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Category: attitude?

11/30/06 09:51 - ID#37187

Something a bit out of the ordinary

I was downtown today for a bit. Not usually down during business hours but I had to stop by one HSBC this afternoon. As I was leaving I felt a need to have a nice beverage for the ride home. So I stopped into Spot on Delaware. I'm pretty much a tea drinker, so not having been in a Spot in a while I asked to check out their menu. I decided on a Blackberry Sage and for the 30 seconds I get asked, "Nice Jacket; Do you snowboard or hike?" Now it was about 5PM and the nice weather has clocked out now until March. Before I parked and walked to Spot, I put on my Columbia jacket that I had in my trunk due to the rainy weather. Was he implying that I only wore my jacket because it is the "cool" brand at the moment for winter apparel and I do not partake in any of the activities of the hardcore enthusiasts originally wore the Columbia brand?

Anyway I am starting to see some descent things coming down the pipe for me. Now if I can only keep from being distracted by Vegas in 25 days!
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Category: true faith

11/29/06 06:15 - ID#37186

Too much on my mind

I have a class that I need to get stuff done for, but at the same time a couple of things are consuming my mind.

Las Vegas from Dec 25-30. I can't wait and I'm pumped! I just booked a room @ the Hard Rock for $69! Never been there even in a gambling fashion for all the years I have been going to Vegas so I'll try crashing there for a bit. BTW anyone is welcome to join me if you happen to be out there ;-)

My stinking Job. I am beyond annoyed. So I am taking an exploratory step tomorrow to do something about that situation.

You can't beat days like this. I went to the "old dock" today that was featured in a former ((e:theecarey)) post I just stood there feeling the breeze coming off of the water, looking at the light fog and just savored the moment. Actually I prayed to "God" for the first time in years. It is strange but I feel closer to that entity in a setting like above than as opposed to any church building I have ever entered.
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Category: going out

11/24/06 08:08 - ID#37185

Transmission Dance party

I'm still stuck at work. I've been here since 8am and even then I wa late by a half hour. The Blue Nun did me in last night but it wasn't bad for the price. Getting a warm fuzzy nostalgia feeling and with the Turkey, Sauerkraut, Stuffing, Mashed Potato's it was a descent time.

Then someone called in for the Swing shift and I'm here until 9 or 10:30 at the latest. Somehow I am not feeling too bad about this and actually getting a full paycheck this week isn't a bad thing. Since my Vegas plans are almost finalized for late December I am almost of cloud Nine!

Now all that is on my mind is my physical ability to go out to Mohawk Place tonight for the Transmission Dance Party. At this point I really don't care if my Friends blow me off tonight. I just want to go period. How I feel when I actually get back home and unwind for a bit is going to decide if I am going or not. I have to debate if I am going to meet up with my Friend Steve B. tonight or tomorrow night. He's 30 and in the process of getting himself into Cornell Med School so he has a ton of homework that must be done this weekend. I'm thinking I'll pass on him tonight in favor of tomorrow night and a possible Allen St. romp.

Right now my legs are getting sore, the disgruntled amateur gamblers are just annoying the heck out of me. The only thing going is I'm working with "The Guys" tonight meaning it is a drama free zone!
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Category: holiday

11/22/06 10:33 - ID#37184

Cheap Wine

For some reason I have it in my head that I need to consume some retro branded wine from the 70's and 80's. It could have been the mention of the good ole gallon jug of Carlo Rossi from the (e:chat) last night. Then again I think nostalgia and memories have such a big part of the holiday season.

So I ended up hitting Premier as they were closing and bought a bottle of (WIKIPEDIA - Blue Nun). To match it off before New Years I am going to have to hit a bottle of as well.

Other than that I did have a mini date this evening. After a utterly shitty day at work [the end may be coming soon] I ended up meeting a co-worker at the Orange Cat. She's from NT and had a tough time finding the place. It was a descent time, but long term I just don't want it to happen. We get along great but there is just always going to be something missing.

X-Mas comes early for me as my Dad ended up going to the Hockey game tonight. I guess he felt sorry for me up in the suite he was sitting in and bought me some official merchandise, Sweet.
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Category: chillax

11/19/06 12:13 - 39ºF - ID#37183

Not much Momentum

I guess I ended up doing the (e:mrmike) thing and ended up watching a movie. As I did last night when I caught the Prestiget before I ended up stopping by Diablo last night and running into (e:pyrcedgrrl) and her sister. I don't know why but it seems that the only place where I can go out and talk to women while gettting back positive feedback is that place. Why can't I hit Allen and do the someone that I haven't meet in that place or its predecessor?

So being a lazy bum I ended gettting up @ 6PM tonight and obviously missed out on (e:mrmike) 's NY Dolls show. Sorry I would have gone if 1. I remembered 2. If I wasn't in a mini coma 3. Had some quick way gettting a hold of you before so we could have coordinated the logistics of such an outing.

So I'm down here in Hamburg hanging @ my friend's apt. Being a Youngstown boy being south of Buffalo seems like the Southern Tier to me. I wish I could get a real good digital camera and grab pictures of the old Hens and Kelly's Plaza on Southwestern and Rogetrs before they turn it into a Wal-Mart Supercenter. It must be the last place left that has any reference to that long lost Buffalo icon of a department store.

So I just sit here on this computer with my friend and watch a rerun of the Real World Las Vegas @ The Palms. Ironically I have my purple Palms hat on and a trip for next month is in the works for my hopefully. I can't wait to check out the new Playboy addition to that place. It is just pure....YEA now. Can't wait to check it out in a voyeuristic sort of way as I will. Although watching an old movie of mine tonight my NYC chick actually has a good resemblance to Rose McGowan in this flick

Anyway back to being a blah. When my parents have more fun than me I know I need to shake something up. They went to see Motown legetnd the Rev. Al Green tonight @ Fallsview.
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Category: love & relationships

11/15/06 05:02 - 49ºF - ID#37182

The Sound Of Settling

That song is just stuck in my head for some reason ;-)

To have a last conclusion to that passionate theme for a while I could get married this year to any possible 3 people that I know. It's just that if I really was "in love" and everything it would have happened by now. Although over the last couple of years the application of that song to my life is just to have someone to do things with in public and have for those "Special Holidays" It's not a case of not being in a position to have someone, but someone that makes your stomach sink to your waistline...I just wish I could find her, locally!!

Hey, ((e:MrMike)) What time does that NY Dolls show start on Friday? I may be interested in going with you.

Anyway I am going to put this coffee buzz courtesy of the Orange Cat to good use now.

I just now that it's not going to be used to wait in line for a gaming system like these guys...

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Category: dating

11/13/06 11:10 - 44ºF - ID#37181

I didn't mean to bum everyone out

Yea, so after my post of prognosticating the likely hood of landing a Significant Other this season we get back to back bouts of heartbreak. That is a bit scary. There must have been some kind of tension in the air of the universe this weekend. BTW Sorry (e:Mrmike) for bringing you down. None of it was intended to depress anyone. I think I may have mixed up the intended blogs that I post in. Usually good vibrations end up here and the pain ends up in the other one.

I am actually had a pretty good day. SO much so you would have thought that I found a S.O. or something ;-)

Actually I have had my hours cut @ work and I haven't been happier!

Don't worry (e:mk) and (e:lilho) you won't be on the market for too long!

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Category: love & relationships

11/11/06 05:43 - 43ºF - ID#37180

Warm Up the Bus

Since local College Basketball started back up again that phrase popped back into my head. It is used when your home team is blowing out the opponent and basically you're up by so much that you are re enforcing the thoughts of the school you are playing that you just want to get out of your gym a.s.a.p. and the game being played is just a formality.

I feel that way right now with being in a relationship or lack of one. Right now it feels like the 2nd half of a game of which I'm not going to win. If you don't have someone under contract for Thanksgiving the odds of finding someone between then and X-mas and New Years is quite difficult. There is that brief time in January between New Years and V-Day but that's about it until the snow melts.

All of thing was triggered when I realized that I had a subscription that was coming due soon and you can guess what I did [cancellation]

I guess this also fits into the "OMG I'm 30!" thread as well. It's not that I am a whiney boy crying he's alone. Believe me I am quite content right now as opposed to being married to somone that was really negative for me. I consider myself lucky to only have ark ward conversation remaining after that fiasco.

Do I seem myself with someone someday, Yes. Actually to be honest I am actually grateful that I'm a guy at this point of my life. It just seems that as I got older the possibilities are better as opposed to say 10 years ago. I think I may have gotten more attractive with age, plus a guy my age seems more appealing if you're looking for the marriage sort of thing.

A co-worker of mine is 4 month pregnant. It did bring up the thought that if I did get a "I'm Late" phone call I think I would freak. Then again although the bio clock isn't as bad for guys I am starting to wonder if not now then when?

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11/08/06 09:13 - 52ºF - ID#37179

my election $.02

I voted yesterday and I must say the one thing I love about elections in NY State is the fact that you can vote for the same candidate on a different party line. What used to be an "Independent" until the Independence Party came into being; Now I guess I'm a "No Party" person I suppose. So given my parental backround I have the ability to vote for a Democrat without actually voting on that party's line (Catholic Guilt I suppose) I love the pseudo 3rd party line!

The GW speech really irked me this afternoon. We all remember that Rolling Stone Article
So whe he spoke about "Bi-Partisanship" I almost lost my lunch. That hasn't been the case at all in Washington this century at all! Now all of a sudden he wants to be friends! You're Jesus Freaks moved the country so far right I only hope that at least for the first year the Dems do their best to laydown the payback.

On another note I find this pic to be priceless: That is pretty much every snot nosed brat kid in Clarence watching the results with their parents. I am so glad Santorum got his ass handed to him.

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Category: winter

11/06/06 11:43 - 46ºF - ID#37178


It was a wonderful day outside and I spent 4 prime hours of it sleeping it away.

Now I am getting afraid of the darkness screwing with my head. Soon enough I will be waking up in the dark to go to work and coming home in the darkness.

I think i need to purchase a Lightbox soon, URG!!!

Or doing something to pump up my mood.
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