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Category: potpouri

11/20/09 11:48 - ID#50354

Couple of thoughts

First of this couple just reek entitled a-holes. If you don't want to pay the Gratuity, don't go out with 6 or more people in your party. It's implied that you will pay it once you sit down and it's right on the freakin menu. If you don't like the experience, Yelp about it or something. Wow, I love people that think that they can whine people over to get their way in life.

Now this is a prime example of two things. First there is a saying in the Casino Gambling world called, "Blowing Your Brains Out!" This guy is the perfect shining example of that concept. Just because you have $X amount of money doesn't mean your above blowing it all away. What gets me is the total haze of consciousness. That's why you don't make money decisions when your not feeling well physically or emotionally.
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Category: potpouri

05/31/09 03:05 - ID#48797

Skating and other stuff

I dediced to go for a skate this afternoon which took me from just around Old Man River to the bridge over the 190 by the 198

Here are just a few shots from the far end of the riverwalk if you were like me coming from Tonawanda.







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Category: potpouri

05/02/09 11:08 - ID#48578

Weekend Allentown/Derby

For the first time ever since he wed his wife I ended up going out on the town with my long term old neighborhood high school friend. For the most part it was a pretty tame evening as we went to Town, stopped by Cosumel to wish (e:jenks) a happy birthday & went to Hardware followed by Staples.

All I can say is I'm leaning to the negative in my feelings towards Hardware. First there were some obnoxious people in the place that night but you can get that anywhere. For the most part it was just some other girl with her friends being totally loud & screaming at very high pitches. The kicker is I'm really pissed off at the place that they now only serve PBR Pabst Blue Ribbon in Cans. Seriously I have gone there for years and enjoyed it in a bottle, now they don't even display in on the shelf you have to ask for it like some Vegas value special. The problem is that it's still $3 for a can. Why are you so ashamed to sell it now after carrying it for years?

So we went next door to Staples and enjoyed PBR in an actual BOTTLE. For the most part I have to say I'm leaning towards their selection of beers more than Hardware's. Plus I have to say I kind of really got into the bartenders there. I really couldn't believe that one of them had her 40th birthday there as she was pretty fine looking. Plus they just have this non-pretentious vibe as they're not the "hottest" looking bartenders, but they do have a pretty well put together style and they do make you feel pretty friendly and welcome.

Other than that I did go over early to Fort Erie and meet up with my Canadian horseball friends as it was Derby Day. For the most part I couldn't cash a ticket early on in the day from 10:30 until the around race went off around. The highlight of the day is my engenious bet, which was a Daily Double a bet picking the winners of back to back races. It was Race 10 & Race 11 @ Churchill. In the 10th there was this Brazilian horse named Einstein who seemed like a lock, so I ended up betting this ticket for $19.


Basically this is how the bet worked the #6 horse in Race 10 Einstein had to win or else I lose, then I win my bet as I have all 19 horses for the Derby covered. So Einstein did his part then I waited for 1 hours & 15 minutes. Well the best case scenario came in as the longest shot on the board for me in my Daily Double came in which Mind That Bird was in my case paying $304 for me as I only had it for a $1. The worst case for me would have been if the favorite Friesan Fire won the race and in that case I would have lost money. For some reason I knew when Einstein on race 10 I was into something really good as he only got my the other horse by 1/2 a head. But yea, what a rush especially for the fact that I normally don't bet longshots, but in this case I was pulling for one. The scary part is that unless you really were looking for it there was no way you would have known that the 8 is sneaking his way long the rail.

As Tom Durkin says "An Impossible Result Here"

The human element to this story is that my 2 horse buddies really had a bad day. They're not well off as the one guy that was a co-worker of mine back in the late 90's at a factory that I worked at in Canada is now working construction and kind of barely holding his head above water. The other buddy is his roommate who is in a wheelchair with no legs. So when I hit the double on the Derby they said "If we hit, Chinese food on you." So it did come in and I made a profit for the day after being down myself. What came after we hit his place on Hwy 3 in Fort Erie was a bit of a surprise, he said, "If you don't hit and take us out, we wouldn't have had dinner tonight!" It was kind of surprising to hear, but at the same time I was glad that i did have some luck to spread the good luck around a bit tonight, especially since I kind of had the seed planted for the double bet from him talking about the 10th race.

The other crazy thing was this other guy at the track hit the Exacta the 1st and 2nd place horse in exact order. He bet it for $5 and it paid well over $5000, needless to say it was interesting to see the stack of money he had being escorted to his car by security. I think only 3 people including myself cashed tickets at the track. But with horse racing as well as the financial markets, it's a zero sum game the losers payoff the winners. I got $300 because a bunch of other people lost their bets and if the favorite won I would have lost or cashed very little.

So yea, that's a bit of reality on Derby Day on how the game really works out along with a story about the people. It's not all hats and mint juleps...
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Category: potpouri

01/14/09 11:51 - ID#47410

Quick Thoughts Post

I've just realized that I just watched the recent Trifecta of British apocalyptic movie offerings recently.

V For Vendetta
Children of Men

Are the premium cable channels trying to tell me something?

Shitygroup may be more after it falls below $5 a share.

Now we are going to have TARP II since the first one didn't work? All I can say is that if you're buying stocks these days you better be on the 2035 Plan, since that is the year that you are going to have to sell them to get even. What do you think is going to happen to the economy when in a year or so we our National Debt equals our GDP? Yikes!
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Category: potpouri

12/21/08 11:01 - ID#47130

Longest Night of the Year

It only gets better from here on out. A bit more daylight everyday.

This year it is kind of cool that Hanukkah starts on Dec 21st, the longest night of the year for an event that centers around bringing light into darkness.

I'm just listening to The Twilight Singers first CD tongiht for some reason tonight.

I'm kind of laying low at the moment. Really all I'm doing is just recharging myself and trying to focus on what I want out of life next year.
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Category: potpouri

06/26/08 09:52 - ID#44795

stocks & love

What an ass kicking day on Wall St. Although, in all I had the best day I ever had owning individual stocks. So for the most part when the Red arrows are all over the place, I'm happy and if Gold & silver counters by going green, then I'm ecstatic. This shit is only to get worse, not better. My advise is to get just buy precious metal stocks/mutual funds if that is something you can do.

On another note I just discovered

I Can't Believe I'm Still Single

on Showtime tonight. All I can say is I DO NOT WANT TO END UP LIKE THAT GUY! Yea, I do see some similarites between Scott Baio's "Scott Baio is 45 and single," but WTF??? It makes me want to get married again just for the sake of getting married again, even though I realized that it was a horrible decision to make just to avoid being some weirdo like this Eric Schaeffer guy.

He's not a bad guy at all and is totally misunderstood, but unfortunately he does not have the balance to counter his shortcomings. If you are going to be a socially oblivious guy that comes off as a prick you need to be more of a bad influence "the kind of JERK that women love" or be a total man wuss to be successful in relationships that you are seeking. Being a socially oblivious prick or at least appearing so does not get you any sympathy from any woman. The decades of him not being with anyone just drive this home.

I have to hand it to Showtime for just being the kind of premium cable for shows these days. It will be a show that I will be watching regularly to make sure that I extinguish the shit that I have in common with the guy, because honest I do see some of my self in him and it FREAKING SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!!
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Category: potpouri

11/29/07 11:09 - ID#42335

Random Stuff

Narrator: "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero." Yea the 90's are an ancient memory, what's next Jennifer Aniston going Grey like Anderson Cooper?
I almost want to cry.

This article made me laugh my ass off. :-D Yes you can get really "Fucked Up" in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. You need to have some sense of equilibrium. Then I guess these kids that go to UB never had to anything to prepare them from wherever they grew up. Then again we didn't have Eastern Euros selling themselves when I was a teenager. Although I never have participated in such an exchange of commerce, knowing the going market rate they are getting a bargain compared to Las Vegas.
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