their employees like utter shit.

Do you think that a place that is being investigated by the IRS for numerous violations is going to just easily fork over the 200 Million that the state is asking for?

They should have hired Harrah's or Penn National to run their casino back in 2002. Mickey Brown and his team did a fantastic job in building up the brand and getting the hotel project started. Instead they ran it like a lemon-aid stand with a cigar box as a cash register.

It should be interesting to see what happens. The only reason why the state entered into this agreement was due to the fact that the State needed cash desperately after 9/11 and passed the compact in the middle of the night. Without the 200 Million, What's the point of allowing it to operate especially with the cigarette issue still at the forefront?

Nothing good ever came out of that place, and I won't shed a tear if the state troopers/National Guard surround the perimeter and not allow anyone in/out of their territory in downtown Niagara Falls.

I guess after all Joel Rose was right after all.

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Category: casino

12/04/08 12:39 - ID#46945

Seneca Casino Layoffs

There were so many people in Western New York who thought that they would never see this day. All I can say is that form my perspective it's really due to how the place is run instead of the "recession." They ran out all of the people with brains, class and experience. In a way the whole process of what happened was a class warfare thing form the start Was there validity in their points about a CEO getting paid 1.2 Million while people live in abject poverty? Sure you can't deny that fact at all. Now is having a guy who's only business experience is running a smoke shop empire with a leveraged operating advantage over any other competition outside of the sovereign tax free. Basically all I'm saying that I seriously doubt that he would have risen to the level of success he has had without the tax free element of his business plan. Anyway I did find the comments in this story pretty enlightening

The trouble is that with casino's they're extremely competitive businesses and the people that really have big money want to be pampered and treated right with respect. The employees at the Seneca Niagara Casino are pretty rude and cocky; Why I have absolutely no idea. You don't get that treatment over in Canada or on the Vegas Strip or even Wheeling Island. All I saw after Mickey Brown and the people that open the most sucessful casino on the east coast, Foxwoods in CT was the place go downhill. Just go to the the Thunderfalls buffet and pay for that overpriced slop.

From my perspective, it's not just the economy that's a downer on gambling, but other financial monitoring laws we have in place now. For example, the casino in the falls could never draw any Canadian high rollers for fear that bringing large sums of cash across the border would result in it's confiscation or at the very least it being registered and recorded.

All I can say is Joel Rose is somewhere smirking now. After all the Senecas were going to single handily save WNY with all the jobs that they would create, especially in that abandoned steel skeleton in the cobble stone district.

After giving up this it was so worth to have everyone look at this
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07/05/07 05:35 - ID#39929

My independence Day

I am finally done with working for the Senecas. My last day was yesterday. After working there for more than a few years I just had it and was at my wits end with all of the BS and the Soul Sucking environment.

So at the time i basically just gave my 2 weeks and didn't have anything lined up or anything. The following Monday I get a call from Company L asking if I would be interested in interviewing for a position. Now I didn't apply to this place, they just found my resume off of Monster. I interviewed last Friday and was offered a position on Monday.

So basically i QUIT my job on blind faith and had another one before I even finished my notice period. The best part is that it is in one of my concentrations from college, Logistics. So I will actually be using my degree. Although being back in sync with the rest of the world working a 9-5 with weekends off is a nice touch as well. The only thing that could change that is workload/special projects but that OK. As long as my schedule doesn't change due to backstabbing, politics, manipulation, secrecy that I should be alright.

Just telling a few select people this story with their concept of the Western New York job market they almost look at me as if I hit the lotto or something. It is just sad that there are so many people that think that the only place to work around here is the Casino or Geico.

So I'm going to be totally free except Saturday for the next week and a half. I am taking a little bit of a breather between jobs.
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04/09/07 01:10 - ID#38812

90's Nostolgia Day

Yea, Kurt Kobain killed himself today 13 Years, OK now yestday. Wel you what I mean.


With that in mind when my Dad asked me if I cared to join him in going to Canada this evening I said sure, but only it it's the "old casino" being Casino Niagara. Why I guess since I spent the good part of the 90s there and spent wway too much $ there back then. So I went and spent 6 hours on level 2 the "non-smoking floor" Now the entire place in NONsmoking. I just didn't feel any vibe at all in any way for what happened. Heck, the hand in which I regained my chips back and secured a small profit I was being a "crazy man" and singing "Smells like Teen Spirit" The kids at the table thought I was from another planet. THen again I did go all in for $100 with 2-4 and hit two pair on the flop against KK and some other hand 9-9? and adding insult to injury hitting a 2 on the river for a full house. Sorry for the Poker talk but I did what I didn't do back in the day, leave a bit ahead.

So what did I get from this? On a spooky 13 year anniversary no one really cared about KC shooting himself. Casino Niagara is a dump according to my Dad. It did feel good tp play some 1-2 No Limit without being intimidated by the Agressive Betting Kids from the GTA. The Shrimp Cocktail Lucky's Steakhouse where my Dad had a snack hit the last spot on my Easter Things to do/traditional must experience list. With all of the Double Smoked Polish Sausage, boiled aggs with red horseradish, rye bread, peirogi, Shrimp as totally missing out of the picture until the last minute.

It was just a day that reinforced many things. But heck I was more a Alice in Chains fan back then anyway. Lane offed himself on the same day years later.

Yea, its more interesting time now but back then in the day in the "Dark Ages" I do miss the intense dreary darkness about those days. It's like Henery Rollins pointed out, "as Henry Rollins pointed out...
"but that fat fuck, Jim Morrison, once said.. Hold on to your depression, because its some of the most righteous and intense moments you'll ever have.."

Although for all the weirdness and whackiness of my life right now I can't really say anything bad at all.
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