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11/22/12 04:02 - ID#56917

Thanksgiving Up North

It's just odd as I think this will be the first Thanksgiving "home" (I will be across the street) in years, actually maybe a decade. This is totally an odd feeling. I guess in a way we've come a long way. Although my life has not been perfect especially in 3+ years, I guess I do have a lot to be thankful for this year.

Well for once I have a descent job at my age & I most likely will be working until the end of the year. Yes, a part of me wishes that I was furloughed so I could hang with the trust fund kids & wealthy old people in Sarasota, but I'm working Overtime & making nice extra money to boot. That is a paramount difference between me and the 66% of the people in the working poor underclass. Just think of the people in the cross fire between Black Friday shoppers and the unfortunate souls who work at Wal Mart.

I enjoy every minute I can when I'm down there. I guess from 2-3 years ago when I was flying down there every month on AirTran in business class (I miss this experience SO MUCH :`-/ ) I remember vividly the conversations with people 10-15 years older than me reminiscing about their days in the SRQ coming to an end as one parent passed away & then the surviving parent just can't keep it up any longer or sold the place & is going into assisted living, ect. You can have some amazing conversations with single serving friends flying into and out of that airport.

So when I'm down there for hopefully more than a week (most likely using my own vacation time) I'll savor the beach, tourist bars, my parents church, stores and overall culture (good & bad) to the best of my ability. I'll have to make sure I do everything and not pass on things like I did last year. A shining example of this would be going to a Tampa Bay Lightning game last year as we have no clue on how long it will be until we see Hockey again.
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11/18/12 07:21 - ID#56911

been a while

hmm only 5 entries for the year, I guess that's the trend these days with the ever changing social media scene. What's how now these days? My guess is Tumblr & Reddit as facebook is mostly a wasteland or product placement.

Anyway I'm writing this down Linwood at my friend's place, it kind of feels a bit cool to be posting here on the home street. Lately I've been spending half my time here and the other half back home in Ytown.

I saw Kevin Smith at UB Center for the Arts last week and I got semi inspired to do something creative. He recommends starting a podcast but my 5 year old iMac is kind of lame at the moment plus I'm not sure if I have the hardware to do it. Plus I pretty stopped vlogging back in March when i got mad at the privacy changes at a giant company. Losing my charger for my camera didn't help matters either, so all I had was my iphone.

In a way I do have a semi interesting life, but this year since I've been working now it looks like 12 months straight my trips aren't as frequent as they have been in the past. What makes me happy is someone I follow in twitter who goes to U of F & seems to go to every big EDM event across the country. She's a wealthy princess form the part of Florida where my parents live & at least now I get to see how some people have perceived me on facebook with my concert excursions.

My weekend has consisted of me working overtime doing nothing, reading Mike Doughty's memoir book & now watching Dr Drew. I'm just making a note to myself to be a bit more creative, to go to an electronic dance music event & hopefully travel just to use some of the extra money that I'm earning.

BTW the Catfish show in MTV seems pretty cool & it may suck me in.
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