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Category: money

03/17/08 01:37 - 24ºF - ID#43699

Let the Bank Runs Begin!!!!

GOLD UP $25 an Ounce in Overnight Trading!

Shit, (e:jim) I didn't realize what was going on today! So basically Bear Stearns just got bought out as a company for less than what their skyscraper is worth!

I am going to have more money come 9:30am than I had when I left work on Friday & I didn't even get paid. I didn't even work or get paid! How often does that happen?

For some reason I think that the markets will not go back to the 90's (Below 10,000) just yet but they are going to test it right now.

All of this rate cutting is actually hurting everyone IMHO. Eventually we are going to have to have a currency that is worth something. Every time Ben cuts rates the dollar gets hammered & Oil & Gas skyrocket, since they are priced in DOLLARS. Meaning the oil producing countries want more of those less worth dollars for the black gold they are pumping into our veins.

Eventually we are going to have to raise rates to bring some kind of price stability. We can't be printing up money & loaning out like Zimbabwe. If printing money turned around economies they would be ahead of Germany, Japan and Russia. We are going to see the "flight to quality" with treasuries going to less than 1% and at that point you will be PAYING THE BANK TO HOLD YOUR MONEY! Just think about it if you have a money market account the fees to the bank will be more than the interest you will be earning!!!

This is either going to end up with the ultimate capitalist scenario where the losers or the pigs get slaughtered and the winners pick up everything like J.P. Morgan, "On Pennies on the Dollar!" or we just say, "F* it!"& Nationalize everything.

We are all getting hit by the Chinese Curse, we are living in interesting times.


Coming to America Soon...
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Category: beer

03/12/08 12:37 - 30ºF - ID#43632

dilly dadding around...

So on my day off today all I really accomplished was just a beer scouting mission. After picking doing some light shopping at the Galleria I ended up checking out the Willowbrook Beverage Center. I was pleasantly surprised. What blew me away was the fact that it is the first place in this area that carried ALL the POLISH BEERS that I have first hand knowledge to exist!!!No more driving over to Canada to pick up a sixer of Żywiec, Okocim or Tyskie. The other aspect of the place that blew me away was that they stocked 6 packs of Stroh's in bottled!!! This has to be the first time in a very long time in which I seen those somewhere. To me finding good old man beer is more of an event that stumbling across some gimmicky overstimulating microbrew.

So on that train of though I then paid a visit to the Village Beer Merchant. As (e:jason) & (e:josh) have said in earlier posts, I do give a 2 thumbs up on the place. As my personal taste goes I will probably not drink 90% of the items that they have in stock. I only say that because there is a soft spot in my heart for India Pale Ale and they do have a ton of it. It's just that most of the other selections just aren't my thing. I don't need to pay $12 for a 6 pack of something with a quirky name that is dark and pours like syrup, just to show my friends that, "I know beer." It was funny because when I was in the store there was a guy that was almost a douchebag with some kind of obnoxious girlfriend giving their $.02 cents on everything in stock. The funniest was that they were "going to buy every last bottle" of something called Arrogant Ale!!! I shit you not & laughing about it.

What is going to get me back there is the stocking of Czechvar, OK that's what they call it in this country, but if it was back in Eastern Europe it's really Budweiser Budvar


I will gladly pay $40 for a case of this stuff. I remember the last time I went over to Poland and had this stuff for the first time it basically took me to another place in a very good way. So thank you Village Beer Merchant for bringing me the O.G. Budweiser from the Old Country "Source." I just find it ironic that AB actually imports & distributes it for their distant relatives even though they are still in that decades long copyright dispute.

Other than that I am actually happy that I can pick up some Boar's Head lunch meat for my lunches. It was kind of funny when the guy behind the Deli asked me if I ever had the Boar's Head Liverwurst. I smiled and said, "Yes, It was my favorite when I would go down to Florida." So in an odd way I may go there for the deli meats first & then the beer!

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Category: random

03/06/08 10:31 - 34ºF - ID#43570

bong vodka,beer & tough economic times

I saw this last night when I was wine shopping, this must be shared with everyone. My first thought was, "Are you Freaking Serious! Who buys this?"



The other day I was browsing in the beer isle and realized that half of the selection is the more expensive, "micro brews" well at least some of them are I suppose. It is just kind of ironic that in an economically depressed area the beer selection if tilted towards the more expensive fare while the more economic brands are getting harder and harder to find. It it wasn't for the Pabst Blue Ribbon revival there wouldn't be any good value beer around. My point is the way the economy is going in regards to lower purchasing power and stagflation I just can't see people in the future especially in this are paying $12 a 6 pack for Pete's Wicked Hype.


How long do you think it will be before everyone can only afford the "cheap stuff?"

I got an email from a friend of mine today that basically declared that we are now back in the "Jimmy Carter" Dimension all except for the double-digit interest rates. Just think about the clothes you see in the malls, the brown, orange and yellow metro rail colors. The only thing left is for people in this area to go back to drinking Genny.


Speaking of the economy. All I can say is that although I have been listening to Coast to Coast Am for about a decade and there are usually a ton of crackpots that are guests, that show the other night really scared the shit out of me. It's just that usually those guys would make some dire prediction for say 2012 the Mayan Calender end time thing. It is far enough out where you don't get too crazy. It's when those guys make predictions near term and HIT with the accuracy you take notice. So basically I have no choice but to play the economic endgame strategy with my portfolio and try to benefit from the economy going to hell in a shopping cart. All I can say is it's going to be Precious Metals and S&P 500 Put options for me this year
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Category: tv sports

03/02/08 02:56 - 32ºF - ID#43530

my tv buffalo 49


I just watch a half of mid-major college basketball between Canisus and Niagara in blocks, blips, and blurs; ALL WITH NO SOUND.

It took you guys AN HOUR TO FIX IT!!! When you do you just have some technical sattelite thing on a top banner.

Granted, it's Mid-Major College basketball. OK It's the Piss-Poor Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. It's been my wish for more than a decade that my Purple Eagles could break out of this piece of shit conference, but come one show some freaking respect. I know you're a UHF station, but the problem was with you guys & not my Directv service. Everything else was working fine. Heck, when I had to flip to Speed to watch the Las Vegas pre-race show or even cheesier, the movie "The Break-up" with Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn the came in crystal clear.

Basically bottom line if you can't broadcast a local sporting event in a descent way, please don't even try. Also, F U Rigas family for going under & taking down the Empire Sports Network. Buffalo sports just hasn't been the same since we lost our Regional Sports Network.

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