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Category: horses

08/25/10 09:19 - ID#52568

Wife Exacta

This is just too funny. Really, The race really starts at 1:00

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Category: horses

11/29/09 12:22 - ID#50402

This rarely happens

Hialeah Park for the first time since May 2001.

Usually when a racetrack shutters it usually is followed by it being torn down and condos or a shopping center being put in its place.

I'm just glad that it had a pretty descent first day back in that time warp way. Yea, outside of Derby day and other special events at places like Saratoga where women like to doll up in those hats, it's mostly a dying game at the track itself. With online betting and speciality channels that bring simulcasting to your living room there is little need to to go the track or OTB unless you want to hang with a few buddies.

The thing is that that place is just too special to let it rot. With the formula that they are going to implement with poker and slots it will be a winner. Last night I went to a dog track and was shocked to see the little action that was at the track. Then I went upstairs to the new poker room and saw 20 tables going which is pretty much on par with what the Seneca Niagara Casino does on a Saturday night. So with a house "drop" or revenue of about 25k that would be more than any "takeout" or revenue from running a dog track alone.

So what I'm saying is Hialeah could not come back on its own as a horse track, but with poker and slots they're going to keep the old time game alive and do quite well. I just have to get myself down to Miami one of these days to see it for myself. It's not often that you can go somewhere and experience the 1970's all over again at some level.

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Category: horses

05/18/09 12:30 - ID#48688

The Preakness/ Horseracing Future Rant

I must say not a bad race to see the first Lady win it since 1924. I wish I had it but my buddy went a bit too far in throwing out Mind That Bird in our trifecta. None the less I did make enough for a Chinese Food Buffet in Fort Erie with $10 left over for the day. In all actuality I would have had more if it wasn't for the Fort Erie Racetrack under staffing the tellers for Preakness Day. How can they have only 3 tellers working and at times only 2 when the other one was on break on the day of the 2nd leg of the triple crown??? I know that the track almost never opened this year but it seems that they just want to give it an excuse to close down forever.

Come on seriously in the end it's a dying model. There is now no need for someone to get in a car, go to the track, stand in line, read off a bet to a person and hand over money. Because God forbid the idiot in front of you has a laundry list of bets, still in the process of making their selection or just plain does not know what they are doing. With that kind of delay you may not have the opportunity to make you bet and you will get "Shut Out" when the gate opens at the track you wanted to make your bet on. At times I just used my xpressbet phone account as it was quicker. The future of this game will embrace technology as you will be able to call up the past performance statistics, make your bet and watch the race you bet on on your phone very soon. There will be no need to go to the track as it will be rendered a large outdoor open TV Studio for Simulcasting. When I go too Las Vegas at some of the places allow you to open an account and with a touch screen monitor in front of your cubicle you can do everything from betting, ordering food and a drink to watching the race you placed a wager one all without leaving your seat. The best part is if you miss the opportunity to make a bet, you only have yourself to blame.

Although you may not agree with the type of debauchery in the party that went down in Pimlico in the past it just doesn't make sense for another company that is having financial difficulties Magna to drastically change the way the Preakness was "celebrated" A company that is in Ch 11 should not be chasing away 30,000 fans. Horse racing is mostly an old man's game and to chase away Gen Y ers doesn't seem like good business plan. Seriously who is going to horses besides myself in 5-10 years when these old men can't get to the track/OTB to physically fork over their cash to bet takers making approx $20 an hour?
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Category: horses

05/21/07 08:49 - ID#39367

I do live in the sticks

I saw this when I was running into my local Rite Aide to pick up a script.


The funny part is that the hitching Post in the middle of the pic is an actual hitching post! I asked my Dad when I was a kid what and why there were there. Now I actually saw it being used not for a stupid decoration, but for a practical purpose for not just one but two horses.

On another note I can't believe that in 30 some hours I'll be out of here. The thing that is ghoing to really stink is that due to the meds I'm taking I can't drink for most of the time I'm going to be on vac. I guess I should take it as a sign of synchronicistic good luck and roll with it. It will be the first time that I have been in that town since the age of 17 and not lit up a marb red or drank something. I just need to hurry up and try to pack, ARGGG!
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