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Category: going out

07/30/06 11:29 - 76ºF - ID#37142

I must be crazy

I have to keep this free time thing going. Yea, I have been laying around the house today recovering from this weekend. SO after about 3 phone calls my "thug" buddy has convinced me to take him over to Casino Niagara.

Ok I'm going over there with a Benjamin and a dream :-/

I must think positive right? I could have made some $ today if I was awake and not in a state of mostly undress betting Del Mar. There is something about that track that I just can't get away from. It could be that I wish I was out there in San Deigo on where the "Turf meets the Surf" looking at those 7 figure condo's on the backstretch Hill or those perfect 10 women. The closest I ever gotten to that place is a Vegas Sports and Racebook on opening week. It's just fun just to listen to the horseplayers from SoCal in that environment.

I can pull this off, I don't have to be at work until 2:45 in the afternoon.


Yea I lost, I have 20 on me. Although I did loan C* a guy I work with 25 since he was getting slaughtered @ No Limit. I'll get it back Tom. when he comes in to deal at 8. So not too bad except for the realization that I just have no joy today.

What I need more than a few bucks in a greater sense of adventure. A chance taken more than throwing down 100 bucks in a Casino.

Being stupid this weekend was a fun event.

I just think I need something more...maybe a new woman would spice things up. Possibly time to grow some balls.
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Category: going out!

07/30/06 03:44 - 74ºF - ID#37141

Debauchery, Yah!!!

So, yea I took this weekend off to celebrate the Level Regatta in Y-Town. Needless to say I'm pretty "Happy" right now. I hung with friends and relatives. The highlight or "lowpoint" of the night way me getting bounced out of the Youngstown Yacht Club. My buddy had a wristband in which he blew 25 bucks on and never got the value back in drinks that he paid for. So he gave me his SBA badge to show at the securit checkpoint saying I was "on the job" the State liquor authority was on premisis making sure that the YYC closed down alochol sales at 11:30. By the time I showed up they had already cut off sales and me as a dumbass had a bottle of blue sticking out of my shorts. So 10 minutes later as I am standing like an idiot by the YYC bar the same security guy comes up to me asking what ID or wristband I had to get in the place. I gave back my buddy's ID and I just stood there like a fumbling idot, DUHH! Yea it was a little bit of a embarassed rush but I was a bit buzzed where I just laughed at the thing.

The real highlight was running into my late best friend's younger brother with his new girlfriend just outside of the Yacht club. He was telling my Mom that she should get the Cadillac "Heritage" emblems on the grill of her SRX showing what a Pimp she is for owning x # of Caddy's through the years. My late best friend was such a car nut it made me simle inside. Yea, I was a bit embarassed that he saw me a bit "tipsy" and he was giddy that he recgonized me in the dark. Especially when he bragged to his S.O that "I know that GUY!!!" Yea i was best friend with his late brother, It's Regatta weekend it is time to get "stupid."

The highlight was I was hanging with the friend of my friend Peter. I guess this guy Tim or "Hoss" is a X Navy guy. He made sure everyone was safe and such tonight. It was funny althogh I did my best to try to make the plan come together. The best part was this guy who is 30 confessed that he was married 3! times and now that his is on his 3rd wife the fear is worse than GOD that he doesn't do anything stupid. He didn't drink all night and this is after his wife drove back to PA where he lives. Y-Town boys have to get something on during Regatta weekend no matter how small the big picture it is.

So I'm home and safe after everthing. Just watched FOX News channel and the Mid East is more F'ed up that I left it on Friday. WTF!!!

Anyway there is a pimped out Scion on my front Lawn that belongs to some party across the street. They're good neighbors so I don't mind. Yea, GOODTIMES BY ALL....

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Category: going out

07/28/06 04:32 - 73ºF - ID#37140

Toronto Baby!

So my old friend Deb dragged me out tonight. The square wasn't really to our liking so she suggested that we hit the Mod Club up Toronto tonight. She picked me up a little before 8 and we hit up Chinatown on Spadina Ave. I was craving good authentic chinese food and I stumbled upon this place called King's Noodle. I haven't been there in about 14 years or so not since I was a kid in high school. Needless to say my Duck Leg soup with wonton noodles was orgasmic. Deb has walked past this place before but was intimidated by the hanging ducks in the window. I dragged her in due to my fond childhood memories. The place really has fixed itself up over the past decade. No longer are you seated at a table of 12 with total strangers on a white "garbage bag" table cloth. They have smaller tables and a finer ambiance. Good Times.

We then hit the Mod Club which is broadcast on 102.1 from 11-2am. We just arrived there about 1 minute before they went on the air and got in for free beating the $10 cover.

Needless to say it was good to finally venture back to Toronto after not going there for about 5 years...!!!

Yea I have family in Oakville but never got past Mississauga ! I guess I was petrified of getting SARS ;=)


What really got me was the fact that Deb and myself were probally the oldest and not the top of the attractive scale at this place. It was filled with 7, 8 and 9 rated peope that wer dancing to Davie Bowie, The Clash, Pulp, Blur, Oasis, Eurethmics, ect type of music. It was really cool and quite the change of scenery.

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Category: work

07/25/06 01:13 - 80ºF - ID#37138

This is a really borinig casino

It could be the cost of gas or just that this casino has busted most people by now after 3.5 years of operation in this economically downtrodden region. We are just plain slow today. I haven't worked a day shift during the week for a while but this is just pathetic. We have only about 5 tables going right now, usually we have about 8 or 9 plus a healthy tournament of 30+ people. Today we only had 14 all regular die hard guys that played this morning for the 10am tournament.

I don't know what these guys do for money, it must be free to them but I stopped trying to figure that one out a long time ago. The kicker is from talking to people that work in the new Spa Hotel is that they are pretty much empty. They get some people on the weekends but in reality most people that stay are locals already within driving distance anyway that they just give the rooms, just because. Now if you want to purchase a room if you walked up they would still hit you for $250.

Yea, opening the casino in Buffalo is a real good idea. Add that to the two other hotel buildings that are in the works on this site and you pretty much have a glut.

Now I'll be out of her soon and hopefully I'll have the energy to do something later.

Kim Mitchell is playing Artpark. Never hit a Tuesday in the Park but this one may be my first.
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Category: going out

07/24/06 10:50 - 68ºF - ID#37137

A bit risque, Fetish Pics

So here are a couple of pics that I took from Fetish Night on Friday.

A Belly Dancer


Bring out the Gimp!


It was a good time. I had a Friday night free for the first time in a while. It is a bit scary on how I could be sucked back into that scene. It was so easy to mingle and flirt in that club, at least for me I suppose. Just why can't it be that easy for me in RL?

Anyway off to work.

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Category: going out

07/21/06 11:28 - 74ºF - ID#37136

Fetish Night

Well it used to be my favorite night back in the day @ The Cont.

Now I am going to check it out @ Club Diabalo.

My old friend may not be here at the end of August, so it may be the last time I go to one of these things. With my old core group of friends possibly gone I may not venture into that place again.

Not expecting much, but with how things are setting themselves up for change in my life I really now have to act as if anything I do around here may be the last time I experience the event. I'm just not getting any younger.

Now if I can see some cool interesting stuff like i did at past events
(i.e. Women in hot wax demonstrations)

Ah, Memories and goodtimes


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Category: music

07/20/06 02:41 - ID#37135

In one of those moods...

I just don't know what is going on with my mood lately. I'm not down, but actually in a bit of moment of angst I suppose.

With that I have this really guilty pleasure with that Rihanna song "Unfaithful." At first I just ignored it as a usual R&B Kiss 98.5/Wild 101 song. Then one day for some reason I just listen to the lyrics and thought "Holy Crap! This song is F'ed up in a cool dark way!" I have no clue who wrote it but I wouldn't be surprised if it is Brian Warner[Marylin Manson]

So fueling this mood I have just been purchasing alternative Hip Hop Cd's. First it was Atmosphere and now it's this (WIKIPEDIA - Sage Francis) Guy. Great, another influence on me based out of Rhode Island ;-) Do you know this guy ((e:jenks))?

So yea I'm getting into Fake Hip Hop artists based on alternative rock labels. All of these guys just remind me of (WIKIPEDIA - MC 900 Ft. Jesus) when I wsa a kid. He was on(WIKIPEDIA - Nettwerk) back in the day and now light years ahead of him time.

But, what a strange mood I am in for some reason.

I'm off to the Orange Cat to meet up with my old friend. It looks like she's going to be moving to Rochester soon so I better make the most of our time together.

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Category: gameplans

07/18/06 01:48 - 78ºF - ID#37134

Stats support my thesis

So after last week and the recruitment drive I have been getting from my best college buddy to move to Arlington Va I came across this little list from Money/Cnn Basically if you look at this list you can see that Washington D.C. is the only non MEGA College town on that list. Yea D.C/NoVa has colleges but the biggest George Mason is a commuter school 19,000+ with very few dorms. So Yea why move to a Big 10 / Big 12 town where all of those singles are <22 yrs old? You don't see Chicago, LA, Philly, NYC on that list.

Last year when I went down there I never was hit on so much in my life from females. Ha Ha ;-) It makes me want to reconsider grad school this fall and take him up on his offer of his house for 3 months while I get myself situated.

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Category: love & relationships

07/14/06 11:17 - ID#37133

What a Day

So after the square I get a text message from someone I used to just be a F* buddy on occasion. Then I get a call from a co-worker wanting to "hook-up" before she goes off to the Chip Strip tonight. I didn't go through with it with either of those two.

I felt a bit bad after talking to me Ex today after she was informing me that she was going on a date tonight. The thoughts going through my head were, "Man I just should have done it!" I don't know I get propositioned but still I know deep down inside it would never work with any of the above long term. Yea I feel great in being wanted, but at the same time I feel so alone.

My one friend was right in giving me shit a couple of months ago when she basically said that i need to find someone that will give me that dropping down the first hill on a roller coaster feeling. Anyone else currently is just there and not too much else going on. I don't know if I just settle like some bad Death Cab for Cutie Song but with the E-Funk going around it is just another version of it I suppose.

On the funny side of things with all of that going on I did run into the one "friend" that gave me the passion speech. I ended up going to the Italian Fest to grab something to eat and just experience something since I have to work early A.M. Saturday and had to miss The Karma Police Show. She looked at me, gave a scared look and took off quickly with her girlfriend. I don't know what I am going to do. I have people around me but I'm so alone.

The kicker was as I was leaving the Italian Fest after saying goodbye to me friend Tom my phone rings. It's my Ex and she tells me that her date with this guy was a disaster. Yea on one level I felt vindicated but honestly we have to move along somehow sometime. So the entire 38 minute car ride back home was just us talking about our relationship and just analysing ourselves.

July is always a strange time of year for me. Last Year I think I looked and felt much better than I do now.




Then again I was on vacation exactly a year ago today.

Who knows what is going to happen with my life. Things are really uncertain right now. Just turn on any cable news channel. At least I took on part of my fears [crazy italian fest crowds, getting there, parking, eating the food] and survived. My lack of good game bums me out, but it is just a symptom of a bigger problem. Tackling that is the main goal.
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Category: tats

07/13/06 11:04 - 73ºF - ID#37132

Mr. Tea Party

Well it's Thursday and it is the one day of the week where I feel like I am not wasting my summer and life.

So I am pretty pumped to catch the reincarnation of Jim Morrison tonight @ The Square


Jeff Martin

So I am going to be attempting to have a good time today. Not before I attempt to go drop off my laundry and stop by Target and look for the new Sage Francis CD.

I stopped by the Youngstown Coffee Company today with my Mom and ran into my neighbors/parents friends. It was descent and the Egg & Steak Bagel was pretty good. There is nothing like the laid back scenic village of Youngstown during working hours in the summer. Watching the kids ride to Jr. Sailing the old ladies trying to do something productive and the people that are retired or independently wealthy just sipping their coffee trying to have a really profound intelligent conversation with people that kind of listen.

If anyone is looking for something to do tomorrow night (FRI) my buddies are playing Mr. Goodbar. I most likely cannot attend since I have to work the next day @ 6:45am :-(

If you do go print this flier out, it is good for a free drink at least. If you are in the neighborhood and you have nothing else to do, and you're like the music of Radiohead check it out.


OK now I feel like a total whore, but it's for a free drink....
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