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Category: music

02/15/11 09:41 - ID#53615

Who is Arcade Fire?

It's just sad how American Idol and Dancing with the Stars this country has become. The Grammy's are not a popularity contest, it's a group consensus of the 12,000 CREATIVE people who WORK IN THE INDUSTRY! That's the beauty of it to be honest. I remember back in the 90's when Bonnie Raitt cleaned house and people were like "Who is Bonnie Raitt?"

I am just happy that a Canadian group got to sit on top of the musical world Sunday night with Album of the Year. It's funny reading these comments on this tumblr
The Suburbs is the name of the band??? Look Tiffany, just because you never heard of them doesn't mean that they're not Phenomenal, the world does not revolve around you or started when you were born. It's funny and yet sad to sort through that thing.

But I have to say their sit eating grin at the beginning of Ready is just priceless and EPIC.
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Category: music

02/07/11 11:22 - ID#53566

Emo Starbucks Run

For some reason last night as I was driving home I searched Niagara Falls Ontario for a Starbucks I stumbled upon WBNY 91.3 as it was the station that I had my iPod Belkin set to. They were playing some emo tunes, I have to admit I did find them appealing and actually got into them as the totally matched my mood. A part of me wishes that I was able to pull the Buff St station during my "Prime" when I was sniffing around Lundy's Lane. After searching the Lane, Fallsview Casino & Embassy Suites I was able to find a Starbucks open at the Sheraton next door to Casino Niagara. Apparently they are open to Midnight Sun-Thurs and close at 1am Sat & Sun. Finally I was able to grab my Calm tea for a nightcap before I started the week.

The beauty is that I was driving down the Lane, Ferry St and then Clifton Hill. It was pretty quiet as the Super Bowl ended 1.5 hrs ago. But driving down Clifton Hill with the Get Up Kids "Long Goodnight" just was a perfect song for the moment.

Now I also realized just by looking at their website how lame WBNY is most of the time. This is compared to what I am exposed to when I listen to WBER out of Rochester. It is not even close, WBER has much more of a dynamic range and also gives you in detail what they play. I just so wish I was able to play WBER in my car.
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Category: music

02/05/11 11:17 - ID#53556

Scary Concept

Justin Bieber's Mom


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Category: music

06/15/10 12:27 - ID#51889

Ace of Gaga?

I actually thought of this song when I first heard Alejandro. Why "borrow" music nowadays when it is so easily referenced?

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Category: music

10/05/09 01:24 - ID#49929

Ben Folds Trend

Well I came across one of those things in the Buffalo News this weekend that kind of blew my mind. It was an article stating the a big trend these days on college campuses is to sing Ben Folds Five or his solo stuff acapella

Now how does this stuff develop organically? I have been with his since Whatever and Ever Amen and I'm just amazed that kids these days are into 1. good music and 2. do it in a unique style.

Here are some of my favorites that I cam across:


Brick Song

You Don't Know Me

Annie Waits

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05/11/09 09:54 - ID#48650

Grannie Porn!!!

I had this song in my head today since I'll admit I'm feeling a bit emoish but not in a drastic way. Then after just surfing Youtube I discover that it was used in some HBO Show.

Plus I had to make an appearance in the whole risque title game, although the video is in kind of in the Cable softcore genre.
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Category: music

12/30/08 10:25 - ID#47218

Vegas Vids

Yea, these aren't all that great, but I did take them during my weekend in Vegas earlier this month. So here's a couple of song's from Oasis when I saw them @ the Pearl in the Palms.


Morning Glory

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Category: music

10/05/08 11:49 - ID#45951

The killers Human live on SNL

I was a bit surprised to see that they have some new stuff coming out. At least that is my conclusion form seeing them on SNL the other night. That makes me pretty happy. It almost is edging me to take another trip to Vegas soon.

Watch it before NBC Universal yanks it.
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Category: music

09/19/08 08:50 - ID#45734

Set adrift on memory bliss

Yea, I was listening to Virgin Radio today from Toronto on my drive into work this morning. For the most part I was just daydreaming, then thing song came on

Yea, Reality used to be a friend of mine...I love that line along with a few others in this psychedelic/trip hop song or whatever category it is.

The funny part is I do have this really self defeating sense of empathy for attractive "old maids." I actually cried one year when there was this really attractive news reporter that did her "Happy Holiday's" commercial appearance with just a stuffed reindeer. This while all of the old anchors had their wife and 3 kids waiving and baking cookies. For some reason it really bothered me and I shouldn't be because I have my own problems in being alone in this world. The thing that struck me was this song in how he mentions Christina Applegate. It got me to think about her being in her late 30's with no husband or kids. It kind of is a tragedy that she hasn't passed on her gene's yet, especially with her battle with breast cancer. Yea I would like the be the one to procreate with her of course ;-) but still a part of me feels bad that she hasn't done so already with anyone. But logically it is just fucked for me to think about such things because I have my own lack of relationship problems.
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Category: music

12/18/07 11:46 - ID#42575


Why the F do I like the semi- cover of the Wu-Tang Clan that I hear on the radio?

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