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Category: work

07/03/07 11:12 - ID#39905

Buffalo Creek Casino 2

From what I have been hearing at work the place was jammed packed today. The information that I got was they were 4 deep behind every slot machine. So 4 people were waiting for some to eirther go broke or cash out so they could grab their machine.

Those old ladies must have been waitng with binoculars for the place to open today.

Who says that Western New York is broke. In a way they have pulled off a great move. Open the casino to a thunderous stampead and the citizens will DEMAND to keep it open no matter what the courts rule.

(e:joshua) I have been rich people drop in this place in 4 hours what I will probally make in 10 years. You don't have to be poor to be devastated by gambling, just look at Mike Pellegrino. Just because you have a million dollar bankroll does not make you immune to having it all crash down.

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Category: work

07/03/07 03:36 - ID#39895

Buffalo Creek Casino Open!!!!

Damn, That was a bit of a sneak attack.

That is defiantly how they roll where I "work"*. They just do whatever the F they want. Judge, Pending Lawsuits, We just don't care, try to stop us, it's native land.

I liked the part about,

"In a possible sign of things to come, an armored car pulled up in front of the casino, just as a group of older women pulled to the curb and asked if they could start gambling."

No matter what they say about Western New York there still is a bunch of older people sitting on a pile of cash that NEED gambling action. The casino will be a success just because there is still such a demand for it. Now the elderly in the Southtowns and Cheektowaga
have a closer option.

I wonder what Artvoice is going to say now?

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Category: work

06/08/07 04:58 - ID#39581


I was in this place last night until 3am and I pretty much felt as if I was sleepwalking. When I was driving home I was shocked awake when two whitetailed deer were running across River Rd as I was driving home. In being my almost sleepwalking state I had someone else check my car to see if I actually did hit something or not. Apparently I did not, thankfully. It's just that in that state of mind I just wasn't sure if it was real or not.

On a ligher not of being off mentally, I'm humming/singing "Stars are Blind" as we scan the Fox News Channel at the moment with Paris being the only topic @ the moment.

What blew my mind away is they have Ann Coulter on discussing Paris? Let's have an attractive, skinny blonde with an attitude give her $.02 on the current attractive, skinny blonde with even more Money, but not as much iintelligence that is in trouble. I just think it's a bit out of the ordinary, unless Paris is somehow related to the Democratic Party.
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Category: work

04/15/07 08:16 - ID#38906


I think I am setting some sort of masochistic milestone in the abuse that I take at this job. First off I think I gave myself a mild concussion on Friday when I hit my head. I have banged it before so I didn't think much of it. Except I sure felt it later Friday night when I went to see Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I had a hat on and when I removed it I had a red/grey steak running down my forehead along with a little sore spot where i made contact. I'm feeling blah today and I have been icing my head for about 30 minutes a day, but still I'm a bit in the fog.

On top of that I am getting bitched at by this crazy Falls Chick who is the shift supervisor on Swing. I'm being a nice guy working on my day off an a shift that I don't work on usally so the female contigent of my department can attend a baby shower for one of our co-workers. Then I get the untimate degregation like I'm a freaking moron. Why do I take this shit? Eirther I'm completely laid back beyond beilef or just stupid.

I think I'm calling in sometime this week, I deserve it...

That's what I get when I post about Kurt Cobain shooting himself and leave it as my last post for a week...
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Category: work

04/05/07 04:00 - ID#38757

Shooting at Seneca Niagara Casino

So I heard this morning as I was just coming back from my first break, "Someone shot himself in the Casino!" I heard it from my co-worker who is a cocktail waitress about 10:30 or so. Then some other dealers attempted to head over to the new hotel section, and it was blocked off.

As more details came out I found out that I knew of the guy that did it. He is a pretty well off local business man. A very likable guy that everyone knows that works here because he is a "highroller." I was just pretty much numb today after hearing the news and remembering my dealings with this person. I have been working straight poker for the last 2.4 years or so and I haven't had to pay off any of his markers, but he still made a very strong impression.

The truth be told knowing the "dirt" the whole thing is a mess. Although he is a married man with small kids he was having an affair with a blackjack dealer in this place for the last 4 years. She left her husband for him and for probaly financial reasons he couldn't leave his wife. So after a while I imagine a woman can become impatient with being the "other woman."

I guess they were sitting out on a bench in the main hallway this morning by the current car this place gives away. From what I hear she was going to break it off. Well things most probaly came to a head this morning as when he was sitting at her BJ table. Apparently they were arguing and creating a big scene, that's when he pulled out the gun and shot himself.The shreik of his girlfriend could almost make time stand still from what I heard. I knew at least one person that was a witness to this horrible event. It's pretty bad from what i hear. The people immediately involved were taken to some kind of counseling.

He didn't shoot himself in the head but in the heart. He was taken to Niagara Memorial and later passed away.

All I can say is it just makes me look long and hard at what kind of environment I find myself working in. I guess 3 out of 4 of the basic elements of sex. drugs, lies and money were at play here.

I do appreciate the couple of text messges and phone calls of which I could not answer when all of this was on 2,4 and 7. The crazy part was the local media was in attendance for some other press conference.

What a day.

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Category: work

03/19/07 12:10 - ID#38516


So I'm slaving away at work tonight and while I am enjoying the internat access on my break they installed the barracuda networks firewall. It denies access to myspace and livejournal as "chat," but I'm able to get onto (e:strip)!!!!

I wonder how long it will last?
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Category: work

02/01/07 01:34 - ID#37952

Life @ the Casino

I've noticed that pretty much every day that I"m here it is 90% of the same group of people here everyday. Given I work in the Poker Room and it is a bit differentl than the regular casino floor. Where people just dump their money. Poker is more of a grind.

There are these guys playing the "Big Game" that were here last evening are are still here playing the same game. Given these guys have $8,000-$12,000 in front of them at the moment but still there is more to life than a big poker game.

I went over to Fallsview last night with my Dad to use up all of this remaining comp dollars for the month playing slots. I ended up just blowing $60 or the equilevant of the meal myself. I just find that place too sterile "vegas stripish" If I want to go to Mandalay Bay I'll go to Vegas and hit the real thing.

The highlight on the night was talking to M* a cocktail waitress over there that used to come into our poker room. From what she told me she is staying away until the next Ladies Only tournament in 2 weeks. I'm just blown away to hear that a cocktail waitress has taken too much of a hit from a casino that she has to totally bar herself from coming. We know better from watching degenerates "blow their brains out" on a daily basis to get sucked into it.

Then what do I know, I was just stoked to be talking to someone like her and have her actually wanting to converse back. Then reality hit as she was being pulled 3 or 4 different directions of people needing drinks.

It's strange to actually be part of this casino "scene" and have that casual commardary going on with the people across the ditch. They come to our place and we go over to theirs since we can't gamble at the place that we get our W-2's from.
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01/03/07 10:35 - ID#37532

my start to a new year :-/

After getting back from Vegas I immediately went to work on that 9PM-5AM shift missing NYE @ PMT's. I was grateful for my getting the time off to sneak out to Vegas for one interesting time and to come back with the same amount of $ as I did when I left.

Tuesday, we were short handed and actually more so since the guy I was working with was still hungover from NYE. He seemed a bit more out of it then just being hungover but after working my ase off I just came home and crashed. I woke up this morning all thirsty, then my nose started to run...Great I'm sick.

Went into work again today and was again shorthanded and sick. The person that I filled in for NYE calls in and asks to speak with the head boss, she's going on disability due to some accident that she had 3 months ago. Her back was fine when I heard that she went out to the Chip Strip for NYE. Also keep in mind that she also called off on X-Mas. The whole reason why she's working in my department is for the hope that one day she will become a poker dealer. You have to realize that these guys bring home $60K which if the individual did GROSS $100K a year, is roughtly what they would take home after taxes. There really isn't any movement for that job. Making that kind of $ is just insane in Western New York for someone without a bachlors let alone a Masters or Two of them. We had about 5 or 6 quit and head out to Vegas for the W.S.O.P. and the one's that did get jobs out there all applied for their jobs back here. I suppose that out there there is a glut of dealers and two the cost of living was just unbalanced as compared to here. Basicaly what I'm saying if that is what you want you have a better shot of getting that job while being inside the organisation than walking from outside. She just has said that it is, "taking too long." Well Duh!

A pretty uneventful blah bad day until I go out to my car. A ticket is there but I just can't figure out what it's for at all. I parked my car after 6am so that couldn't be it and I was within the boundries of any posted sign. Then a further inspection of the ticket, EXPIRED REGISTRATION!!! and the best part is I let it lapse since August! So I call my Dad to figure out if it came in the mail and I just forgot to fix it on my car. He told me to go to the DMV, Nope, nothing and no. So knowning how this town works I go immediately to the Public Safety building and pay the thing a $50 fine a.s.a.p. Niagara Falls is notorious for throwing people in jail for outstanding tickets. The D.M.V is open late until 6:30 PM so I head down there and with little fanfare I renew my registration, cost $52.50. So I'm out $102.50 but to be honest it is my fault for letting all of that slide for so long.

Where I am now. I'm sick with my head stuffed up and just a bit annoyed that my schedule may be totally screwed up due to this individual playing the system. So I may have to do something drastic but the positive side is I have a nice rainy day fund and this may give me the reason to pick up more classes and get myself in a better position sooner than I imagined. The word was they were going to change my schedule around anways [not in a good way mind you] but this gives me a bit of a justified reason to pull the cord. That is what you get for having a descent work ethic where I am currently. Others just have that entitlement mentality right from the week that they are hired, despite the fact that you were there since day 1.

OK time to hopefully get some rest and clear my head.

On more intriguing note there was this show on Sundance tonight. It's called One Punk Under God. It's a documentary about Jay Baker the son on Jim and Tammy Faye-Baker of the PTL and Heritage USA scandal back in the 80's. It's quite interesting to say the least and has me hooked already on the piolt. Pretty wild stuff.

On another note my favorite Band The Twilight Singers are going to be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. Too bad my body is not agreeing with my, so I'm just going to DVR it.

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12/13/06 09:29 - ID#37194

Being a Bum

So I didn't do much of anything today and it felt great. I have only worked 1 our of the last 5 days and I'm feeling great. My skin is looking better and I sneezed out allot of the gunk that I breath in on a daily basis. All I can think is I need to get out of what I'm doing soon. Although I have been saying that for a while this just proves how much better off I could be.

For the moment I can get through the next little while until the Holiday. When I get back I just don't know what I'm going to do. It's just with 2 people soon to go out on maternity leave my schedule is going to go down the dumpster. Time for a move.

It's just today was a bit creepy. Going to Tops at 11am and being the only person shopping that wasn't riding on a scooter was not a good feeling at all. On my way to work to drop off a proposal I ended up stopping by a OTB and when I went in there I just didn't feel it at all. The worst part of it was the horse that I intended to bet on from the tip from TVG ended up winning the first @ Bay Meadows. I was 5 minutes too late. Then looking around the environment of a typical western new work off track betting branch I high tailed it out of there, the horse would have only paid even money anyway.

The highlight of the day was I ended up going to Wegmans later in the evening and ran into an old friend from years back @ NU. She's doing OK with her hubby out in Burt, looking for a job, etc. Then I ran into my co-worker G* of which was an interesting conversation for about 40 minutes in the middle of the grocery store.

Well I'm just going to try to type up some loose ends and try to go to bed.

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10/12/06 10:39 - ID#37166

I'm Slipping

Hummm... after reading ((e:dragonlady7)) post about where she comes up in a serach I was going to brag about mine. For the past 6 months or so I had been been the first profile to pop up on myspace when one would "Search MySpace" for Seneca Niagara Casino. Now I'm #3 beaten out by Boyz ll Men and Abraxas.

So we may get snow tomorrow. Well it's October and I am finally going to get the chance to wear all of the stuff I bought at J. Crew for winter so I am actually not all that negative about it. Summer is nice but for some reason I have always liked wearing winter clothes, although I'm not a big fan of the snow.

As long it does not snow on Saturday Night I'm fine with everthing. After Alice Cooper and the fun that I am planning on having on Saturday I did get Mon and Tue off of work.

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